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My gentle looking male was anything but...

Added an Oto for algae duty! It seemed to have worked fine, added him at night when beta was sleeping. The next day my little buddy didn't pay any attention until the Oto swam quickly. He quickly charged, flared, and snapped at the poor little Oto for two days. I realized then that he wasn't going to settle down. Therefore, I returned him for a snail. Hopefully this can be successful. Everyone was swearing up and down that certain species would get a long. I can now 100% say it really depends on the disposition of your fish. Good luck to anyone who tries it!

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Absolutely depends on the fish ahah. My betta chased the corycat I got for a few seconds then completely ignored him. Now they just coexist and swim together sometimes. Alll depends on the fishy fish. Its great that pet stores take returns on fish x3
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Indeed. Grats on having a nice fish. Wish I knew what that was like hahaha. Still love him tho :p
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I just moved my betta into a tank with endlers. What I did to see how he reacted was floated him in a cup inside the tank while I cleaned the quarantine tank. As I watched he was utterly uninterested in the little fishies.

I think everybody says that it depends on betta temperament, the problem is how to determine that. So far floating the betta (or the new guy) in the tank and observing behaviours during that time can be a good clue. If he's flaring like mad with a cup in the way, you can bet he will probably attack if it isn't there.

That's an idea to try if you want to add anything else.

My 20 gallon community: 2 Mystery Snails - Arnold Sluggenator & Goldie Brawn, 1 Zebra Nerite Snail - Poop (my pet name for my boyfriend), 1 African Dwarf Frog Juan - Frog, 9 Male Endler's Livebearers - Cloudy, Clyde, Conga, Darius, Frank, Lemon, O'Rien, Peephole, Urkel & Various live plants - anacharis, anubias, hornwort, java fern, java moss, narrow leaf chain sword, water lily, water onion. The Prize Jewel - Dragonscale Crown Tail Betta - Sylvester "Sly" Capone
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When I had Alacrity in the 20g alone (first betta, spoiled guy) I got him a snail cause I had some algae. He was fine with him too, would watch him and stalk him. I took the snail out at one point to put in a different tank and Alacrity destroyed his fins. Put the snail back in and all was well.

Then the snail suddenly died. Figuring Alacrity would destroy his fins again I went out and got a new snail for him.

He murdered her. Poor little Appletini. I hear some banging in the night which must have been him hitting her against the glass.

Fish are weird.

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My male betta hated my corys, he used to stalk them and bite their fins!
I have my female with the corys now and they seem to get on really well! Females seem a bit more chilled than the males!
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