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Question Betta Tankmates

I just got a 10 gallon tank for my male betta. I was wondering if i can add any other fish and what types are good with bettas. Please help!
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10gal I believe (as do many here) is the smallest tank you can have and still have tank mates. Luckily you just barely squeeked in there.

In a 10gal you could keep a few snails, maybe a cory cat or 2, a few tetras, a few ottos (will clean the tank).

If you wish you can divide the tank and make it hold 2 bettas.

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Both cory cats and otos are schooling fish and you would need to keep them in groups. Cories do best in groups of four or more. In a ten gallon I would be four or five depending on the species of the cory with the betta and nothing else.
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Definitely don't get otos! They are really sensitive and generally don't do well in less than 20 gallons. There are exceptions, as always, but they aren't the rule.
If you want cories, I would go with 4 pandas or 6 pygmy cories.
If your betta is chilled, you could go with tetras. I strongly recommend embers, as they are tiny, so the betta won't see them as a threat and they have a smaller bioload, they aren't even slightly nippy, and they are very peaceful, so the betta won't be stressed out by any frantic tankmate activity.

If you are super good at water quality maintenance, 6 pygmy cories and 6 embers with a betta would stock you. That wouldn't be overcrowding on any level, at least. :)
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Depends on your betta's personality. Some are sweethearts that seem to enjoy tankmates. Others are murderous psychopaths that will torture and kill anything that moves (I've had both types of bettas). Only YOU can guess at how your betta will act.

Just remember that if you add tankmates and your betta terrorizes them, as a responsible pet owner you must be prepared to move them to a separate tank - - - now you'll have 2 tanks to care for.
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well, i was just at a carnival and I happened to win 4 fish (omg) so i put them in my 10 gallon which has my betta and 3 platys. 8 fish in a 10 gallon? Idk what to do because I have no room to upgrade. I also have a female i wanted to breed in my 1/2 gallon but since the 10 gallon is crowded i can't. Any suggestions of what I should do? I think I have a little more room for maybe a 1-7 gallon tank. I also need to know which fish to put in what tank. Thanks!
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What kind of fish did you win?? If they are goldfish, you're in a world of trouble.

If you have no room to upgrade, you shouldn't be breeding your bettas. Your female needs 2.5g tank, you need a spawning tank of 5g+ and a grow out tank of 20-30g+. Then you need containers for your offspring. You're in over your head lol Upgrade your female, figure out your 10g and then work in your supplies for breeding.

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should I take out the goldfish and put them in another tank, then put the female in the 10 gallon? (my mom is saying thats okay but I'm saying "my betta is litterally gonna kill the poor female!" I don't want to breed them automatically. I also have this huge beautiful goldfish that was the biggest one in the goldfish tank (i picked it) oh and it's not those HUGE HUGE goldfish in the petstore. Its like the small version of it.
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Look, this is my female in the 1/2 gallon.
She's still pretty young, you can look at my album and see more pics of her and the male. And I would not want 4 goldfish floating dead in a tank the next or day after. Well, it depends on how I take care of them...
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Can you get a picture of the goldfish? Goldfish are coldwater fish and need massive tanks. 2 goldfish (the small fancy types) need 30g minimum. If you could post a pic or video, someone could tell you what type they are. Sadly, 4 goldfish in your tank is way way over stocking it. They get big fast. Your betta needs warm water, the goldfish need cold. Someone will come along and help you, as I cannot, I don't own goldfish as the tanks are too large for my home and I can't have a pond.

And no, do NOT put your female with your male unless you want dead fish. Others will back me up on this.

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