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Anyone have sucess stories with Ghost Shrimp?

I've been wanting ghost shrimp for a while but whenever I've been in a store that caries them I've had other errands to run that day....but anyway...does anyone have any success stories where your bettas haven't eaten the shrimp? And do you need to feed the shrimp or do they eat the uneaten food and poop?

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Currently, my sister's sorority has 4 ghost shrimp. They haven't been eaten (The girls are creeped out by them).

You might want to find something your betta won't eat. I know they seem to like the algae wafers despite them being insectivores.

I've found that bettas aren't particularly fond of cucumbers though, and that ghost shrimp love the soft parts.

Ghost shrimp will definitely eat left over food once it hits the bottom and poop, but it's good to supplement their diet every now and then as well.
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I have had success with them two in a 2.5 gallon with a , they were a LOT of fun... sadly, during that time I as doing a lot of traveling and they did no hold up well :(

Every betta is different though... I plan on getting more once I find another store that sells them, they are a lot of fun :)

I always crushed up an extra pellet once a week and would make sure it sank for them.... I also would give them a bit of boiled egg yolk (the betta they were housed with, Tihs, was a PIG)

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I've kept red cherry shrimp with my betta in a 5gal tank before. I think my betta ate a lot of baby shrimps but the adults were fine in there. Red cherry shrimp are a little smaller then ghost shrimp.
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I have red cherries in both my male tank (had two different males in there over the time I've had shrimp) and I have them in my sorority. I haven't lost even the babies to my bettas. Heavy planting or decor is the way to go. If you aren't a live plant fan, still grab some java moss and put it in corners or around the bases of decorations or silk plants. It hides ugly roots, adds a lovely element of naturalism and makes a fantastic place for shrimp to hide. :)

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I bought 6 for my sorority, I have seen 3-4 alive still, but I couldn't tell you if they weren't, just too many places for them to hide.
HAven't had any luck with algae wafers, I had five girls kicking up the sand to fight for it. Have some broccoli stem in there now, at least one stopped for a nosh, as well as the snails. Might need to learn to add some alternate foods.

My ghosties will eat poo of any kind (it's gross when you can see what they've eaten). Blood worms, brine shrimp, bits of decaying plant matter.
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I have 10ish of them in my sorority tank.. I am not sure if there all alive, but I havent seen any remains (only the molting shells). I also have a ghost shrimp with 2 of my male betta's.. So far no fatalities that I can tell.. I also dont feed them extra.. They swim to the surface to eat like the fish do at feeding time & I intentionally overfeed a bit in the sorority tank so there is plenty of extra that hits the bottom since I know I have a bunch of mouths to feed in there.
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i have a shrimp "farm".. 13 ghost and 2 flower (the idiots at petco thought they were bamboo, but when they didn't "feed" like bamboo, i got a second opinion). i grind up a mix of flakes and pellets and sprinkle that in, then use a turkey baster to clean out the leftovers later. i've had ghosts in with my bettas in the past, and they've never "poop-scooped". they're awesome little scavengers and will even nom on algae from time to time (usually when there's no other food source).
the main thing to remember if you plan on keeping them with a betta is to make sure they have a good, solid place to hide. when they molt, they will be vulnerable for a few days as their new shell hardens. and leave the old shell in there.. it's a good source of protein and they will munch on it over time.
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