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proposed 10 gal tank

I just purchased a male betta fish. Hes currently in a 1 gallon bowl (i know terrible, but it was an impulse buy and I didn't do my research before hand) but i am going to get a 10 gallon tank set up for him, and would like to add some other fish to it so he doesn't get bored in there all alone. I have read that cherry barbs are good tank mates for bettas, so I was thinking about getting 6 cherry barbs. Would this work? I am new to bettas and their compatability issues so please dont hesitate to make any and all suggestions. thanks
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fish are not children and don't get bored per se by a lack of company at least not your betta schooling fish are different but bettas especially the males are not a schooling fish in fact they are the opposite. they will basically pick a fight with any thing that looks like them so long finned fish are always a riskier choice and other labryth fish such as gouramis are also risky.

bettas are predatory they eat larva and worms bugs etc so shrimp fit into thier dietary mode if they are the right size to be eaten. with that said most shrimp/ betta combinations tend to work our ok depending on the temperment of the betta.

now to contradict the bored statment. if you give them plants and caves and you to interact with they will get all the stimulation they need. so yes in a plain undecorated unchanging tank they will not be happy and could become bored as you and i know it *doctors waiting room bored yuck*

how ever if you buy some caves and a fake plant with some real ones and a slowish flow filter will provide some current for your betta to play in if he chooses :)

for more info on how to set up thier enviroment look at the betta care section :)
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Just to clarify... Bettas dont want/need company but they can live with tankmates.

But yes, one betta in a 10 gal might be plain. Your best bet for tankmates would actually be bottom dwellers. Bottom dwellers look/act nothing like bettas. Besides, they wont be constantly "in his face" so less chances of bringing out aggression. I would recommend corydoras catfish. There are many varieties available but one thing to take note of is that they need to be kept in groups of at least 3 of the same species (as cories DO like company).

One betta and 3-4 cories will be pretty much it fish wise. you could also add a few shrimp as well.

If you dont want to do cories or catfish, you can try harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, black neon tetras, etc, but chances of agression may be higher.

When you stock up the ten gallon add the betta LAST. If you add fish into a tank that has already been 'claimed' by a betta then he may feel a need to defend his territory. But if you add the betta last, he wont feel like the other fish are invading.
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thank you guys very much. i think i will try him with some cories once it gets set up. i went around to the few pet stores in town and no luck with cherry barbs, but plenty of cories. i will deffinitly give him some caves and plants. he even has some fake plants in the bowl now so he will feel safe. (i even managed to make a water heater fit in there with room to swim, tank is steady at 78*)
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just thought i should update you guys. I got the ten gallon, divided with the Wannahockaloogie in one half and a beautiful crowntail now named Mist that I found at Petsmart in the other half. its heated with a few silk plants in each side. I also bought a female, that can't be more then a few months old, who is a beautiful opaque white with purple glazing to her fins. She is in the fish bowl I had already, still heated, until she gets bigger. I think I am official addicted to these fish now.

My Girlfriend and I have these Bettas
Wannahockaloogie-Male VT-Blue w/ purple tips.
Mist-Male CT-Dark Green/Blue.
Kitty-Female Delta-Purple Cambodian
Boo-Female Delta-Cellophane
Nala-Female VT-Orange Cambodian
Hippie-Male CT-Red, White, and Blue Dalmation
Puddles-Male CT-White w/aqua fins and light red tips
Casper-Male CT-Cellophane

R.I.P. Jasmine
R.I.P. Uni
R.I.P. Crackhead
R.I.P. Blues
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