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Shrimp Questions

All right, so I'm thinking ahead here...once finals are over I'm going to focus more on getting more plants so I can get my 10-gallon set up. Now, I'm either going to split it between Ezra and another male, or else I'm going to put a couple of ADFs in there with Ezra, but either way I'd like to try some Ghost Shrimp in there as well.

I know they don't always work with bettas, and today I was thinking and realized: what if they don't fare well with Ezra or either of the girls?

I'm fine putting the shrimpies in their own tank, and certainly by then I'll at least have a couple of 2.5-gallons I can use. But I realized some things...I know I could look all of this up, but I really need to get my Business Law notes organized for my final tomorrow and, admittedly, I'm feeling kind of lazy, so I figured I'd post here and get a head start.
  • Would 2.5-gallons be enough? I'm imagining so, many could I put in there?
  • Something I'm really not sure on: what sort of water changes would I be looking at for a shrimp-only tank of that size (if it's large enough)? I've decided a filter doesn't make enough of a difference in smaller tanks for bettas, but would that be different for shrimp?

I know they'll need a heater or...I imagine they do? Now that I'm thinking on it I can't remember if they prefer cooler temps to bettas...that I could probably look up though.

I feel like I'm forgetting to ask something...

Any other words of advice or wisdom? Suggestions?

I know they'll still need plants and decorations and stuff to hide in. I think shrimp are neat so I don't mind putting in the same effort for them that I would my bettas.

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All right, I've done a bit of research on this and since it seems a fair number of people have peeked in here I figured I'd post what I've learned.

For the most part I've seen recommendations of a minimum of 5- to 10-gallons for shrimp, and I'm thinking that's because I've also seen it stated in a number of places that they really do best in filtered, cycled tanks -- especially if they're well-established already. That said, I'm seeing a fair number of people (here included) who either have kept them in smaller tanks, or do not think it would be a problem keeping them in smaller tanks...

I've read a minimum of half a gallon per shrimp, and AqAdvisor says about five shrimp would fully stock a 2.5-gallon, so I guess that's fairly accurate.

As far as water changes, however...other than being careful that they don't jump out of nets, the only thing I've read on that is AqAdvisor's recommendation of 12% water change per week with five shrimp, but it also says only 17% for an unfiltered 2.5-gallon with a male betta despite saying that the tank would be 100% stocked, so...

But I'm wondering if using live plants would make a difference? Or maybe I should hold off on a second male (and resist the black HM at work) once I get this tank going in case I need to keep the shrimp separate...

Other than that I've read a good tip of using Iodine added to the water to ensure safer molts. Apparently it also aids in breeding.

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Don't pay too much attention to what AqAdvisor says about water changes. It can be a useful tool, but it isn't to be relied on. It doesn't take a lot of things into account.

In a 2.5 shrimp only tank, you can easily have up to 25 shrimp. I would go cherry shrimp in a shrimp only tank - easier to see and much easier to breed, plus really pretty. With Ezra in the tank, ten shrimp of either kind would still not overstock you. They have a tiddly little bioload. Don't mix shrimp species, though, as ghosties can be aggressive towards cherries. Ezra may try to eat either kind.

Live plants are always good - in your tank, I would suggest talking to OldFishLady about a natural planted tank. The shrimp would love it and it would mean you wouldn't have to worry about trying to catch them all for the 100% water changes you would otherwise need. :) Shrimp thrive in a planted tank. Java moss is your friend. Mine also LOVE brazillian microsword. If I brush it with my fingers, it seems like 500 shrimp jump out at me. My shrimp used to be very cheeky with my last female, but now I have a sorority they are a lot more timid.

If you use a gravel siphon, always check the bucket and the siphon for shrimp you may have sucked up. I usually suck up at least two per water change. They shrimp around in the bucket til I fish them out with my fingers.

I've never used iodine, but I don't know if that just applies to ghosties, not cherries.

I hope this helps! :) My shrimp used to breed like rabbits until my sorority drove them into hiding. I still find babies, but they aren't as active as they used to be. Hopefully I'll be able to move my sorority to a larger tank, and allow the shrimp and tetras to live peacefully in the 16 gallon together. :)

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Thank you!! I was hoping for someone with a good bit of experience to throw their two-cents at me as I've never really felt I've gotten very far with my shrimp research (and I really should be spending my time on, say, Christmas stuff rather than finding a good shrimp forum to bug with my questions).

As far as AqAdvisor goes: yea, I know it's not an end-all, be-all sort of source, but it was about as good as anything else I seemed to be finding.

Wow...25 shrimp in a little 2.5...that would be a sight. I would like to do RCS at some point, but I can just pick up Ghosts locally whereas, as far as I know (haven't checked two other local places), I would have to order the RCS. Also I've heard that Ghosts are really good for beginners and thought I would give them a shot first. I did like the idea of having about 10 in the 10-gallon with him, and yea, it was their bioload that had me so completely confused on certain points with a shrimp only tank.

I'm fine with Ezra trying to eat them and can accept that -- I know there's at least a fair chance since, when I had some in with him, he liked checking his anacharis for any goodies to eat. So I sort of have an idea he might have a go at some shrimp. I also know that the girls might as well. So I figured it was good to be prepared.

I'm actually intending to do an NPT with the 10-gallon, which is why it's not set up yet: can't find the plants I want locally and have been too busy with work and school to look for some online until recently. So an NPT 2.5-gallon would be stable enough to not need 100% water changes? It makes sense that it would, but things are so different with the less than 5-gallons that I don't want to just assume, you know?

I do know shrimp love live plants to hide in, and I knew they really like java moss (and Marimo apparently), but I'll have to keep the Brazilian microsword in mind. Love that image of 500 shrimp jumping out at a finger from a sword plant, by the way, haha

I think my siphon might actually have a little "strainer", for lack of a better word, before the hose, so that might be good for the shrimp? Haha, "shrimp around"

I think the iodine thing was for shrimp in general, but I'd probably have to double-check.

And again, thank you! This has helped a lot! I'll have to see how my bettas react to them when I get them, but at least I can have a back-up plan just in case.

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I want to know about the answer of same questions

hi guys I want to know about the answer of same questions so if anyone have the best answer then tell me please.
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