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I like Valen's idea of setting up a Wild Shrimp only, tank!!!
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You have big problems with your stocking. Bettas like 78 degree water. White Clouds like 68 degree water.

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Originally Posted by Paigeyy View Post
I have two different questions on this thread, the most urgent one is about some freshwater shrimp i recently caught.
I caught about 20 of them in a local river and kept them in the river water for a day or two while I tried to figure out what to do with them. i noticed that most of the bigger ones had died and the live ones were jumping out of the water onto the sides of the container. I put them into a new clean tank and they seemed good, but after another day or two half of those died too , so now i have about 5 left and i'm wondering if i put them into the large tank with my fighting fish if they'll have a better chance of surviving? or if they'll just die in the big tank as well. I think the problem was that i put some food in the small tank and that ruined the water

I agree with making a shrimp only tank, and not catching any more. Never bring something home if you don't already have the set-up to care for it. :)

Leopard danino
Prefer cooler water (68-75F), very fast, can be nippy, need a 20 gallon minimum and schools of at least 6.
Glow light tetra
20 gallon minimum, school of 6 minimum, but you may have the same nippy problems you did with neons. Depends on the tetras themselves.
Glass Catfish** ( my favorite )
Very shy, need 30 gallons at least, with dim lighting and a planted tank. Not ideal companions for bettas.
White CLoud
15 gallon minimum, school of 6, prefer the same temperature range as danios.
Tiger barbs
NEVER a good idea with a betta. Very nippy fish.
Widow tetras? They are a larger tetra and I wouldn't keep them in less than 30 gallons.
Ghost knife
What size is your tank? Ghosties need a tank no smaller than 18 inches in any direction, due to their inability to bend. They get huge and may eat a betta.
It doesn't seem like your LFS has much that would be compatible. But, what is the size of your tank, how hard is your water, and what is your pH?

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I keep white clouds with my betta no problem. 78 degree water does not seem bother them at all, just be warned that they are fast and LOVE LOVE LOVE food. They may try to eat your bettas food if he isn't quick to the munch.

With glass catfish, you'll need to know what breed specifically Kryptopterus Minor is two and a half inches full grown, but if its Kryptopterus Bichirris your looking at a fish that could get six and half inches. They are schooling fish and could do alright if there are enough hiding places. For Minor you are looking at at 10+ plus gallons for the minimum recommended school size of 5, and with a betta you may be a bit overstocked. Bichirris need a very large tank comparatively.

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The tank is 20 gal divided between my two bettas (male & female) with live and fake plants, moss, driftwood, etc.
60cm long, 30cm deep and 40cm tall.

I'm not sure what the specific breed the glass catfish are, but the store said they grow to 8 or 9 cm max (~3.5 inches)

i believe the water is around 7pH and 5dH

I dont have any artificial light for my tank, it's near a window that gets very little direct sunlight, but enough for my plants to glow.

Thanks Bombalurina for the in depth answer

I had my eyes set on the glass catfish they're so cool...
I can't have anymore tanks, mum hates them unfortunately even though everyone else disagrees...

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or 23.62 x 12.2 x 16.14 inches for the dimensions of the tank :P

My new baby Indiana
R.I.P. Tex and Caboose, my first bettas
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Kuronue, whilst higher temperatures won't do any visible harm to white clouds or danios whilst they live, it encourages unnatural breeding cycles and shortens their life span.

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