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I'm sorry, I messed up somehow.

After: (2/?/13)


Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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If I get student of the month I get a free betta courtesy of FishyUnderworld.ourstorekills, I want to get a female but they don;t sell them I think. Either way, selling a fish with "supplies" (a bowl that is SMALLER then the shelf cups, general food they feed to everything, and a blue med) for 8 dollars, I don't like that. Mostly VT but still a fish that I will love They have great fish though, colorwise. It will be a rescue of dramatic proportions.
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This is Apollo. He came to me in a 1.5 litre jar that was 1/4 filled with gravel and a stringy, semi-aquatic plant. His water was cold, and though it looked clean, ammonia was at 1.0ppm. I bought him off the classifieds after someone did some post-purchase research and realised that they couldn't give him what he actually needed.

A week after I bought him, his tail fell off. He battled fin rot for the rest of his life, sometimes being down to a centimetre and a half of tail, sometimes having a full inch.
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Me and my girlfriend where out and about in December 2012, we went to our local mall and we went into the pet store. We had 2 bettas at the time and had some extra tanks from upgrading for our current boys. We walked around and looked at the aquarium backgrounds which is why we were there in the first place, found one we liked, then decided to look at the bettas. There was about 18 or so cups with crowntails, halfmoons, and dragonscales. There were 2 very pretty white halfmoons which is kind of shocking consiering where we live, there were damn nice fish for pet store fish(even knowing what I know now) I noticed one of the cups water was a watered down tea color and inside the cup was this poor little red/blue crowntail male, I picked the cup up and looked at him and saw little pieces of his fins floating on the bottom of the cup, but despite his misery he perked up and looked at me with excitement the what I call "the betta wiggle" we all have seen it when they are happy to see you or someone anyone. We called one of the workers over and showed them the poor little guy, they said "his water must have gotten cold and that's why he got fin rot, and they just set the cup back down, we were still looking at the 2 white halfmoons. The little red/blue guy kept looking at us doing "the betta wiggle" I believe that a lot of the time the betta picks us vs us picking them. I asked the pet store girl what they were going to do with him? she told me she would "treat him" to me it sounded like he was going to get flushed or god only knows what. My girlfriend looked at me, I looked at her and in that moment looking at the little red and blue fish try to get and keep our attention and we both knew we were not leaving without this poor little fish. they sold us him at a 75% discount we got him home set up a tank with warm clean treated water and got online and looked up how to treat fin rot in bettas. We found this site and decided on AQ salt as the best treatment and started his treatment I was worried this was our first fish we were trying to save. We treated him for 10 days, during this time he got his name of twitchy because every time light went on/off or any loud noises he would flip out and panic so yes he was twitchy, he isn't anymore, but here are the pics one is the day we stopped treating him and his fins started growing back and the other is from a few days ago...
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Great entries everyone! Keep them coming!

One hand reaches out and pulls a lost soul from harm. While a thousand more go unspoken for, they say what good have you done? By saving just this one... It's like whispering a prayer in the fury of a storm. And I hear them saying... You'll never change things...
MoonShadow Betta Fish Rescue
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I will enter when I get good pictures of his current condition. My friend now owns my rescue so I can't take pictures of him, and she doesn't take very good photos.
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This is Banana. I got him at my local LPS. He happeed to have been on the shelf for roughly 3 weeks, and no one expressed interest in him. I assumed he was simply sick, but it wasn't until he "got better" that I realized he was most likely a cull and had a gill and spine deformity. He didn't last very long, and it really upsets me. He passed away from what we suspect was a result of his defomities. But I loved him the same.

When I firs got him, he would float lifelessly at the top of the tank, with little to no swimming. He would only eat if the food was placed on top of hs head.

And here he is before he passed a few weeks later.

Baby Buddha(M VT) ~ Oddball (M-DeTxHM)~ Little Chai ~ Lucky(F oto)

I seem to have a problem with collecting things with scales and fins. Oops
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This is Renji, a red male veil tail. I bought him at my local petland discounts in January. I knew when i walked into the store i wanted to leave with a fish but i wasnt planning on getting a betta, but when the guy told me it was the best thing to have in a bowl I said why don't I just take a look. Renji was on the highest shelf in a small cramped bowl and he was the first and only fish i looked at. I thought about it walked around the store and then on impulse went back to where he was, and seeing his pale orange self i said why not maybe i can give him a better place to live. I brought him home with me placed him in a 1-gallon bowl and he wouldn't eat for about a week i got nervous starting looking up stuff. Turned out he had fin rot. So i went to petco got everything he needed, including a nice filtered 2.5 gal tank and in about 3 weeks he became this beautiful vibrant bright red betta that I'm honestly glad i saved.

For some reason im having issues uploading pictures so heres the link to my album. I have pictures from when i first got Renji in January and another more recent photo.
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This is Valentine, a Cambodian veiltail rescued from Walmart just a few days before Valentines day--It was on a Sunday--. He's a veiltail, and has managed to get into a few sticky situations. He had a nipped pelvic fin and a shredded dorsal fin when I got him, so he is still healing, and I have no clue if the pelvic fin will ever heal. He also got his tailfin sucked into the filter a few times, till I finally realised it was the filter and shoved it down so he couldn't swim under it. The third picture down is the before picture, when he still had all of his tailfin.

Here he is!
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very good. very nice pics. so much change in color!

You're never to young to be to knowledgeable.
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