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Betta and Ghost Shrimp?


2 days ago I bought a female veil tail Betta for my 1g tank. She doesn't seem aggressive at all, although that may change, but I thought about MAYBE putting 1 or 2 (again, MAYBE) Ghost Shrimp in the tank. (Preferably 1) There is a little food left over on the bottom, so I wanted a little something to help clean it up. And Izzy (the Betta) is only 1.5" long. (Do you guys know about how old she could be?)
Please don't scream at me for the tank size, as I may be upgrading in the future. For now Izzy is happy and content.
So.... Do you think i could put in a Ghost Shrimp?
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One gallon is really only big enough for a single betta and not much else, and even that is pushing it a bit. I would wait until you upgrade to get new fish... Everything will be happier.
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Will definitely AGREE!! We have a 5 gallon w/a male betta and one Ghost Shrimp in it. Plan on putting two more in and that's it.

Originally Posted by MattsBettas View Post
One gallon is really only big enough for a single betta and not much else, and even that is pushing it a bit. I would wait until you upgrade to get new fish... Everything will be happier.
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+1 MattsBettas

In addition, living in that small of a setup the shrimp would become easy prey, be stressed to death having a predator so close by at all times, or become startled and shoot straight out of the tank (to die on the floor) if there's no lid.

I'd agree with the other posters and advise you to hold off until you can get bigger quarters.
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Hmm, I have one small betta and three ghost shrimp in a 2.5 gallon. All are healthy BUT one of the ghost shrimp is aggressive towards the betta, if I feed the betta and not the shrimp, she will go after the betta to get the food. Would not put them in a 1 gallon. Not enough room in my experience. Plus, ghost shrimp are shy if kept in singles. I will say, this one ghost shrimp will come up to me when she sees me coming and does a happy dance. Kind of cute.
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Give it a shot. Start with one. Under a buck, it's not really a risk. And honestly, ghost shrimp are bred to be feeders. So if the shrimp gets eaten, well, that would have happened anyway, and your betta gets a healthy snack. For real.

That said, yeah. 1 gal can be done well, very well sometimes, but two gallons is a lot better.

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While I agree that if shrimp get eaten, it's not unnatural or cruel, I think we still have an obligation to try to provide proper care to them, even if its as simple as making sure they have moss to hide in and enough food etc. They are still living creatures, and we have put them in this situation, placing them in a small tank with a potential predator.
Again, I agree that it happens, and I won't cry if my betta gobbles a shrimp, but I won't chuck shrimp in a tank not set up for them just to see what happens or for the hell of it. By that logic you could say that betta are only 7 bucks, so just chuck it in an unfiltered unheated tank and hey, if it dies, it was probably going to die in the shop anyway, right?
I can see a lot of people disagreeing with this, but I just think that if you want to get some shrimp for your tank, you need to consider the needs of the shrimp (hiding places, space, food) and not just the needs of your fish.

Also I think even if one gal was big enough, I'd let your fish get settled first.
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^^ I don't disagree. I assumed the tank was "shrimp suitable" in general else why even discuss the option. The sole consideration was species compatibility. Unfortunately (fortunately?) with bettas, there's only one way to find out whether they care about sharing their space with shrimp, and that's to try it. Which is why I suggested starting with one.

The one place I do disagree is your extending the comparison to bettas. The recommendation was not solely based on price, it's just an added bonus. Bettas are NOT raised to be feeders, they're intended as pets. Ghost shrimp are, quite literally, intended as food. There's a world of difference there.
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One thing for sure, by putting Ghost Shrimp into a tank w/a betta, a person will find out just how aggressive the betta is. It will either leave the shrimp alone or eat in "snack time"!

So far, as of yesterday anyway, our male betta, Stormy, doesn't care the slightest about the Ghost Shrimp that is in the tank with him. That could change, but we hope not.
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mine cohabit very well together (2 ghost 3 cherries, getting another one of each soon)
but i heard its not all bettas that are ok with it :)

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