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10 gallon tank, for a betta and 6 neons

Well i have found that i can set up a 10 gallon tank very cheap and ive always liked how female betta's looked (surprisingly ive never liked the male look that much) so i was planning on buying a 10 gallon aquarium for 10 dollars, use old aquarium gravel from my 20 gallon, get a lot of fake plants, use the light from my old 20 gallon as well as ornaments from it, buy a heater and probably build my own stand. Then add the female betta and some neons after ive done a fishless cycle. I will probably use a cheap filter since the bio-load is so small, one that doesnt create too much current for the betta, what filter would you suggest?

Is this possible, should i mix neons and female bettas, i have no plans on breeding so will the female be stressed since it wont be able to lay her eggs? Can i fit any more fish? All information will be nice.
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I dread the mix of neons and bettas. Not since I had my bettas killed several of my tetras regardless of their gender. I would prefer not to mix neons in a 10 gallons with bettas. Still, you have your choices.

I don't see how the female is going to be stressed without laying eggs. Get some otos or cories for bottom dwellers.

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probably not otos or cories since i dont really like cories in tanks smaller than 30 gallons (more of a personal preference) and otos, well ive had bad experiences with otos. Can i get shrimp in that tank? I dont want that take for only 1 betta, what fish are compatible besides cories and otos? Nothing with long fins obviously....
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You might could get by with 5 or 6 female bettas in a 10 gallon tank. They do better either solo or in a group of 6 or more (so that the low one in the pecking order doesn't get beat all to hell by the alpha babe.)

As I mentioned in an eearlier post, one of the dwarf cory species might be the way to go.

Alternately, a microrasbora species might be good - they don't nip like tetras. If I were going to have any fish that were mid water swimmers, though, I'd make sure to put in some realy plants with bushy leaves, like hornwort, cabomba, rotala, or amubulia. Something that the smaller fish can hide in.

Bettas may or may not get along with shrimp. Everything I have read about it suggests that it's an idiosychratic thing for each betta. So I'd go with Amanos at the most expensive.

As for the filter, I have a 5.5 gallon betta tank (cycling - waiting for a good halfmoon betta to come into my LFS) with a Duetto 50 in-tank filter with the outflow pointed at the glass. Since it's a planted tank, I have taken the carbon insert out (and I am going to replace it with a second bio-sponge). It's keeping the water crystal clear. I had previously run it in a 10 gallon with a half dollar sized turtle, and it did a good job keeping that filtered until the impeller got gunked up. (The turtle is now the size of my palm - and I have big hands - and has a 75 gallon to itself with an Emperor 400, and I am going to be adding an Eheim 2217 to that as well.)

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Oh nooooooo! Bettas and neons are not a good mix! I had an "issue", as I'll call it, with everyone just getting along. You can mix them with standard danios (not the long finned), but I understand the best are golden white clouds. I think the mix of a betta with the beautiful colors of the golden white clouds would be a beautiful display. If the betta is a dark variety, the color contrast would be really cool. I love goldens anyway, they are perfect community fish.

You could also ask your LFS what their opinion is.


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I have a 7.5 gallon tank set up recently with a male betta and 6 neons,

The neons are picking on the betta. the betta has not went near them.

New to this whole fishy thing :)
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I have a 10 gallon set up with one female betta and 4 platies. She is such a good girl - never ever seen them fight. So platies may work. They are pretty and colorful too.
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I had neons and a male betta in my 14g tank, and everyone just got along fine. I think it was because there was so much space, so maybe neons arent the best idea for a 10g. Platies seem like a good idea, or do a sorority of 5-7 females :D
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This thread is almost 4 years old!
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my bad lol

New to this whole fishy thing :)
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