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Smile betta fish friends

I'm getting either a 10-20 gallon tank and i have a blue and white crowntail betta. I've had him for a day .I'm getting a bigger tank a heater a filter maybe an airator I'm not sure yet about the airator. Any way i don't want to have a 10-20 gallon tank with just one fish in it! to me that seems lonley and I'm aware betta are not schooling fish. But i would still like to know what kind of fish Ican put with my betta. Also how many? Oh and I've asked this question before but no one has answered it, I have a mentally retarded cat, she was diagnosed by a vet so I'm not just saying she's retarded, she really is, it just makes her really clumsy and very domesticated. She likes to sit on my dresser when i get ready in the morning, which is where my fish tank is. She has started to sit there and watch my fish, she's terrified of water so I know for sure she will not eat my fish, she won't go closer to the bowl than 7inches, but could her watching it stress my betta out? I'd really appriciate your wisdom and experience because I'm new to this and want the best life for my fish. thanks!!!
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A lot of people also have neons, and other types of tetras, platy's are good, and normal guppys(fancy males will be attacked) Loaches, Cory's, and snails. Basically most peaceful small tropical freshwater fish who don't look like a betta (super colorful, long fins).

They aren't all that common at pet stores, but if you can find one I'd get a African Butterfly fish, I love mine so much. I keep it with my sorority and it doesn't really bother anyone, you just can't keep them any fish they can fit in their mouths because they might eat them and they are also amazing jumpers so a good hood is important. Thery are very easy to tame, and they'll take food right out of your hand XD

It would need a 15/20g though, a 10g is too small.

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simply speaking, anything super ugly (not colorful, not really ugly haha) would be alright. But since you are new, id try cories and maybe a couple shrimp, if you plant it well :D
try a snail :P theyre fun
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i live in lafayette indianna. any clue where i can get these types of fish? my wal-mart has a bunch of colorfull fish and several tropical fish. but im not sure if it has what i'd need. i'm also getting my new tank from there because they have a 20 gallon tank with heater filter and airrater rocks and pretty much everything u need for $22. i may go to pet smart or aquarium world which has many different kinds of fish even manta rays which i really want one of those but not until i graduate. if i cant find exact breeds mentioned here what are some good guidelines to follow? i read somewhere that frogs are good because they look nothing like a betta and are fast enough to get away from them. and still no one has answered my question about my cat stressing out my fish!
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Pet smart should have neons, and platys, guppys, loaches and cory's and snails. Wall mart is famous for carrying sick fish so I would be very careful with them, and petsmart is too, but it may be one that has a devoted fish employee. These fish are usually pretty common too.

Everyone says no barbs with the males because they nip fins, and a lot of people keep African dwarf frogs but I don't know anything about them. No goldfish, and no pleco species that get large.

If your thinking about a different type of fish, google it and see how big it gets, or post it on this thread so we can help you :)

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mmm i would say an aerator isnt needed as long as u have a filter, i dont think the betta would really mind the cat. who knows, they might even be best buddies XD
i think you can try any live bearer species, as long as they dont try to nip ur bettas. they can be notorious nippers.. AND, they breed really easily if you keep males and females together.
loaches are cute. they are also bottom dwellers, do best in groups.
cories would work fine if you like bottom dwellers. they clean algae. theyr kinda cute too and do best in groups.
african dwarf frogs could be companions as well.
you could try neons, but again they need to be schooled.
apple or nerite snails are a go. they work out pretty well in most tanks and clean aglae.

with that being said make sure you dont try to introduce too many fish at once (maybe just about 3 at a time), you could end up with a huge ammonia spike and that = dead fish.

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knowing my cat they will end up being bffs. shes already bffs with my puppy and will randomly put her in a headlock she doesnt bother my sisters fish but hers are rather finicky. and uncared for, i really wish i could make my sis understand that she has to clean her bowl its only a half gallon if that and she has 15 fish in it and never cleans it. its pathetic
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A half gallon with 15 fish????? How is this possible?

....Just keep swimming...

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kaykay, your cat watching your betta shouldn't stress him out unless the cat tries something. Since you said she was afraid of water, I think the two will be fine. M cat watches my bettas all the time, even paws at the tank and my bettas aren't stressed at all. And I have a cat I believe has mental issues too. She was never diagnosed like your cat, but, well, you can kind of just tell. She's super sweet and is the only cat I have who has never intentionally hurt me (did claw me once when she was scared) but she's just not all there in the brain department.
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maybe they should breed speacial cats, shes honestly the best cat i've ever had and i love that she leaves my fish alone even when shes watching them, it's entertaining to watch her randomly fall over tho. her problem is in depth perception and balance. shes just not cordinated so tht makes her ridiculoisly domesticated. my betta likes to follow her. because she moves her head when focusing at a single point i've seen my betta move with her head. i think they may end up bffs :)
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