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Woohoo! LFS has seen the light!

I am so, so happy to be able to say that my LFS has seen the light, and has improved conditions for their bettas.

Formerly, it was much like the nasty Walmart scenario - rows upon 6-deep rows of fish stuffed in tiny cups, all half dead, some really dead, all the cups dirty... it was abysmal, considering this is the biggest aquarium store in my area. Just disgusting, so much so that on our next-to-last visit, Daughter cried.. I went totally ballistic at them, for that. Buying a pet should NOT be a traumatic experience for a child! Daughter gave them a serve, as well, she was so upset.

Anyhow, I haven't been back there in quite some time - I didn't want to give them my money unless I realllllly had to. I needed some shrimp, so off I went..

And I find all the manky rows of sick bettas gone! In thier place is ONE fish per shelf space, none stuffed behind it. Bigger jars, at least double the amount of water, and each fish has a little plant in with it. CLEAN water! Omg.

I made sure to compliment both the staff working out back with the tanks, and the manager, for the improvement. Daughter said to them, "Oh it's SO much nicer now your shop isn't full of pathetic, dead fish! It doesn't make me sick anymore!" lol...

There's still a few finrotty-looking fellows in there, but I'm assuming they're old stock. The new fish are all sleek-looking and healthy. So much so, I actually bought one, after swearing to never buy a fish from there again.

I really hope they keep this standard up. My next 'suggestion' to them is to NOT include a 'free fish' with the nasty 1 liter heart-shaped tank... no room for a heater.. death traps for fish. But one step at a time, I guess!


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Feel free to message me any questions, I'll try to help the best I can!
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That's awesome, one point for betta-fish-kind!

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Where's this at?
If I'm close enough I want to get one from there. ...

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That's Awesome!!!!
My local Petco is having really bad luck with their fish, as of late. A couple weeks ago, I was doing my usual browsing and found tons of dead, almost dead, alive but fungus covered bettas. Even asked to talk to a manager. Last few times I went there and they have almost no bettas, even overheard a gal talking to a higher up about most bettas died on her weekend. It used to have a large variety of pretty healthy fishies.....not getting anything live from the fish dept until it improves.

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Well done! Think of all the bettas you've saved from that awful treatment and give yourself a massive pat on the back and how cute is that of your daughter! One shop at a time :)

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Joy to the fishes! If you get an opportunity, Aus, you might ask at your LFS some time why they changed--and then (please) share with us what was the precipitating cause. No doubt you and your daughter made a strong impression, but I have a hard time believing that a little girl's tears would move cold hearts--if they are cold--to effect real change that doesn't get reflected in the "bottom line." Perhaps this is my bias. Maybe they realized it would be more profitable, as well as humane, to house the bettas as they do now. Whatever the reason(s), it might be worthwhile digging a little deeper and uncovering what you can about those reason(s). (No one will kick you out of the store for asking.) I'm inclined to think it would take more than one customer and possibly quite a few, to convince them that what they are doing is wrong. But it is comforting to know that each of us can do something about the deplorable conditions of our fishy friends, without having to give up our lives and become crusaders. (On the other hand, it's a good thing there are crusaders!)
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That's awesome. :)

Luckily for me, our Petsmart has good, taken care of fish, and I never have a problem going there. Our Walmart is also okay, surprisingly. I myself get little panic attacks and sick if I see dead fish, not including my own. Going to the pet store and seeing dead fish everywhere traumatized me when I was young, and it still bothers me.

But I enjoy knowing that my Walmart and Petsmart are okay xD

But I'm happy to know that your LFS is being productive and making everything better for the fishies!!!! :D

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Reference Team
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I was there the other day and while the jars were bigger the fish still looked pretty unhappy. I really wish they would scrap that whole system and use a barracks, I mean they custom build tanks on site so it's not an impossible task.

I don't know why they persist with blue and red VT and CTs. No one wants them. They used to get in nice stock and then just let them run right down so you ended up having to pay $50 for a half-dead betta. There is a definite market here for fancy, show-quality bettas as is evident by Jodi-Lea's business. But only a couple suppliers in Melbourne seem to realise that.

I wish stores would realise that in a Melbourne winter you really need to house your bettas somewhere consistently warm or else you end up with lethargic and diseased stock.

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