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Reflections - A Betta Contest
Everyone knows that bettas love to chase and see their reflections, and many often show different reactions to seeing themselves. Some show fear, confusion, anger, and territorialness. In this contest, your challenge is to strech your imagination and create a short story accompanied by a few pictures of your betta seeing his reflection. The story can be sad, funny, romantic, fictional, science fiction, ect...

-The story must be over 200 words
-The story's central figure must be a betta fish
-The entry must have at least 1 picture of the betta and it's reflection
-The entry can be of two fish seeing each other

- (1) Aquabid betta, free of charge, all expences paid! (<-- in case of your contest)

This contest is way to great to miss out on!!! So grab your camera and your favorite pen and start reflecting!

Here is a possible entry! :)

It was night, a cold and bitter night. The sort of night that being all alone, and cold is not high on your list of priorities. Of course, the betta never wanted to be alone and cold, but tonight, he wanted a friend and warmth and light more than ever before. Shivering, he swam to the top of the crowded cup, ignoring the stinking smell of death and ammonia that plagued him day and night. The bettas around him glared, sizing him up like their next meal, and the little betta shivered. Was just a home, any home, too much to ask for?
The betta reached his lips for the top of the cup, going to take another breath, a breath that was going to chill his very soul from the sheer despair in the room. Perhaps this would be his last breath. What use was it to live? To continue hurting and gasping and wishing, wishing until his heart hurt and he felt like crying, for someone to love him. The little fish looked up at the darkness, watching a bubble escape from his mouth and surface, then reached up to take a breath. As he did, he saw himself, a sad, lonely, ugly fish with no home, no owner, and no will to live left. His lips breached the surface, and the fish sucked in, welcoming the icy pain of the soul-chilling last breath. He kept his eyes on his reflection, savoring the hideous face that stared back at him. And he felt his heart would break.

But suddenly, everything changed. The icy, sharp water the fish used to be swimming in disappeared, he could feel it. The tank was warm, and clean too! The betta felt it in his gills, and it covered him like a warm, comforting blanket. Like a hug, a smile from his owner, who was standing outside of his tank, smiling. She was holding a big grey thing, a camera, the fish recalled. She was laughing, and pushing buttons, and the little betta winced, wondering why anyone would ever take a photo of a fish so ugly. But the girl was unfazed by the fish’s external beauty. She continued to laugh and smile, to make noises, to snap more pictures to post proudly on her wall for all to see. Cautiously, the fish swam to the glass where the girl was. She continued to grin, pausing her rapid-fire shooting to put her finger affectionately against the glass. Her smile softened, and the fish heard her say something gently. And he knew, deep in his breaking heart that those words were: “I love you.”

The image and feeling faded, and the little betta was left in his dirt cup, staring at his reflection in the surface of the water. He bobbed up and took a breath from the surface, then turned to the darkness. There would be no more ‘last breaths’ for a while. His entire body hummed from the exultation of seeing the girl and feeling her love for him. His heart no longer ached, and he knew, that he was one of the lucky ones, one of the lucky fish that gets a great home with someone to love him. Now he just had to wait for the girl to come and meet him.
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12mn, April 15 EST...Contest is now closed! Great entries everyone! I'll post again once I pick a winner!

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Aww! I wish I would have seen this contest earlier...

Anyways, goodluck to everyone!!

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Yay! My idea was not great but I think it would be cool to see every ones marble bettas and how they change! These contests are such fun even though I never win I still get excited over them lol. Thanks DiiQue for putting this on!
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Mine wasn't either but I kinda like a betta birthday party contest.
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The decision was a lot harder than I thought, with a seemingly two way tie that couldn't be broken... It all came down to my 5yr old tossing a coin... Without further delay....

CONGRATULATIONS TO: jessan2442 and his Grumpy Betta contest idea!

jessan: PM me your email address to send the Amazon Gift Certificate prize to.

Stay tuned all! The Grumpy Betta contest will open May 1st! Prize: All expenses paid AquaBid betta (60dollar max value of fish).


Originally Posted by jesssan2442 View Post
my contest would be called "grumpy betta"

entrants would have to post a picture of a betta that looks abnormally grumpy and caption it with a wierd or funny caption that goes with the picture. the betta does not have to be owned by them but if they find the betta on google then they have to give the owner credit. entrants would be able to enter one male and one female picture each. the bettas could be of any tail type and coloration just one of each gender maximum. the picture would have to be clear. the prettiness of the betta is not a big thing in this contest but the betta has to be healthy (any illness being treated for are ok). bettas can be SIP or alive it doesn't affect your standing in the contest.

the contest would be judged on originality and funniness. so basically if you had a betta that didn't look grumpy or had a bad caption you would have a lower change of winning than somebody with a hilarious caption and a really grumpy looking betta. (no bad words or crude humor allowed violating this rule will result in disqualication and possibly a referal)

"I want to share something with you: The three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: ‘Cover for me.’ Number 2: ‘Oh, good idea, Boss!’ Number 3: ‘It was like that when I got here.’” (Homer Simpson)
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thanks!!! I don't want the prize tho so you can give it to somebody else!!!


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Who was the other person who was in a tie? Congratulations Jessan!! Need to go get a grumpy picture now :D
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Awesome, I have some great grumpy faces! =] can't wait! Congrats, Jessan!

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