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Betta, Endler's, and nerite snail in a 10g?

I seem to have changed my mind again about the tank mates I would like for my betta. I had initially wanted harlequin rasbora, but that was before I learned that Petsmart sold Endler's sometimes. I'm still a little iffy about the setup though, so any input would be nice!

10g tall, been up and running since the end of October
Tetra Whisper 20 filter, rated for a 20 gal
Current residents; 1 male HM betta Kirei, 1 small amazon compacta plant, 2 small marimo moss balls, assorted brown and green algae
I haven't tested it in a while so I can't tell you that, whoops.

1 zebra nerite
6 male Endler's, hoping to get all males to avoid out of control breeding
Fully planted tank, organic MiracleGro capped with sand and an assortment of plants

My plans will be happening over the next few weeks. I could buy the nerite as early as today so that I can quarantine it and get it eating algae though. I've been scrubbing but it keeps returning and I hear they're good for the mini ecosystem I'm trying to create.

Sound like a pretty solid setup?
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Double-check the fish profiles on here. But Endlers like cooler water <75* than Betta >77*

Endlers are kind of colorful showy fish. Some Betta don't like that and can become aggressive.

Same with Guppy.

I like Endlers. But I'd keep them in their own tank.
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Hmm I will have to double check the temperatures but I've seen a few members on here mentioning that Endlers are too fast for betta to catch, especially HMs with all that tail so they live quite happily which is one reason I put them back on the list of possibilities.

I also bought a little zebra nerite today and used the old water from Kirei's water change with all that algae to fill my 2.5g which is working as the little guy's quarantine tank. He's already munching away.

And I'm seriously going to have to figure out what's up with my water testing. I'm getting the same readings, every time. Just for more info and for my own memory, pre-wc;
pH: 7.6
Ammonia: .25
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: (I forgot about this one so I can't trust the reading. It usually shows some ridiculous amount like 30-40)
I'll look into this more later, my 10g has never tested differently. Should do one right after a wc and compare probably.
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You could try Endlers if you can reconcile the temperature.

Yeah, everybody loves Nerites. And they're mostly Betta-proof.

Your 0.25ppm ammonia reading may be residual ammonia or an artifact of your particular testing kit. Double-check your tapwater. I've noticed that my ammonia reading varies with different API kits. In any case, you should be using Prime water conditioner, or another that detoxifies ammonia.

Hard to believe one Betta can generate >30ppm nitrate per week in a 10g tank.This might be a testing error. You must shake the shake out of the #2 nitrate bottle or it will tend to read high.
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After a quick search, it seems like Endler's don't mind temperatures as high as 82, unlike guppies. My 10g doesn't go above 81 but after winter I'll probably turn it down since it gets 120F where I live and I may not even use the heater at all, depending on temperature shifts.

I didn't have a chance to test my tap but I'm fairly certain the time I tested it before, it came out 0. However, I don't think my tanks [either the 10 or the 2.5] -ever- test anything but .25 for ammonia.

I use AmQuel Plus, which detoxifies ammonia, and NovAqua so maybe it is the kit after all. I really can't remember ever seeing a 0 rating though I did see a higher rating of .5 once and about had a little heart attack. I shake every bottle and make sure to shake the second Nitrate bottle for at least thirty seconds as it says but maybe I don't shake it vigorously enough. I've come to discredit it because there's really no way my little betta all by his lonesome can make things that high. I've also never seen any healthy problems with him [until recently.. His tail is shredded but I think he might be chewing it because I don't see rot and it looks fairly U shaped and changes drastically sometimes, I've been using a mirror toy lately in the hopes of curing any boredom and the tank should be changing a lot soon].

If all else fails, I should have 2 weeks quarantine and a little less than 2 weeks in the tank to return the endlers if they don't work out? Not sure if Petsmart would take them back alive, but if they do.

The temperature is the only thing that doesn't seem to be ideal for them in my tank and I hope to get them after I get things planted so that there are plenty of places to dash around to escape my betta if he does go after them.

I've never quite understood how to add small schools of fish to an established tank though. If I'm getting 6 little Endlers, should I get them all together, quarantine, then add them all together? Or is that too much for the bioload? Should I buy, quarantine, and add three at a time until I get up to 6 total?
And would my 2.5g be far too small for a quarantine for 6 Endler's? If only for 2 weeks with twice weekly 50% water changes? The ones they have at Petsmart currently are quite young and therefore pretty small little guys. I only have the two tanks at the moment would be pretty happy about not buying another right now. I have dreams of a 20g but that's a distant dream and would rather work with what I have if I can.
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I'd love to see that work. Seems a natural.

The nitrate test isn't that accurate. It doesnt have to be; nitrate shouldn't build that high in just a week. I'd sure like to know more about that.

You can QT the Endlers in a 2.5g is you monitor the ammonia carefully (to direct water changes) and use plenty of Prime.

I'll bet anyone in there would like lots of plants.
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