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Am i overstocking my 14G??

Hey all,
I'm starting my first 14G Tank.Its on a fish-less cycle using dead shrimps and my rooms reeks of ammonia right now. So I'll be stocking this one in about 2 weeks I guess depending on how soon the water params adjust. So I need your advice on what to stock it with.
Its going to be planted with live plants and they aren't planted yet... waiting for the cycle to stabilize first. I do know that plants absorb ammonia but am still gonna do it as a safety precaution.

So i'm planning on getting:

1 Male Betta, - Main fish
4 Pygmy corys - for eating the algae
6 Neon tetras - I love these guys
10 RC shrimps - scrap eaters and I love em and they dont seem to affect stocking much

Do you think this is a little overstocked. any compatibility issues? any experiences etc?

I've checked at aqAdvisor and it says that I have a stocking % of 90% and have 133% filter capacity.
click here to look at my stocking on aqAdvisor
would like some constructive opinions on the asked topic alone.

I'll be cycling it properly & i have a API Master Test kit
I have a heater, a thermometer, filter etc.
Lets assume the betta's temperament is okayish for now. we all know that every betta has a individual preferences etc... so "depends on the temperament of the betta" is a useless post to me.
I'm aware some bettas eat RC shrimps some times.
i'll stick to 25% water change weekly treated with prime
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Well, as far as the tank being, I don't think so. Please read below, though, before you make any decisions.

Some people on the forum have talked about putting bettas with pygmy cories. I don't know if anyone has or not, but that could be very dangerous for the cories if your betta has any kind of temperment issues (which 95% bettas do lol [made up statistic]). (BTW, it is recommended by many people that Pygmy cories be in groups no less than 5)

Neons aren't a good choice for bettas simply because they are usually nippy (especially for long flowing fin species like bettas). And the betta might fight back as they have been known to do with Neon Tetras.

The RCS just stand out too much. My betta, Tony is one of the sweetest betta on earth, but when I put that GS in his tank the other day (I took it out), Tony tried to hunt it! He would have killed it except for the fact that Tony passed the GS without seeing him countless times. I do not recommend RCS with betta! RCS are generally much more expensive!

Hope this helps!

small fry,

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I think pygmy coris are ok. I have seen youtube vids of people keeping their bettas with pygmy cories. Cories however do NOT eat algae. You will have to find a sinking food such as this one [link] to feed them.

Neon tetras are a maybe. Sometimes a betta will kill them, sometimes they will be nippy.

Your betta may decide to eat your shrimp...

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Tetras arent a very good choice to house a Betta with.. It will most likely end up badly and a waste of money. Bettas will fight back to fin nipping and will probably kill and eat the Neons.
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I've heard success stories on neon tetras, pygmy cories, and RCS. It all depends on your betta's personality. Buy one Neon, see if your betta attacks it. If so bring it back to the store. If not, buy more. Same with shrimp and cories.

I only have 1 betta left, but he's a cool blue marble!
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I would say start with Ghosties actually since they are generall cheaper and don't NEED tank mates.

I was looking into doing pygmies in my 10 gallon but I decided it would be too dangerous for them, and I decided to go divided. From what I've read they only get about 1 inch long which is roughly the same if not smaller than a ghost shrimp and definitely an eddible size for a betta.

I've done Tetras, Betta and Ghosties and only once had my Betta eat my Ghosties. Never had any problems with Tetras and Bettas but I've heard stories.

The truth is if you get an agressive ANYTHING it will attack anything else. Any time you do a community you risk someone not getting along but we do it anyways.

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I had 2 pygmy cories in a tank with my veiltail betta, and he would steal their sinking pellets so one of them starved to death. The other was harassed until he died as well, all of this happening within a matter of a week mind you.
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oh well, Shrimps are definitely not going in there, and ghost shrimps are pretty invisible creatures which are a bit boring. I am still going to keep some kind of algae eaters and i really like pygmy corys, but will have to test his temperament. I also read somewhere that a betta wont attack other fish if he is introduced at last/ if his tanks layout is changed (making him think its not his territory, and the other fish are his subjects too :D).
Do you have any other recommendations? I really dont want to put one single betta in a 14G tank.
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Don't give up on the shrimp just yet dude! XD Lots of people here keep RCS with their bettas and various other fish. =] I'm getting some soon myself. =] As long as your tank is decently to heavily planted they'll have enough space to hide from your betta before he/she scarfs them. =]

I WOULD try something like 3 ghost shrimp first to test the waters. I'd also test the tetras and cories for about 4 days. if anybody gets aggressive then just take the tank mates back and exchange them for something more docile like snails. =]

Also a good tip is to stock you tank with the tank mates first then wait a week and introduce the betta. By that time territories will have been established and you betta will have an easier time adjusting to tank mates ans they'll most likely view the tank mates as just another part of their new environment.

Oh. I just read you post above mine! XD Well my shrimp bit still stands. =] Shrimp are such cool little things and I'd hate for you to write them off! =]

Btw the RCS are great algae eaters as well as scavengers. you still need to feed them their own food but they're great little creatures! =] Oh! And if you're doing an NPT then I advise you purchase some Malaysian Turmpet Snails to dig through your substrate and keep dead pockets from forming. =] Corries might uproot some of your plants btw so be prepared just in case. =]

I'm a girl! =]
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I also recommend shrimp.

I think starting with ghost shrimp is a great way to gauge your betta's temperament: depending on how he treats them, it'll give you an idea on whether RCS and pygmy cories will be viable. Put your betta in last, and rearrange the tank so he doesn't think it's his. I like to put the shrimp in for about 30 minutes without the betta in there, so that they get comfortable. 15 minutes still in their bag, 15 minutes to explore.

For whatever you get: Make sure there are hiding spots that are too small for the betta to bother them in. Or at least, that there's a lot of them, so the shrimp can spring from hiding spot to hiding spot. Most shrimp should out-swim your betta, anyway.

Before you put the betta in, I like to make sure he's well fed... just so he isn't hungry, when he first spots the shrimp. For my betta, at first he kind of chased a couple of them around, out of curiosity. But they "bopped" him one a couple times, and the rest of the time he couldn't catch them, so he lost interest pretty quickly.

Anyway, good luck picking out tank mates :) Pygmy cories usually work fine with bettas, since they're small and dull-colored, it's not like betta's are piranhas or anything :)
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