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Question Future Community! Help?

Well, the moment my tank is cycled, I plan on stocking my 15G tank. I have some ideas and I need feedback!

My tank has a filter baffle for low current and a few live plants and 1 big plastic plant. There are also a few hiding places. Here is what I had planned:

-1 male Betta
-2 or 3 Ghost shrimp
-2 Mollys
-2 or 3 Platys

Again, it's a 15G tank (with filter) and so I'm not sure if I'm overstocking. The way I have my tank setup is favorable for a Betta fish. Can the other fish live in similar conditions (low current, 80 degrees)?

Most importantly, are these fish compatible? What should I look out for? Also are the any of these fish schooling fish?

Please feel free to offer constructive criticism and suggestions!
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Mollies are very much schooling fish and get sick easily when not in large groups. I kept 6 together in a 20 gallon. Balloon mollies are deformed and live only around 6 months because of such bad inbreeding, and regular mollies get to be 2-3 inches generally. Keeping just 5 together you'd need a 15 gallon to themselves. The rule for mollies is minimum 20 gallons because of their size but also because they're very, very messy. Messy as in poop a whole lot! ;) I wouldn't add these fish.

All of the platies I have seen are way too bright/flashy to live peacefully with a male betta. I don't know anything else on them because I haven't owned them nor done research, so someone else can give you more info. I think these are schooling fish, too, though, someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Ghost shrimp should be fine, but your betta may want them as a snack! I would highly suggest moss, I have java moss, so your shrimp can hide and eat until they are larger than your bettas mouth so they'll live and survive. I didn't know I had mine, then one day, a couple emerged and were huge o_0

Kaida- CT Female 2.5 Gal.
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Alright then, Mollies are out of the question then. Any suggestions on what kinds of fish can work with my setup?

I was under the impression that since Platies don't have long fins the Betta wouldn't be aggravated as much.

What about a small school of tetras?
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You could easily fit 8-15 tetras in there and not overstock. Be sure to provide lots of plants so the tetras and betta can hide from each other.
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Awesome, tetras are cool :)

I've read that some tetras (neons) like to nip on Betta fins. What kind of tetras should I be looking for?

I will probably have some pictures of my tank up soon to give an idea of how the setup will look like.

How do you guys setup your community tanks with Bettas? Please share your experiences!!

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Some neons will nip and some won't. It depends on the individual fish. You can also look for other kinds of tetras like bloodfin tetras or x-ray tetras, black neon tetras work too. Harlequin rasboras also are good community/betta tankmates. I think a big enough school will keep the tetras occupied enough that they won't be so tempted to bug your betta.

I quarantine all my new fish for at least a week in a small tank, then introduce them in. Right now I have four panda cory cats in my 10g with a female betta. I have four guppies and two more panda corys in quarantine. I may move my female betta out though because she doesn't seem to like the big tank. She gets stress stripes. Silly girl.

Cory cats make wonderful betta tankmates because they stay on the bottom and don't bother anyone. Only problem you might have is keeping your betta from eating all the corys' food. You could easily put four bronze or albino cory cats in your 10g. And they don't actually eat algae wafers, they're more carnivores so feed them things like shrimp pellets and Hikari sinking wafers.
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Not many small fish are non schooling fish, see my 29g list? They are all schoolers, hence why I am moving them to the 45g lol

I have Swordtails, much like Platys. They are a wonderful LOVELY fish, I adore them with all my heart. But the one thing I would have concern with is.... Platys are too peaceful and are not fast on the swimming chain. Platys can be of nice colors, which might make them a target for Betta. They are so dopey, they would never be able to swim away from a Betta attack in time.

But they are a small fish, only 2" adult size. I am not seeing anything about them having to be in groups, I have 4 female swords and a male in my tank, they are quite happy at 5.

Tetras are a nice idea too, they can be fin nippy so be careful of types you look into. My Black Neons are sweethearts, as well as my Harlequin Rasboras. Glowlights Tetras are sketchy. My Red Eyes are fast and chase. Thankfully I have 6 and they only pick on eachother lol I am unsure of other tetras as I only learn as I go.

My Harlequins (the ones out of focus)

My Black Neons (top of picture, black/white stripe)

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Cory Cats look stunning! I love the panda ones :D The rasboras are beautiful! They look like schooling fish like tetras, could be wrong :P

My tank has a pH of 7.8 (forgot to mention that >.>) I hear that tetras prefer neutral to slightly acidic water. Will they be able to adapt?

Also, I'm interested in Platies. If I get some less flashy looking Platies, will they be alright? Not sure if they're schooling fish either o.O


Your fish look gorgeous PitLuvs O.O

In that case, can I get swordtails with my Betta instead of Platies? I'm guessing swordtails are schooling fish too?

Also, what is a good school size? 4-6 fish? More?

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Glowlight tetras!!!! Get them!!! I absolutely adore my glowlights. You can see one in Pitluv's 2nd picture - the fish with the orange stripe. I admit, they don't seem like much to look at, at first. But when they school, it's magical! They also have the smallest bioload of all tetras, so you can get a good number of them.

As for the water - my water has a very high PH and is very hard. They do fine. Most store bought fish can adapt to a variety of water types.
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I love my panda cories like crazy, they're adorable and they stay very small, 1.75" so you can easily have a school of six in a 10g.
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