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For those with sororities

Have you had much success with them? What size tank and what amount of female bettas are you using? I'm interested in hearing updates about tanks that hold several female bettas.

I intend to turn my 10 gallon into a sorority house of 5 females.

Im hoping to actually buy some of my females from members on this site, since the ones i've been seeing at PetCo, Petsmart, walmart, etc are poorly taken care of.

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I'm cycling my 20 Gallon for a sorority soon. So I'm going to subscribe. Why don't you add a bit more plants/decorations? Remember, they'll easily fight with all that open space. Unless you're not done yet, but it looks pretty.

Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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I forgot to mention that I was planning on adding a lot more vegetation. I was actually messaging several members on this site about the plants they have for sale, because its at a much better price than the local stores around me :)

im on week 2 of my fishless cycle, and my ph is 7.6 and my ammonia is still 4.0. nitrite and nitrate are both zero
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Yeah, members here have greater deals. Some people here are very experienced with plants. Try aokashi or kfryman. They're pretty smart on plants. I'm still on week 1 Haha. When I first put in ammonia it was 3ppm. After 2 days it was 1ppm, then I dosed again. Now, it's gonna take a while. My pH is the same as yours, what a coincidence.

Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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My sorority has 3 females now. It started with 6 females in July. One died mysteriously in about August and then about 3-4 weeks ago, two came down with dropsy. After they had passed (in the hospital tank, not the 10 gal) I treated the entire tank with Maracyn 2, as recommended by our LFS . All is well, now.

I spent some time seriously considering whether or not to bring the number of females back up to 5 or 6. The three I had were not fighting at all. NOT ONE BIT. They were actually more peaceful than they had been when I had 5 in there.

SO we decided to try feeder guppies in there with them. We were thinking:

1. Smaller, faster, different movement and look
2. less individual than the bettas, as they children were not taking to the deaths very well.
3. "FEEDER" fish, meant we could discuss with the kids that these fish were intended to become food for other fish, so if they were eaten by our Betas, it wasn't too different from what they were headed to originally. Call me harsh, but my eldest understands that animals eat animals and if she could think of it that way, she could handle any deaths easier.
4. at 4 for a buck, I could afford to throw away $1 or so to try out our female bettas with smaller fish.

two weeks later.... three female bettas and three hapily growing male feeder guppies are swimming in the tank. They've seriously doubled in size since we bought them. The bettas took two days to adjust to the little fishies, but now they all leave each other alone. Well, except the guppies who chase each other. LOL.

I wouldn't have tried it with fancy guppies and didn't want to shell out $15 for a school of tetras unless I knew they'd all work. And dag nabbit, we've all come to REALLY like the guppies. A lot.

So, I guess what my story says is that 3 females CAN work, and bettas plus guppies CAN work, but you have to be okay with the potential casualties if they don't.

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from my reading, the traditional rules of stocking get somewhat thrown out the window with betta sororities. the more fish you have in there, any aggression that pops up will be managed better if there's a bigger group to work with. that's why live plants are so helpful in sorority tanks: more fish means more waste, and the plants are great at controlling ammonia and other released toxins. bottom line: lots of plants, and lots of fish. i know of several very respected betta keepers who go as high as ten fish in a well planted 10g.

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I got 6 very young females from petco and have them in a 20 gallon long. However one "female" was actually a male. They are all grown up now and I have little to no aggression even with him in there.

I beleive a large part of being successful is having ALOT of decor. The more stuff yu crarm in there, the less they will see each other. You should have all levels of the tank covered - not just the bottom

I have had one girl that was way too aggressive to be housed with others. There is most likely going to be some degree of fighting, especially at first when they are establishing a pecking order but if things get out of hand, be prepared to remove a very aggressive or badly injured girl.

First I had them in here - around about March of this year. This is kinda over crammed with stuff. It all came out of the 20g

But they are now in here. It's been redocorated since I went to all live plants ad I need to redo it again, the place i just ordered some ne wplants from sent me like 3X the amount I actually ordered.

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I have 8 females in my 46g, the last 2 added yesterday. Lots of plants & cave structures. They share the tank with 2 CAE's & a Mystery snail. There's been some chasing/fin nipping but overall its peaceful. They swarm the top of the tank whenever they see me or I open the lid it's pretty funny. I'd attach a pic but I'm on the iPad & can't or at least don't know how to without being on the computer.
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I started with 3 petco girls who got along great in a 20 gallon regular. Then I bought 6 from a breeder and all went well. Then I bought a school of 8 neons tetra and all died within a week (all the neons). Four of my girls also got sick from them and died. That taught me a good lesson about quarantining new fish.

Since then I added one more from a breeder and a larger baby betta from petco. All were doing well except one female from the first set of breeder bought girls. She never came up to eat and was looking really ragged. I never saw her being chased or nipped but obviously she was low in the pecking order. She died yesterday.

The rest are still doing great. No torn fins, I never see any nipping, just occasional short chases. No one hides, not even the baby. I have live plants but not much plant cover. The tank has a lot of open space.

I am getting another female from a breeder soon, I hope she fits in! I would also like a few more from petco.

The tank also holds 3 cories and 2 otos and a nerite snail. My plan is to move the cories into a bigger tank this winter and replace them with shrimps. I think they might do a better job of cleaning up than the cories.

Anyway, in my short experience having a sorority has its ups and downs but totally worth the effort. When you establish a nice group they are so fun to watch. I love having a tank full of differently colored pretty girls!

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awesome! i did not expect this many well written replies. I was checking aquabid for plant deals and saw 7 anubias for 28$ with free shipping! In addition, I will be adding some java moss and hopefully some duckweed or amazon frogbit to float ontop.

My tank is nearing the end of it's cycle and I will be planting, and reorganizing my current set up. I will post pictures in a seperate thread when done and link it here. =)
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