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Stowaways from Petsmart

I read all about stowaways from Petsmart on plants and tonight I picked up a few plants from their tanks. We went through and removed all the snails that we could see/find before placing them in a bag to bring home.

I placed the plants in a large glass bowl filled with water to check them out and make sure they are clean. So I emptied the remaining water from the bag into a glass bowl and found about 5-7 snails. I read they are great to have, but not knowing what kind kinda worries me.

Should I let them go live with my betta in his new 4 gallon or put them in a separate tank? I read they can breed like crazy but also they can benefit the tank cycle. I am confused

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A lady at Petsmart told me, you don't want those snails because they will infest your tank.

I'm not exactly sure what kind they are, or even if that is right. I just thought I'd share.

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Pond snails are pests. I wouldn't put them in your tank. I'm guessing that's what you have.. pics?

They are dirty and add a lot of ammonia source.. but that's the only way they effect your cycle.

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Personally, I would remove the snails because they are known to overpopulate pretty fast.And in a 4 gallon that could get pretty hectic. But on the pro side for having snails,They're great algae eaters and scavengers, and provide something a little different from fish. Many aquarists rightfully enjoy keeping snails in the home aquarium.

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If you want to keep them put them in another tank, they breed quickly BUT if you keep the food sources limited they won't have a population explosion so that is the good news. I am currently raising my baby snails that were on my plants. One is going into my 10 gallon and the rest are going to people with larger tanks who wants snails. Some may even be going to tanks with assassin snails as a breeding population and food source for them.

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Sometimes bettas will hunt them. I used to have a male that would grab them and I would hear this "tap-tap" noise as he smacked them against the side of the glass to get them out of the shell to eat. :)

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I am at work and can't upload pics until later this evening. I have heard/read mixed reviews so I wanted to be sure before making a possible mistake.

After my post last night I found two more snails and possibly an egg sac on my mondo grass. So I just broke the leaf off and threw it away and put the snails with the others.

The plants are still sitting in the bowl of water just in case some other snails decide to come out. Besides running them under the tap is there any thing I can add to the bowl of water that will help get rid of the snails without killing the plants?

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Just found this from another aquarium site and thought I would pass it along
  • Alum Prepare soak using one gallon of water and two tablespoon of alum. Soak plants for two to three days, then rinse well before planting in tank.
  • Bleach Prepare soaking solution using one gallon of water and a cup and a half of bleach. Soak plants for five minutes, then soak for another five minutes in plain water with a de-chlorinating agent, and rinse well. Be aware that fragile plants may be damaged by bleach solutions. However, bleach is the most effective way to kill snails and eggs.
  • Potassium Permanganate Prepare soaking solution using one gallon of water and a half tablespoon of potassium permanganate. Soak for fifteen minutes, then rinse well before planting in tank.

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Snails are a wonderful additive to any planted tank. I introduced a small handful to my 2.5 gallon. They do not overproduce unless you are overfeeding the tank.

This hobby is always changing. Snails are bad is the old style of thinking. Everyone I know on TFK wants them.
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i got one last week from a petco plant. i put him in with pinky, my female crowntail. pinky doesn't like visitors. she ate him in less than 5 minutes. maybe i won't put that nerite i have in the qt tank in with her.

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