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I have often been curious about endler's livebearers. I *think* I've seen some at a shop across town too. I might have to go check it out.

I got spoiled when I lived in Phoenix. I could find nearly anything I wanted somewhere. But here, not a chance. :(
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Do you have another cycled tank where you can let your betta hang out for a while? It will reset his territorial behaviors.

I personally love schools of the smaller rainbow fish. Threadfin rainbows and/or Furcata rainbows would be lovely in a 29g. Just be sure to get at least 5 or more, as they very much need a school. In a tank of that size, I'd actually get a larger school of at least 8, though not all at once. :P Seriously, look up some images of them on google, and I think you'll really like them, too. They're hard to find in the chain stores though, if not impossible. You'd need to order online or through a LFS.

If you let him hang out in another tank you can acclimate your rainbows and then add him in afterward.

I'm also a big believer in otocinclus catfish. Those little guys are the most adorable cats EVER. You'll need to drop in some zucchini or some algae wafers for them if your tank doesn't produce enough algae on its own though.

Good luck!
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I don't have another cycled tank right now unfortunately. He seems active but mellow at the same time. He nearly never flares at his reflection at all so I'm hoping that means he'll be less aggressive toward tankmates. I know I can't count on that, but I'm crossing my fingers.

Those rainbows are so pretty! The store across town may be willing to order. I'll research them a bit and consider them. :)
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Someone at the pet store yesterday had an idea to possibly reduce the betta's territorialiness (is that a word? lol). She suggested taking the betta out of the tank for a couple hours and rearranging everything in the tank so it look completely different (add a few new plants if possible), add the new fish, and then put the betta in last. What do you guys think?
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Something similar has been suggested when adding a new female to a sorority, or adding other fish to a tank. IT may help, it may not. But it's worth a try.
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what about glo fish. those are really colorful. Idk how their compatibility is but maybe someone knows?

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Swordtails can be very colorful, too. One male, 3 females. They're livebearers but the fry will probably be eaten.

Sadly, most of the really colorful fish are not community fish.
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I am going to suggest hatchets. Your going to need a lid just like a betta. I recommend 6 in a group. They are great fish and pretty peaceful. I have 3 in with my female bettas and mollies. I keep trying to add 2 more, but they kill those off. I am going try adding 3 soon. They are shiny like a metallic silver. :D

The pictures on Seriously fish are not the greatest. Go to google is your fried for some better pictures.

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Going to post once more to support the furcata and/or threadfins. :) They're some of the most beautiful small schooling fish out there, and you don't have to worry about nipping, ever. They're very peaceful fish. ;)

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WOAH. What kind of threadfin is that second one? I looked them up and got this:

I was considering furcata, but now I really want those. They are stunning. (lol, sorry to take over but I'm looking for tank mates too :3)

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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