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There is a huge demand for adult common plecos because oscar enthousust love the look with there giant pal and no one farms adult aquabid will help you find a good home I suggest websites for monster fish keepers many will have a great interest in a common pleco.
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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
yeah. .- . they're scary fish. this one was eyeballing me. needless to say, i didn't go fish-shopping that day. 8V

local pet stores will almost always take in fish. in my experience, anyways. :V
I see mine at petco it is a silver and one was recently sold to someone with a 120 gallon or was that the adult common pleco I love arronana they are adorible.
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Yeah Pleco's get huge. Mine grew to be large enough to eat up 10 neon tetra and two red fined sharks. He also accidentally slurped up shrimp and snails. Not sure he meant to but they just were too tiny and he was too big. We kept him in a 30 gallon until he outgrew it then got him his own 50 gallon but he outgrew it as well so we ended up giving him away to a guy who kept huge fish and a common pleco was the only bottom feeder that was too large for the fish to eat. That fish was almost the size of a small shark last I saw him, good weight on him too and he obviously was thrilled to be in a massive tank with other large fish his size. A lot of people who deal with bigger fish breeds and have large tanks love their common pleco's since like I said. In a lot of cases it's the only bottom feeder that is too big for their fish to eat.

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Plecos are awesome. My Petco had two adults full grown for adoption they found them great homes.

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A friend of mine has two of them, she got them about the same size as that fella which was in June of last year, they are now about 4 1/2 inches long from snout to tip of the tail. They currently are in separate 10 gallons with other fish as well as with a good filter. Frequent, regular water changes are given and they are fed algae wafers as well as some (microwaved in water) cucumbers and squash (to make them soft).

They are healthy and happy and can stay in a 5 gallon or 10 gallon by themselves for a while. People usually flip out when this is said since this really isn't a permanent tank.. Some pet stores (like our local one) will take in Pleco's who have outgrown their home and will trade you for a smaller one.

They do get very large like this photo below:

Typically when they reach such a large size they will start eating smaller fish in the tank, which is always a risk, but that usually doesn't happen until they are quite large.

I'm telling you, the OP, this because I want you to know that for right now, you taking this fish and placing it in a 5 or 10 gallon with a good filter (hood too cause they do like to jump sometimes) and a nice diet of algae wafers and blanched cucumbers and squash and even some romane lettuce will be fine for atleast a year until you can either find him/her a better home, a petstore who will take him/her or even grabbing yourself a larger tank and keeping him/her for yourself. ANYTHING is better then that tiny little bowl.

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Cant not wait tell those plecos are out of their tempary tanks you shold post pics when they do.
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Though it is getting closer to winter now, I know a lot of pond keepers like to keep plecos with their goldfish during the summer months. It actually caused a bit of a problem for the local store once it started to get colder. They would get sold out in spring, but when fall came they would end up with about 50+ in their bathtub tank.

Remember that the tank your fish lives in is his or her's whole world. Ask yourself this question, and answer it honestly: would you choose to live there?
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Wait how does that work?
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