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Willow, your tank is so cute! *waves back to froggy* Love it!

I prefer natural, too - but I ended up with one of these from PetSmart at first:

It looked surprisingly cute all covered in moss, and the frogs liked it! Now I just use rocks and plants to make them little hides. . .mine love squishing between rocks under some Anubias! Cuuuuuuuuute.
Can't wait to see what you end up with, Bek!

And don't worry *too* much about the frog at the surface, it's just something they like to do, especially when they're young. If it looks like he's actively trying to escape the water - that's when you worry.

*hugs* So sorry to hear about your lil' Asher T.T
Willow is right, QT is super important. 3 months is the rule with new froggies, as it can take Chytrid that long to present. . .
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Totally had that temple, and it fell off my fish junkshelf and broke ;( BUT I'm excited too, even started a thread *pokes sigggy*
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but - but - but I SEE NO SIGGY!!! *cries*
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I came across this video on how to feed ADFs when they're in a community tank. I think it's a brilliant idea.
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it bothers me that it's so bare compared to what he's used to, so I'm hoping to fix that at least, sometime soon.

And he poses like that all the time, he's the most neighborly mini-frog ever!
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My siggy doesn't post on mobile....i forgot!
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haha, mine do too, Willow! I know there's a pic I posted somewhere back on this page of Frecks in front of that little 'house' in that pose - looking for all the world like he's saying 'come in and have some tea!' lol

Bek, I found it! ^.^

Cute video, Torla! It's amazing how easily ADF can be 'trained' to get their dinner!
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I've had these two african dwarf frogs that I was given for a little while now. For quite some time I was thinking that one was male and the other was female, but now I'm starting to think they're both male!
I'm pretty sure there might be something wrong with one.. He is extremely skinny and hes got quite the hunch back. I have been hand feeding them bloodworms and frog pellets, and recently I bought a terra cotta saucer to try and train them to eat there. I feed them until they don't seem interested anymore, then I'd leave some for them to scavenge for if they wanted more.
At first I had them in a 3-4 gallon heated tub with a bunch of plants, then I moved them to a heated and filtered 10 gallon with some plants.
It also kind of seems like they fight? over the food. The bigger one will bite at the other frog until he leaves while they are in the terra cotta saucer. Is this because they are both males?
They are really cute, and I love watching them swim around and its neat to hear them sing.
Here is a picture of each frog:

(This shows the armpit spot that leads me to believe this one is a male instead of female like I thought) This one also has some sort of a skin tag or something on his lip.

Mr. Skinny with his hunch back-
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Hey Senshine! Lovely little froggies you have there, great shots!

The first one is certainly a male, but the only way to reliably sex these frogs (that I know of) is by the presence of the postauxiliary subdermal gland (big words for little pimples!) on their side. They don't appear until maturity, but if one has it, I'd think the other would too - they look to be about the same age.

Typically, females will be chubbier than males, and in my experience are more prone to being intentionally aggressive while feeding (though any frog can fight for their share of the meal if they feel it's necessary). Typically, frogs don't cause any harm with their chomping - especially since they don't have any teeth! Oftentimes it's seems to be accidental - they lunge and happen to nom on each other when they try for a mouthful of dinner. Since ADF don't see very well, they hunt by tracking movement. Unfortunately for them, we feed 'dead' foods, so they get a little bit confused at times and pounce on each-other. I have a couple of fairly aggressive (lol, aggressive for ADF isn't typically very aggressive! ^.^) frogs in my community tank, and one little male who would just starve to death if I didn't keep a close eye on his intake - none of them seem bothered by being chomped on by their buddies, I've never seen any damage done. Good job with target feeding - it can be so important.

You can tell a full frog by looking at their underbelly. Their stomach is located in the center and slightly to the left of the spine - you should be able to see a gentle rounding there when they're full. . . as long as you know your skinny frog is eating well, don't worry too much about that part. Just like people, they can come in different shapes and sizes (all cute!) One of my adult males is fairly thin compared to his buddies, but with a great appetite, and I've had him for over a year and a half - he's healthy as can be!

The frog in the bottom picture doesn't *seem* overly thin to me, though I do see the hunched back that has you concerned, he looks healthy enough, otherwise! Has he always been this way, or is it something that has come about recently? As long as he's swimming and eating well, I would try not to worry too much about it. . . I'm not sure why this would happen, but I've known frogs to live a good long life with similar issues. . . possibly just a genetic defect? :/

Hopefully one of the others will have something more to offer you on these concerns - wish I could be more help! Welcome to frogville just the same!!!

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Does anyone have experience with Seachem Flourite with ADF's? I have regular aquarium gravel in my 10 gallon (only had my two frogs for about a week with my betta). I want to switch to Flourite for my plants but want to know if the clay pebbles are too small and if the frogs can accidently choke on them? If this is the case would an option be 1 inch of Flourite and 1 inch of gravel on top? I really want to use this Flourite because I finally found a place that would ship to me (paid 20 bucks for shipping alone). Thanks!
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