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Not sure about how many you can have in a gallon, I'm sure 3 would be a safe number. No you don't need live plants, at least not for ghosties. I know petsmart keeps them in a fairly bare tank with just a plastic plant.

I plan on picking up an amano since they are supposed to be good for nibbling on algae. Do they need any food supplements? My boys don't miss ANY.
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I heard you should just drop down shrimp pellets (not algae pellets) and they can supplement with that. But feel free to take over the thread :< Mine perished probably due to an ammonia spike when one died at the mishandling by the employee. I'd go with a larger floor surface area rather than tall. I seen them swim but they like to crawl around. I'd put no more than 4 in a 1 g.

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Shimp have a pretty small bioload but I've never kept them in anything less than a 2 gal, and that was for QT. I know others have had successful shrimp only tanks at 2.5 gallons, but I'd be wary about putting them in with a fish in anything that small-- my bettas have killed them in both 5 and 10 gallon tanks, poor guys. Only time I succesfully kept a betta with shrimp was in a 29 gal community where the betta rarely went to the bottom.

If you want to see the really cool behavior, you need at least 8-10, I think. Otherwise they mostly just stick to themselves and hide more. They will start to interact with each other if you have enough, and it's fun to watch them chase each other around for food, etc.

I've had really good luck letting them clean up the bottom & supplementing with sinking algae wafers & occasionally blanched veggies. They go nuts for cucumbers and spinach but pretty much ignored peas and cabbage. The blanched veggies thing is pretty new to me, I've only been doing that the past couple of weeks in my crab tank so I'm still experimenting with it. Algae wafers have been an old stand-by though.
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If I get a large KK, it is... *looks up KK size thread*... 3.3g. Would I even need a filter? I am fine with doing weekly water changes. And is about 76 degree water fine. I would like to change the heater in my 2.5, maybe 5g too, to the elite heater. I would use the KK as a quarantine for testing the heater btw. Then get the RCS.

15 Gallon NPT
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I've caught my ghosties nibbling on broccoli stalk, at least when the snails let them have a chance. They also love eating what the girls eat. No problem snacking on brine shrimp or sucking back blood worm bits (it's funny to see one trying to eat a piece of bloodworm that is as large as it is!).

I'm excited, going to pick up one amano tomorrow, and see what else they have :D
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You can easily have as many as ten shrimp per gallon, but I would start with half that and just let them breed, in the case of cherries. Has anyone here had success breeding amanos? I'm trying crystal reds at the moment.

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I think amano shrimp are really hard to breed as the larvae need to be kept in saltwater before they transition back to fresh. Not sure whether the adults need brackish conditions to actually breed or not.

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I've kept ghost shrimp before and just gave them another run. I have them in 75 degree water with anacharis which I understand is around the top of their range (not tropical). They seem to be doing just fine in my NPT, I drop a bit of extra de chlor in there every day, but the tank is stuffed full of anacharis, wisteria, crypts and until recently dwarf sag (one of the worst plants I've ever dealt with, it grew out of control then melted). They need some calcium in their water, and some say they need a drop of iodine per 10/gal. I haven't added iodine but I fed them some Gammarus shrimp to cover some of these needs. Aside from that they keep their section of the tank clear of algae and pick the substrate all day for fallen flakes and pellets. I have 3 guppies as tank mates at the moment so hopefully everything stays stable
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I know with my ghosties, I can usually see them bobbing about as they like eating or exploring. But this amano... he hides. Wondering if this is normal. Or if it's just the light that he's hiding from. Haven't seen him in over 12 hours, but no signs of a dead body, and PK isn't uh.. bloated. And if he ate ALL of an inch long fish I'd think he would be.

Mis placed paranoia?
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OK, found him after, or her? She was nomming on the debris on the moss ball. 24+ hours and he's still alive, and pigging out on cabomba debris. PK has nipped a few times, but shrimp are FAST.
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