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Danios are really active fish. Most Bettas prefer peaceful, slower tank mates. Also, Danios should be kept in at LEAST 15 gallons. They may be small, but they need a lot of back and forth room to swim.

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Danios like a long foot print but are compatable with bettas also Glo Fish work since glo fish are danios
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Definitely not danios in a ten gallon.

I know it's Wikipedia, but this page: is very good.

In a ten gallon with a betta I would have:
- 6 ember tetras
- 6 pygmy cories
- 3 endlers livebearers
- 8 microrasboras
- 2 ADFs.

These are obviously not all together. I would just have one or two of those options. Probably just one.

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oops was unaware we were discussing a 10 gallon. yeah Danios need something with a long foot print. ive seen 15 gallons long and 20 gallons long. They tend to be quite the moving fish

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On the mollies: No. Mollies will attack and possibly kill bettas, and are brackish fish.

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I have Glofish with my betta in a 20gal long, they are constantly on the move and would not even consider putting them in something smaller. Alot of the compatibility will be determined by your betta's temperment. Mine gets along with the other fishes but have seen others that don't

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Otos: 3

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I have a crown tail male betta in a 10 gallon with 2 male dalmation mollies, 1 wild crayfish ( which im gonna let go soon) and a loach. They all get along great and the mollies and betta actually swim together some and will eat side by side during feeding with no conflict. There was minor conflict when I first introduced them. A little nip here and there but it was soon over..
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I have a plakat betta in one of my planted community tanks. It's 12 gallons but has a very large horizontal footprint so I bend the rules with stocking a bit. It's 36 inches long and about 10 inches high.

6 Glowlight Danio's (very skiddish schooling fish)
2 Red eye Tetra (remnants from a large school I used to have)
3 Sparkling gourami's (normally this is a no-no since they are anabantoids but mine get along with my betta without any issues)
3 Otto's
1 betta
Amano shrimp

I went with a plakat because the smaller fins are less tempting for tank mates to nibble on and they can swim better in tanks with more water movement.

Here is a pic of my tank.
My 12G Long

For a standard 10g I would go with fish that don't share the same areas of the tank as your betta. Cory's and otto's would probably be a good choice. Small tetras and microrasboras could be a good option too.

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Microrasboras are a great fish for smaller tanks. I saw some at my LPS and instantly wanted some for my small tank to bad its not ready for em
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what about guppies? one female beta...or male havent decided with my guppies?
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