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You're right! There are SO many creatures that ought to be banned if the true worry is with salmonella. As mentioned in the article, it might perhaps be because the 'kits' are marketed for children, but. . . still! Ban the kits, not the critters! I'm an adult, and it's my RIGHT to get salmonella if I want it! *stamps foot* ;)
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Question about my ten gallon. I have two heaters that heat up to five gallons, instead of buying yet another heater can I put one of mine on each side of the tank?

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*shrug* I dunno, Jen! It sounds logical enough! Can't hurt to give it a try - just keep a close eye on the temps in the tank. My frog's heater rarely kicks on, anyway - but I do feel safer having it in place :) Let us know how it goes - then we'll all know!
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Jenny that will work as long as both combined are 50 watts. I use two 50w in my 20 gallon long tank.
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My ADF won't eat. ): I've had him for about two weeks now and even when I separate him from my Betta and put him in his own container, he won't eat his pellets. Is he going to starve? What do I do if he refuses to eat?

Here's to making Versace and Alastor happy little ladies' men. ;)

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BOTH of my ADF absolutley refuse to touch a single pellet, ever! However, they are more than happy to chow down on (defrosted) frozen bloodworm, brine shrimp, krill, whiteworm, mysis shrimp - even very small shreds of raw tilapia fillet! I suggest you get your froggy some frozen 'real' foods, and see how he does on those.

I'm betting you'll have much better luck. . . watch closely, though - ADF are slow eaters, you may have to feed him by hand or with a turkey-baster to make sure he gets some before the betta gobbles it up - and I promise you - the betta will LOVE these goodies, too!

I recommend wet-frozen foods, rather than freeze dried - there is some speculation that the freeze dried foods can lead to bloat. If you don't have the option for wet-frozen foods (even PetSmart has a freezer), make sure you soak the freeze dried stuff before feeding. . .

Let us know how it goes! Poor little thing must be hungry by now!

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What do you mean by 'defrosted' frozen blood worms? Do I keep the worms frosted and then take out a few and let them defrost before giving them to the frog, can I just buy dry blood worms, etc?

Here's to making Versace and Alastor happy little ladies' men. ;)

"I do not agree with what you have to say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
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I'd keep bloodworms frozen for best nutrition, and then take a bowl, some tank water, put em in the bowl, then scoop out the worms with something. They are processed with phosphates I hear which can cause algae blooms, plus it's less mess thawing them in a separate bowl.

I am a BAD person. There were no dwarf puffers in stock. I came home with 2 frogs for my 20 gallon. Hah. Haha. Was gonna buy one, but I'd have no where to QT a frog for 3 months if I ever wanted a second one. So two it was.
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My tank tested 0 for nitrates and nitrites and zero ammonia this morning, so i went and got my new frogs. And a new mossball. i am new to moss balls, but it looked like a good idea..i have other live plants and hoping they live for me. Frank is still in his bowl for now until the frogs prove they are all healthy. got them from the same tank at LFS and they look good, not too thin, and a few even ate the frozen defrosted bloodworms i gave them.

<--------his name is FRANK
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Colleen - Congrats on your new froggies and mossball! They all look absolutley ADORABLE! Do they have names yet? Mossballs are awesome, and need very much of anything to thrive, so I'm sure it will do well for you.

You mentioned that you have 0 on nitrAtes, as well as the other two. This makes me a bit nervous, as it is usually indicative of a tank that hasn't been cycled yet. You'll want to pay very close attention over the next few weeks as your nitrogen cycle establishes, and do water changes as needed to keep ammonia and nitrIte levels down for the health of your frogs (For the health of your creatures, ammonia and nitrIte should be at 0, nitrAte should be under 20 or so). Unless you keep a small uncycled tank - I'm assuming Frank is a Betta? I don't *think* the betta can pick up any illnesses from the frogs, so you should be all right there, but the two species don't always play nice together, so be sure to watch closely until you're sure.

Your froggies DO look super chubby and healthily adorable!

SageMyster - They sell 'em in packs of little cubes in the freezer section of almost any fish store.

One full cube will be WAY too much food for only one frog. What I do is pop out a cube, use a knife to slice about a quarter of it off (or however much you need) then wrap the remainder of the cube and put it back into the freezer for next time.

Like Olympia said, you'll want to defrost it before you put it into the tank, because the water that it's packed in will only add waste to your water, and the frogs shouldn't eat them frozen, anyway. I defrost mine in a tea strainer - it doesn't take long!

I hope you get your poor little guy some food soon! He must be starving by now!

OLYMPIA!!! YOU GOT FROGGIES!!! HUZZAH!!! I don't think you're a bad person at all!!! You're gonna love these little guys. . .and they'll prolly be easier to keep than those adorable Puffers, anyway! They're the cutest! Good call on getting two at once - QT is a PITA, and they're so much more fun in pairs, my two are adorable. (mine got dumped together for better or worse during the many days without power - crossing fingers that all goes well here!)

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