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Guppy Questions

So along with my 20g sorority, Id like to have some guppies mixed in.
But I know next to nothing about guppies D:

I want them to breed, the fry will be some live food for the betta girls.

1. But how many should I have? I plan on having 7-8 betta girls, possibly a bristlenose pleco, maybe some shrimp? (Not sure on the shrimp) I can lower the count of betta girls if the tank is over stocked, I only have 2 in QT right now.

2. Whats the ratio of females to males? I dont want to be overrun with babies in case some of the fry do live. (Its a sorority so there will be a TON of hiding places)

3. Can I get brighter colored fins or should I stay with darker colored guppies?
Or does it depend on the personality of my girls? I really like the bright ones XD

4. Should I get separate food for the guppies?
Im feeding my current bettas betta pellets, is there a food they can both eat?

5. Would platies be a better choice of live bearers since they are bigger and have shorter fins, or does it matter?

6. How often do you get live fry with guppies, and how often should I feed the betta girls since they will be able to eat the fry as well?

7. Will the girls eat the whole fry or will I have pieces of baby fish littered around my tank? Because that would be horrifying D:

I think thats it o3o

Tank is filtered, heated, and has a ton of fake plants with sand substrate.
Any info or other tips would be appreciated c:
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Guppies are a pretty easy species of fish to care for....crushed flake food is best for both adults and fry.....they will drop fry about every 28-30 days....I would stock at 2:1...2 females to 1 male-or just females that have been exposed to males...they can hold sperm packets for up to 6mo and drop fry without a male around........

The Betta usually like to eat their live food if they can't swallow the fry whole they usually will not bother it...or at least in my setups....never seen any partial bodies laying around....that would be gross....I would monitor the Betta tummy for feeding needs when they have fry in the tank.....
In my setups....the Betta usually only eat guppy fry from drop to 1week old at most.....otherwise the fry are too big and fast.....

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Perfect, thank you so much!

What would be an acceptable amount of guppies in my tank?
Should I keep it at 4 females, 2 males? Or would that be too much on my tank along with the girls?

How often are there fry that survive?

I do plan on having males since I want the breeding to be a continuous think, I'm just worried about being overrun x.x
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I would start out with a trio...2 females and 1 male.....soon you will have if the male dies....they will continue to drop fry monthly without him.....

Its hard to say on survival rate...each tank is different....between the guppies eating the fry and the Bettas eating them....depending on how much cover you have....if you have lots of plants both rooted and may have 10% survive to adult......maybe more....this varies.....
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Sounds good, i was leaning towards 3 personally, better to have less than to have too much X3

thank you so much for the info!
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Do be very careful. Bettas are not reknowned for getting on with guppies, due to the long flashy fins. I've even had problems with a female betta and two practically colourless female guppies.

When you feed them, the girls will stick to their pellets, and the guppies will try both flakes and the pellets. I have tetras and bettas in my sorority and feed them a mix of betta and tetra micro-pellets. Everyone just eats everything. No problems from that as yet. :)

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Thank you for letting me know c:

I'll probably stick to ones that are fairly dull, the main focus of my tank will be the betta girls and I don't need and flashy guppies stealing their limelight :P
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I guess I am pretty lucky....In all my years of fish keeping I have never had a Betta confuse species and mistake one of my fancy tail guppies as a I have had male guppies try to mate with Bettas...but those guys will try that with a
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First post guys, love the forum! I just cycled a 10 gallon with 6 comets because PetCo didn't have guppies. Well they're wrong because I got 5 comets and a guppy. I tried leaving it in with the females and they relentlessly attacked it :( They get a long together but they wouldn't tolerate the other fish and it was a very bland looking guppy. Hope this helps, I would honestly say seperate the tanks, or buy another 10 gal or heck even a bucket or tub to raise the guppies in ;).

My girlfriend had a tank that was literally swarming with guppies when I first met her, they're very easy to raise, she started out with 3 and probably had over 300 in a 10 gallon when I met her.
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That sounds like it would be amusing :P

Welcome to the forum! ^^

How covered was your tank? They may have attacked the guppy since it didnt have anywhere to hide and was constantly in the other betta girls territory. It also depends on the personality of your girls. The ones I have seem a bit sassy now, but I think theyll calm down and work it out c:

Thats a lot of guppies x.x
Thanks for the input!
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