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Potential Tankmate Planning -- Several Questions

All right, so after getting a 30-gallon Oceanic Cube for a real bargain (free) it's for sure that I'll be putting each of my four in their own 10-gallon space; Ezra and Kostya will get the 10-gallons that I have, and Bebette and Haifisch will get the cube divided and filled to 20-gallons (this gives them about the same dimensions as a regular 10-gallon if I did the math correctly). All of these will be NPTs.

I would really like to get them tankmates -- none of them seem too aggressive for that, and they seem to like watching each other so I figured (correctly, I hope) that they might enjoy other living things in their tanks with them.

Ezra I would like to try with some Ghost Shrimp (10-12, I think) and a couple of African Dwarf Frogs. The other three I'm still working out...I think maybe some Red Cherry Shrimp with Kostya (if shrimp work out for the both of them). I doubt shrimp will work with Bebette as she likes to bite things, and I'm not sure how Haifisch might take to them.

I do want to keep Kostya with gravel because he likes to hunt the crevices, but otherwise I'm willing to do sand.

Now, for the fish I'm considering (it might actually be toughest deciding for Kostya, and I may just do shrimp and ADFs with him too if that works). I've looked into all of these but I also wanted to see what the thoughts on them are here as sometimes I learn things here that are not readily available through a more general search.

As far as I know, what I have available to me are: Harlequin Rasboras, Mosquito Rasboras, Galaxy Rasboras/Celestial Pearl Danios, Kuhli Loaches, and a couple of Corydoras that might work.

It seems that the Harlequin and the Mosquito Rasboras might work. Are these guys nippy at all? I'm more inclined to put them with the girls, honestly, but that's largely on the chance that they are nippy. From my understanding they need at least 6, correct? Or is there a better number? After toying with AqAdvisor I'm thinking 8 for the Harlequins and 10 for the Mosquitos.

The Galaxy Rasboras/Celestial Pearl Danios I'm not sure will work. I read at TFK that they are "shy and quiet by nature" and that they recommend them having their own tank, but when I've seen them they did not seem to do badly at all and were not stressed in community tanks (perhaps I was wrong?). Thoughts on these guys?

I'm also not sure on the Kuhli Loaches -- how large of a tank is recommended for them? TFK states "a minimum tank size of 20 inches for a group of 6" and that the minimum is 5 Kuhlis; I've also seen recommendations of 15-20-gallons for them. I know they do best with a sand or fine/smooth substrate, and that they should be treated as scaleless fish, but otherwise...thoughts?

Finally the Cories. I am able to get my hands on the Pygmies, but what about Pepper(ed) Cories? Would four of those in 10-gallons work? I'm partial (aesthetically) to the Peppers over the Pygmies, to be honest.

Yet again another wall of text from me, but it's probably as succinct as I'm going to get it. Thanks in advance for reading/helping.

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Shrimp are usually a good choice. Keep in mind, your betta might view them as a snack rather than a tankmate. I would do a few ghost shrimp and see how he feels before getting more expensive cherry shrimp. Also, shrimp have tiny bioloads, so you could add them in all tanks if you want. Frogs are also alright. They are tougher to keep since they don't have great senses and they basically need handfed. They are also much more active in groups.

From my experience rasboras are quite peaceful. I have not had mosquito rasboras though. I do have a school of harlequin rasboras in with a honey gourami and they never seem to bother him. I quite like them. I think they would be worth a shot. In most shoaling fish, 6 or more is a good number. The more, the better (for the health of the fish and also for looks IMO), depending on tank size.

Corys are just about the best betta tank mate. They're very peaceful and a bottom dweller. I quite like the peppered corys as well. 4-5 would be fine in a 10 gallon.

I am not sure on the other fish you listed. But just to give a few more suggestions- Snails are good tankmates if you like them. Also, I have had very good luck with platys. I have a 29 community with a betta, platys, corys and shrimp. You can't have as many in a 10 gallon, but they're an option if you want something a bit bigger and colorful that doesn't shoal. And just have a plan B. In this case, I would probably get tank mates for one or two bettas and see how that goes. Just in case one is too aggressive, you can switch and see if another betta gets along with those tankmates.

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First let me say: thank you SmokeNLark for confirming on the Harlequins and the Peppered Cories.

Yepp, I'm fully accepting and prepared for the possibility that the shrimp might be seen as food. I was thinking of doing a trial of sorts to see how each of them take to shrimp -- if they're all fine with them then I would like some in each tank, because I think they're neat. I'm not going to hold my breath with Bebette, however. I do plan to start with Ghosts since they're inexpensive and more readily available, and if they are picked on I plan to set up one of the small tanks as an NPT as well for them rather than return them.

As for ADFs, yea, I know they'll need a little special care but they're too neat to pass up if I can keep them in one of the tanks. My brother and I have always been big into frogs and other amphibians, so it'd be neat to have some again, even if they are tiny, haha. Hopefully they don't get picked on either.

All right, so the Harlequins are a good possibility then: good to know. After a little more research it seems that Mosquitos should be fine as well as far as fin-nipping goes. I'm getting some conflicting information on the Galaxies/CPDs as regards their suitability, but I know that a local place has them in a community tank and they weren't trying to hide or acting nervous so I'm thinking they would be fine, especially in an NPT. But I might ask and see if they might be fin-nippers.

As for the Kuhlis, another site states that five would be fine in a 10-gallon. I think I'll look into these guys a bit more though -- I do think they're neat, and my brother told me that I should get an eel: these guys are about as close as I'll get for a while.

I know a lot of people like snails, but I'm just not a big fan -- they're interesting in small doses, but anything more than that and I kind of don't really care. I lose interest and move on. As for the Platties, I kind of don't want anything that would compete with or outshine my Bettas, haha. I want them to be the leading role, and the rest the supporting cast I guess. But, just as with any good movie, the supporting cast still needs to be interesting for it all to work.

Finally, as far as the Plan B goes: I'll be setting these up one or two at a time, so I'll have a chance to see how things go before getting too far along. I'll probably get one started and see how that goes before I start up the next one, and repeat the process once more (the divided cube will be last as I need to build a stand for it first) if things are going well at that point. I'll always have the smaller tanks too if need be (or, if possible, I could always return fish as well as my priority is to upgrade my Bettas).

It's looking as though now it's just deciding what and with who. I do have numbers figured out already (using AqAdvisor), so if I go with any of these, this is how many I would get in combination with just a Betta and/or shrimp: 8 Harlequins, 10 Mosquitos, 10 Galaxies/CPDs, 4 Peppered Cories, 5 Kuhli Loaches.

Any other input is very much appreciated, however! The more I know the better as far as I'm concerned.

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