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Which scavenger can help my nitrates problem?

My tank has an awful nitrates problem...

I have a 29gal tank with 6 female betta in it.
My nitrates were threw the roof at one point and I did an almost 100% water change, gravel vacc's the heck out of the tank and even added some live plants to eat up some of the nitrates.

The nitrates are much better but not as low as I'd like them...they are about 25-30ppm (Should be under 20?)

Is there any scavenger fish that can help me with this, that also gets along with female bettas(they are very peaceful)?
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Adding more fish will only increase the nitrate....live plants work the best-provided that they are thriving-what kind of lights do you have-kelvin, watts, age of bulb and photoperiod....how many and what species of live plants did you add....

What kind of testing products, type of additives used, type of filter and filter media care, how much and how often are the water changes, type of substrate and how deep, how long has the tank been running and 6 Bettas are the only livestock...no shrimp or snails.....

What are the other numbers-ammonia, nitrite, pH and what are the water prams on the source water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH without any additives used.

Your Nitrate at 25-30ppm isn't that bad-but you do want to keep them at least under 30-40ppm.....with really high nitrate over 80ppm-be careful reducing them too fast-this can shock the fish......
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The light is about 20W if I remember correctly (i leave it on for roughly 10hrs a day). I dont know the age of the bulb as it was given to me as a gift along with the tank. It does seem pretty old though.

I use a cap-full of Prime whenever I do a water change...about once a month.
I've had the tank running for about 6 months now. This is a recent problem. I had an algae problem but i cleaned that up by a 90% water change plus removing all decorations and replacing most of the gravel.

I have regular uncolored gravel about 4-5 inches deep(the packaging advertised that it naturally removes nitrates...not sure how true that has been).

I added in water wisteria(about 3 bunches) floating at the top of the tank near where the filter dispenses...It seems to be thriving as it has grown many roots and new leaves even though I remove about 1-2 dead leaves every other week or so from the bottom of the tank.

The filter is a cartridge filter designed for 20-40 gallons with sponge/carbon/biomax. I have it set to a low current(I read betta prefer low current? if it's not true should I adjust my filter?).

My untreated tap usually has 7.0 pH (i've never had problems with pH, thankfully)
Ammonia at about 1.25-2.0ppm...the plants have fixed that right up to 0ppm.
Nitrite is always at 0ppm (no problems with that ever)
Nitrates are close to zero but not quite..I would say 5-10ppm....usually a 50% water change will cut the nitrates in half right away....but it slowly climbs back before the next monthly water change.

And yes...only critters in there are the 6 betta.

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The most common cause for high nitrate are the lack of water changes and filter media cleaning.....and with the added ammonia spike...its just a matter of time before you have a lot of problems......

I would recommend-weekly 50% water changes with deep vacuum in all areas that can be reached without moving anything in the tank or disruption of plants roots to maintain water quality-you also have DOC's (dissolved organic compounds) that we don't test for that are harmful and need removed manually with weekly water changes.

Filter media needs a swish/rinse in the bucket of old tank water with a water change a couple of times a month to maintain good water flow.

I would also check your source water prams without any additives

What kind of test products are you using.....

Love to see pics of your setup....
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Okay...I will do more regular water changes and see if it helps...I'll also upload a pic as soon as I get home :)
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