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This is my lil' guy whom I've resolved to calling Fudge because I just couldn't think of a great name for him. He's a feisty young Petco rescue who had finrot when I got him. There was another betta there whom I also wanted to take home, but there was just something about lil' Fudge that drew me to him. The way he looked at me, so dejected and all... I had to bring him home.

After the rot had healed he really began to come into his fins, I believed he was a rosetail but before he could fully grow out his fins he shredded them! I believe he's the type of fishy that would destroy anything that invades his space, including me! He also has a taste for escargot.. poor thing didn't last a day :/ He will also jump for his food before I can get it in the water, he was so zealous that he once jumped up and latched onto my fingernail ^_^'

He's also got a bit of a deformity in his top fin that causes it to bend a little bit. I tried to get pics all night but its difficult with the iPhone cam. I ended up choosing this pic because it shows both of his problem areas and his little grump face :3

In the end, I'm glad I chose him, his personality is something else lol and although I'd love to see those glorious fins of his, I'll accept the frustration of being the caretaker of a jerky lil' fin nipper. <3
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When I first became a Betta owner, I was incredibly uneducated. I had no prior knowledge to the fish and thought that a tiny 0.5g tank would be the answer. I got home with my little Silver Streaked Violet and began to do research. I was up all night and absolutely horrified with myself for thinking that tiny container was acceptable. I also learned that my female Betta was a male and hurriedly renamed him to Pigg, since he was pink and loved to eat. Well, my darling Pigg soon got a 10g tank decked out with a filter, heater and plastic plants galore. I added more plants and purchased some Glow Light Tetras. Yeah. They didn't last long. I also tried some Otos, and I must say, this is when Pigg's deformity saved his life.

Since in the beginning I was uneducated, I also didn't think about his tail or water changes, so fin rot soon set in. It was eventually noticed by a member in one of my pictures and he was immediately quarantined and treated properly. I also added a new Oto when he was in quarantine, but knew not that this little guy also needed his own space for two weeks. Little Simon killed both of my other Otos and it would have been Pigg too if he hadn't been sick. This is when I did more research than before and became a dedicated care-giver to these guys and learned how to care for them as perfectly as I can. Pigg now has a hideous tail that is scarred and to some "horrifying" and he is "quite ugly". But I find him perfect as he is.

****EDIT: This pic isn't recent, it was just after treatments were done. Fin rot is coming back again, and he's being properly cared for :)

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Pigg is beautiful!
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Wow, we got some really nice entries I'm excited!

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I decided to enter Ash, I think he's about 3 months old. I got him at Petco as a baby, he was the only one they had at the time and he picked me. As you can see his anal fin has a split in it, and in the same spot his spine is a little bent. It doesn't bother him though, he's too busy swimming and exploring to notice. He's a sweet little guy, always looking for me and the first to swim up when I enter the room. He's a good little buddy and I'm lucky I found him.
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Here's Pippin, my veiltail ^-^

*Note: it kind of looks like he has fin rot, but that's because my camera's flash is messed up and didn't reach the part of his fin that he is allowing to regrow*

I got him at Petsmart, and he had no problems, except for stress stripes and dull colors, due to the stress of being in a tiny cup on the lowest shelf. He was so small and adorable that I fell in love with him at first sight, even though he looked rather dull at that time. The stores around us are all fairly new; they try to keep the quality of their fish high, meaning no fin rot or dead fish lying around in half-filled cups of dirty water, even in Walmart, so I wasn’t worried too much about disease.

A few days after getting him into my 5 gallon, his stripes disappeared, and he was swimming around his new home happily. However, I noticed that the end of his tail fin had small chunks out of it, and it was also torn in some places. After a little research, I removed a couple of spiky plants that were in his tank, which my other betta had no problems with. I thought the plants were the cause of his disintegrating fins, but after a couple days, even more tears in his fins appeared.

It was then that I watched him carefully, and discovered Pippin has extreme attitude issues. He flares at everything, me, his reflection, round shiny stones at the bottom of his tank, the filter baffle… he flares much more than Cyclone, the betta I previously had in that tank, did. Pippin flared so much a day or two ago that he ripped his tail fin in half!

When I went to check the temperature in the first few weeks I had him, I used a long, clean stick to position my thermometer when his relentless swimming turned it around. Until he started flaring at it. And attacking it viciously.

He constantly swims around at the front of the tank, ignoring all the plants and the cave that's in his tank, except when he goes to sleep. The only time he stops moving during the day is when he goes to flare his gills. Or, I assume, bite his fins, since small, round bits of his tail go missing in a matter of minutes.

So, other than constantly trying to intimidate his reflection (or me) or attacking his tail, he’s not that bad. No genetic deformities, unless you count his aggressive mindset. No fin rot or tortured past. And no blindness, yet. In other words, he isn’t as bad as some of the other bettas in this contest, but I wanted to share him anyway ^-^
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Decided to enter one of my boys.

This is Baltimore (temporary name), my rescue from Pets Unlimited. Was casually walking through the pet store one day, trying to avoid the bettas, but we all know how easy it is to "accidentally" slip by. The pet store had many bettas to choose from, but one caught my eye. He was perfect. The fish of my dreams. At the time, the pet store was "changing" out the betta fish and replacing the old ones, with new ones. He was one of the old ones. I noticed he was in hard shape. He had scales missing, popeye and curled fins. He was also very pale, but oh so beautiful. My eyes went right past all his flaws and he magically ended up in a bag on his way home. God knows what would've happened to him if I didn't buy him...I don't even want to think about it. He was in worse shape than I thought when I brought him home. He didn't know HOW to eat, had scales gone all over his face, popeye in his left eye and curled fins from the pet store's water. It didn't matter though. He is so bright and active now. After a few days from being home! His colour has really come back and his popeye is being treated right now. Oh and he is so funny too! Loves the camera...knows he's the star and when to pose! I have so many nice pictures of him.... I will only post a few, one to show his flaws and one to show his beauty!

When I brought him home:

Two days later:

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This is Molly trying her hardest to kill whoever was next to her. She was the ugliest, spoon headed, hunched back, badly finned fish with a nasty temperament to match. Always arguing and telling all the other fish off. She eventually had to be kept like a male.

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I didn't even buy her... I never asked for her, I didn't pick her out, I didn't even pay for her! But she followed me home all the same.

So here's the story. I was starting up my sorority and had heard of an awesome LFS. Being the fish nerd I am, I whined at my friend until she agreed to go with me to get some fish to start my sorority. I planned on getting four... a good number to start with, right? I stared into the tank of females for the longest time and finally made my selections. The store was very busy, but finally an employee came over to net the fish into a bag for me and quickly ring me up so I could be on my way. It was storming really bad, so my friend and I dashed to the car and kept the bettas safely stowed away in the bag from the store so the lightning wouldn't freak them out too much.

When I arrived home, I eagerly looked in the bag to check on my girls again and discovered, to my great shock, that I had FIVE fish in the bag, not the four I had paid for! And one of them was really looking bad... she was absolutely colorless with badly ripped fins and a look in her eyes that pleaded for help. I frantically cleaned and sterilized some of the cups my pet store bettas had come in and got the girls separated before they killed each other in that tiny bag. Only then did I manage to get a better look at the extra fish. My little Tagalong.

She was absolutely tiny, smaller than my other girls, and she looked terrified. I knew right away she would have to be given special care, so I went out the next day and bought a hospital tank for her along with some stress coat. She wouldn't eat, she stayed striped for days, over a week, even. I was so worried something else was wrong, but she began accepting pellets after a day or two. I had to break them in half, mind you... she was very small. Color wasn't returning, but Tagalong's fins were healing up. One day, on a whim, I decided to hold a mirror up to her QT tank. Much to my surprise, she flared at her reflection and instantly darkened up! Her fins became red, her body became striped with vertical stripes! But when I took the mirror away, the color faded away within a few minutes.

I played with her with the mirror for a while, curious about it. Every time she saw her reflection, she darkened up instantly. I began to wonder... did she miss being among other fish? She had been so badly beaten up on the way home, I had assumed she would do better on her own... but had I been wrong? I bought a breeder box and put her in it in my ten gallon tank. Lo and behold, Tagalong colored up as her former tankmates swam around her breeder box, investigating! I knew she was going to be just fine, and I planned on releasing her a week later. Tagalong had different plans, though... I woke up one morning to find that she had jumped out of her breeder box and was swimming around in the big tank like it was no big thing.

I never would have guessed that my little Tagalong, the fish who chose me, would have ended up the queen of my sorority. But I think she had a mission when she snuck her way into that bag with the others. And I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Back after a hiatus.
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