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Talking Sorority Log - Fish from Aquabid - Photo Heavy

Hey all! I know there is a sorority sticky, and various questions and answers given every day on the topic of sororities. Initially I wanted to keep a record of how I started and kept my sorority for personal reference. It then occurred to me that a log would be a potentially beneficial reference for others who are considering starting a sorority or are just interested in just one example of how one is set up. If there is no interest in

**I am planning to leave out basic/ general rules for sorority keeping, as those are mentioned and discussed in the sticky. However if anyone does want to know or has any questions I'll be happy to answer them here.**

Here is my setup:
Cycled and filtered 20 gal long tank
Heated to 82 degrees
About 8 or so medium to large amazon swords and 2 or 3 compact amazon swords
A bit of duckweed
7 fake plants of various heights
3 small pots
1 giant vase
1 large decor item with hide-y holes
2 baby snails

Top down view

Density from left

Density from right

On how I chose my female betta fish:

I chose to purchase all of my fish from aquabid as young females, all of the same tail type, which is halfmoon plakat. I also purchased all but one from the same breeder. A few of the females are siblings. I did this for a few reasons - I figure fish from the same breeder of the same age and tail type will probably have the most compatible and consistent behavior. I also got a discount for purchasing many fish from the same breeder at the same time. After that decision was made, I simply spent a month selecting an adequate number of beautiful fish from his plentiful selection! There is no one way to select fish for a sorority. Many pet store and chain store bettas have unknown and complicated genetic backgrounds that can make illness an issue. It is also impossible to know the ages of these fish or ask their original breeder or owner about their temperament, diet, etc.

These are the girls purchased:

Orange Copper Dragon

Marble Dragon

Red Dragon *(DOA)*

Yellow Lavender

Black & Red Dragon

Blue Dragon

Purple & Copper Marble

Orange Dragon

Thanks for checking out my thread! I'll be updating regularly as long as there is interest. I plan to just run updates until the sorority is established or as long as you all are interested or have questions.
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Arrow Day 1

DAY 1 -

I received my shipment earlier than expected, unfortunately finding the 3 bettas on the top layer dead. A few of the girls looked as though nothing were wrong, with full color and lots of vigor. Two barely moved in cloudy water, and the rest were somewhere in the middle. Fearful of losing more of them, I immediately transferred them to clear plastic betta cups I'd gotten for free (by asking) from Petco - I did this in my dim bedroom so as not to stress them. Then I emailed my transhipper and seller to let them know I had some DOA fish, and sent accompanying photos.

I had previously purchased a large pipette so that I could acclimate the fish very slowly. I began dripping 10 drops at a time into their betta cup after acclimating them to the temperature of the water for 30 minutes. I added about 10 drops every 40 minutes. This is a method slower than others use, I just wanted to be very gentle and slow with the girls as their shipping adventure had been less than relaxing. After about 4 hours of doing this, I just filled their cups about 3/4 of the way full with the pipette. This was all done in my dim bedroom as well.

After a few hours in their new water, I opened some blinds slowly and let them adjust to the level of light that would be present in the area where their tank is. Then I gave each girl two pellets and a few frozen bloodworms. Everyone ate! Eventually I moved them to float in the tank. I decided to allow them to see one another, as they had been already on my shelf. It quickly became evident that the Yellow Lavender girl and Orange Dragon were extremely aggressive. It also became evident that the Marble Dragon was not feeling her best, as she had clamped fins and was only resting on the bottom. Everyone else had mostly regained their colors, if not completely, and was happily swimming and checking one another out in their cups. I removed the Marble Dragon to a 5 gallon I had arranged beforehand in case one or two were ill and added a few grains of aquarium salt to her floating cup.

I released the Orange Copper, Purple and Copper Marble, Blue Dragon, and Black and Red Dragon into the tank to see how they'd interact. I left the Yellow Lavender and Orange Dragon in their cups so that they could still interact but could not attack or chase anyone. The girls initially showed no signs of aggression, but soon began to notice one another and checking each other out. To my surprise, there was a good deal of flaring and a few tail slaps, but no fin nipping or jaw locking or signs of extreme aggression. It quickly became obvious that the Blue Dragon was at the bottom of the chain. The B&R Dragon just kind of did her own thing while the Purple Marble and Orange Copper fought it out.

For today I just let those 4 out for about an hour with no damage. Everyone but the Blue Dragon went back into their cups for the night. I'm going to allow them to see each other for a few more days and increase the time they're exposed to one another, and I'll add the Yellow Lavender before the Orange Dragon.

Aside from the DOA's and the Marble Dragon being clamped and inactive, sorority DAY 1 is a success.
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Here are a few photos of the girls I took :)

These are just a few I snapped of a few of the girls, hope you like!
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Nice females bettas! Can I ask a question?

Why donīt you create a harem better?
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I shall be watching this thread like a hawk O.O I am very interested in seeing how this turns out :)
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Aw, congrats on the new setup (love it) and the girlies (very nice selection). How long did it take for them to ship to you? And what can be done about the DOA?? Poor things :(
They're doing okay still?

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Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
Nice females bettas! Can I ask a question?

Why donīt you create a harem better?
A harem? As in females with a male?!
We tell people not to do that. It usually ends up with a dead male- as the females will gang up on him.

Greentea- Very lovely looking females!!! I hope they get along alright! ^^

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oh wow! such lovely girls. Glad to hear they are doing good, keep us updated!

Oh and your purple copper looks so much like one of yours. Just don't think she's got the full 180 spread.
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Wow lovely girls.

I'm a little confused. You said you had more then one DOA but you only show one DOA female in your pictures, Was it a typing error?

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Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
Nice females bettas! Can I ask a question?

Why donīt you create a harem better?
I am not sure what this means, but yeah, no males in the sorority!!!

Sorry Silverfang but I don't understand your comment about looking of mine? One of someone elses?

Status update: Everyone but the Marble Dragon is doing great. A few are looking at their pellets like o_0 but everyone's eating bloodworms and most of them have had no trouble nomming their pellets. Everyone's' colors have gotten better overnight as well!

The Marble Dragon has little white fluffy things in her cup, I think she's shedding her slime coat from the aq salt I put in there last night. I hope she pulls through...she's the first fish I bought and what inspired the sorority! Her fins look a little more relaxed today but she completely ignored her food so we'll see...

About DOA's : There were 3, you were right. The other two were males I was planning on breeding with this girl. I originally had a comment about it but decided it wasn't relevant to the thread.
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