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Question So... Shrimp

So I've been not-so-patiently awaiting the new 5gal that my boyfriend digging out for me (used to house his ADF) and I've been researching tank mates, in particular, cherry shrimp. But not just any cherry shrimp, a local breeder in my area happens to have a HUGE variety of freshwater shrimp, and 2 in particular caught my eye:

Yellow shrimp and Blue Velvet shrimp

Apparently they both are different variations of the red cherry shrimp and adapt to the same conditions/parameters as red cherry shrimp. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and if they were ok in a tank with your bettas. I would love to get one of each to brighten up the tank, but only if they will be ok with my boy (who's pretty tolerant of his snail thus far; just ignores it unless it's in his way lol). Thoughts?
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I don't really know much but I do know another member on here who has like 40 cherry shrimp. I believe that shrimp are also very sensitive and the water needs to be really clean and they need a lot of cover from the Betta. Live plants would also benefit them a ton.

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Wouldn't recommend it unless you have money to burn.

My betta consumed minimum of 30 of my shrimps. Eventually the population died off because the little shrimps couldn't survive with such a voracious predator. I had the tank planted like a JUNGLE too.

Once your betta realizes the inverts ARE convenient sources of nurishment, their days are numbered.

Blues are $2-$7 each (depending on the grade)
Yellows are $2.50-$6 (depending on the grade)

I'm going to rebuild the colony sometime this month, but NO FISH. Inverts ONLY with a MASSIVE amount of live plants.
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That's good! I plan to make the 5gal a NPT! I've read that the cherry varieties are the least finicky of all the shrimp types & are "quite hardy"... for shrimp lol
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I dont have any experience with the shrimp you are wanting, but I do have some ghosties in most of my betta tanks. They do perfectly together, my betta's dont even notice them anymore. It depends on the individual betta for sure. expect to lose a few at first regaurdless.

Also, shrimp are actually a lot more sensitive to water parameters, you will need an established tank for them...or atleast very steady and stable parameters. They are good with quality control, you see them trying to escape and you know you need a water change :)

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Would you suggest starting with some "cheaper" ones and then going to the fancies? I don't know about ghosts or plain cherries, but I can get yellows for about $1-2/shrimp locally from a local breeder.
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Go with the cheapest shrimp you can find.

My bettas will hunt & rip the shrimps to shreds before they eat them.

Prices for inverts are definitely lower on the West Coast.

Even if your betta doesn't eat the shrimp @ first, if you go away on a 3-5 day trip that's when you'll start losing them.
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Reference Team
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As long as the shrimps have a few really good hiding places that the betta can't go, they will be fine. I have two Amano shrimp with mine, they keep my tank spotless and hide underneath the filter.
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They might be fine, they might be an expensive snack. I had to get a separate tank for my cherries. And they are thriving.

Also, if you want to get both kinds, or one of them and cherries, be warned they will interbreed and give you ugly coloured babies. Neocardinias need to be kept separate if you want to keep those pretty colours.

On a separate note *SIGH* why can't they have those on this coast?!
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Thanks for the tip on colour, that hadn't even crossed my mind! I guess that my brain didn't register that they are different var. of the same species.
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