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betta compatibility question

I have mollies(sword tail male and female, dalmatian female and youngsters - probably not large enough for a betta to try to swallow, and some fry that just started coming outta their hiding places a few days ago), guppies(males, females and fry), and two large (adult) pleco's... is a betta male a safe addition to my tank?

My daughter wanted a betta, but she is still too young to burden her with the responsibility of caring for her own betta tank, plus the tank is so darn small that it seems like a freaking torture... pet shops heard that bettas don't need a filtered tank, or an air stone, and they just started selling betta's in 7oz plastic cups!!!

It kinda breaks me hart everytime I hit the store and see the isle where they keep em... whole lines of beautiful betta's in 7oz plastic cups...

My daughter found the one she wanted among them, a beautiful chromatic-like red/blue (depending on lightning conditions) with decent flowing fins, and movement... not drowsy or too sleepy... so it seems in good health...

I was worried about health because all those 7oz cups had no lids nor screens on them and they don't necesarily sell betta's like crazy so they spend a nice amount of time in the same water - as the grime in the bottom of some cups testified.

So... thats one hell of a parenthesis... back to compatibility... I would ask moderators of the forum to compile compatibiltiy suggestions from all the posted threads, as here I am posting my own, based on what fish I already have, and like me, I saw a few others asking about the same based on what fish they have. It would be good to have one official thread stating the obvious points on compatibility and behavior for the common betta fish, and any oddities that are already known to experienced keepers... but not so well known to newbies (like me)...

Thanks in advance for replies on this matter...
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Forgot to give measures of my tank... its the same tank I gave pictures for in my profile. It measures 1foot depth (this would be the z axis), 4 feet wide (x axis), 1.5 feet tall (y axis).

I decided to let the Betta loose anyways, and so far he's only given a little trouble with the male guppies (I got two, a yellow tail and an orange tail one). He tries to take a bite out of them, but they swim away quite fast, the betta isn't the better swimmer there, so he quits the chase rather instantly...

The colors of this fish are something else... I am already having trouble spotting him, because he kinda blends with the wallpaper darker areas... lol It makes a beautiful addition to the tank. If only I could have gotten one sooner... hehehe
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I wouldn't keep the betta with the male guppies- bettas attack fish that look like their own species, and the guppies' colorful, flowing fins are a dead ringer for another male betta. The guppies or the betta will most likely injure/kill each other if they're kept together much longer :(
And how many gallons is your tank? Because plecos are very large- and it seems like it might be overcrowded.
My heart breaks too whenever I see the stacks of little plastic cups holding dozens of bettas.
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mollies tend to attack bettas so be careful,,,heres the compatibility thread link

Betta Tankmates - Choosing Roomies For Your Betta Splendens
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Thanks guys, I haven't noticed any issues with Mollies vs. Betta... so far the Betta has found tranquility exploring the corners of the thank, the mollies don't do anything to him...

He's only tried to nip the male guppies, but the guppies color is not so vibrant, the yellow and orange coloring is more like washed out instead of vibrant neon like as one would expect, so its a bit more dark... cept the scales on the guppies are like chromatic... they shine colors ranging from sparkly white to blue and some red... it might draw some attention just the scales... So far, they have been swimming pretty close and the Betta seems to just look at them and swim along... it is a rather large tank... 55gals. so I think this might work fine... the bottom of the tank is claimed pretty much by the pleco's... and the rest is vividly taken by mollies, guppies two lone neons (a black stripe and a blue stripe\red tail his tail goes transparent when resting or when dark? i noticed the tail turns red when lights are on an interesting fishy indeed)and now the Betta.
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I would go get another tank for the betta. Just because he isn't attacking other fish now, doesn't mean he won't. Same with the other fish attacking him. A 2.5 gallon should work. You can help your daughter with cleaning it, and make it a family thing. Besides, with two plecos, and all those other fish, it seems like your tank is already overstocked. I know a betta wont add much waste and other things to a tank that size, but that's a lot of fish for a 55 gallon. If you only had one pleco, that would be a different story...
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I see... thanks for your indications, I will look into it and work on a smaller tank for the betta. :)
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