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Ten gallon tank, suggestions of tankmates?

I've got one male betta in a ten gallon tank, two live plants, heater, gravel, one fake plant, and a log. I'm not sure if I want tankmates for him, but I'd like to know what would be doable. I have an underwater filter I could use (that doesn't give off too much of a current).
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PLECO!!! i love plecos or AFD's
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Plecos get WAY to big for a 10 gallon they need a 30 gallon min!
Ghost shrimp are are great to watch and there are really cheap but be warned some bettas like to snack on ghost shrimp.

5 gallon,natural planted tank with 1 betta.
20 gallon community tank.
6 gallon guppy fry tank.
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I did have some ghost shrimp before, 2 of them. They both ended up dying though
I've been reading that snails would be good for the tank, would I have to worry about them escaping the tank though? (at the moment I don't have anything covering the top, but have left about 2-3 inches below the top of the tank above water and so far Little Guy hasn't shown any inclination to jump. I've got a ten gallon cover at my parents house from a previous gerbil I plan on bringing to my apartment soon though)

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dwarf shrimps are great. if your ghost shrimps die for no good apparent reason it was water quality. before i started to test properly i used them as canaries for water quality.

look into cpo crawdad *neon orange mexican dwarf* or cajun blue dwarf etc. to small to be a problem.
look into ghost shrimps or other "dwarf" shrimps.

also depending on your betta's disposition platies, guppies.
a dwarf gourami or two.
neon tetras, glo-lite tetras.
cory cats.
lace cats *upside down catfish*

i have heard
barbs, danios, glass catfish.

this is what i have heard and some of the above need to be in schools and shoals.
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Thanks :) I might go for some shrimp, but I don't think ghost again. So hard to see them! :P
At the moment I don't know what his disposition is like, he's still getting used to his new tank, so I'll keep an eye on him before I decide. I'll have to get more hiding spots too, and some test strips.
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Dwarf Otto catfish! They are soo cute, but they need different food than the bettas (algae wafers) and you have to make sure there stomachs stay round and fat-ish to get enough food. They will eat algae from your tank. They might be hardier than ghost shrimp, but they are still sensitive too water quality.
1 otto is good with a betta in a 10 gallon, but they are prefered in a group. I'm not sure if you can put 3 in a 10 gallon...maybe 2 would do. :D
They only grow to be around 2 inches (or less?).

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Honestly, you'd have the least amount of trouble with a nerite snail and possibly a school of pygmy cories. Since pygmy cories are so small, you'll be able to easily fit a whole school of 6-8 individuals. Plus they're super cute.

Platies, guppies, and mollies I don't really agree with since they can be both aggressive to the betta and illicit aggression from the betta, besides, all prefer harder water conditions, and bettas are a soft water fish. And I don't know, the idea of an out of control colony of livebearers in a tank as small as ten gallons kind of frightens me, lol.

I don't really recommend otos for newly established tanks. All otos you find in pet stores are wild-caught--this means that they are extra sensitive and very unwilling to accept prepared fish food. Many eat exclusively algae, and of all the algae out there, they only eat a few specific kinds. If you have a new tank, you don't have a supply of algae readily available to feed these guys.. so they will starve to death. Many are near the point of starvation already since there is not ample algae in the pet store.
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and on the topic of test supplies do your self a favor and get the liquid kind they are cheaper per test and more accurate :)
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If you put in ADFs, make sure your betta lives peacefully with them and have a separate tank on hand in case he doesn't. c:

They're kinda stupid, they can't really defend themselves. :P

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