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Sivan makes a great point. College is closer than you think. Trust me. I was there not too long ago. Most dorms won't allow you more than one fish tank, and some even limit the fish tanks to below 5 gallons. And even when you are in an apartment you aren't safe. My apartment at college was rather strict on the 1 aquarium per residence rule.

When you get out of college and have your own place, that's the time to go crazy with fish tanks. I've got 4 and am planning another 2.


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You could always line your floor with some water resistant material.


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Wow I've always been really impressed with the young generation on this forum! Even compared to senior members I am old lol!
It's so great that you guys have a passion for bettas. The world needs more people like you.
I would reiterate the 'proving responsibility to your parents' sentiment. But also reiterate Sivan's point regarding college. Please have a backup plan for your fishies for when you go off to college, b/c you can't take them all!
I promise you, if you slow down, be patient, let life happen, then eventually you have your own place, and you can have all the fishies you want. It's been 20 years since my first betta but now I have 10 tanks, 15 bettas, 2 cats, and a horse. My parents (who only let me have 1 fish when I lived at home) just smile.

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i need to wait like once a month plus get more bowls and as long as i mantain them and have room my dad gets me them (:

i have 9 bettas together, i dog named sunny, a few tetras, and a pond out my back door
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I just moved back home after living in Alaska for 12 years. My mother says NO MORE but seeing how I am 32, I don't really listen to her.I didnt listen when I was 15, not going to now. She is like OCD about cleaning

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i look for my girlfriends son to show his responsibility when he ask for things. if he constantly gets good grades, does his chores, and does what his mom says when she ask, i get him what he wants if its a reasonable request.
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My mum is a fish lover, so when I was still at home, she never had a problem with massive amounts of aquariums around the house. She and my father were just happy that I had an interesting hobby, to be honest. My parents both think that pets are great for kids/teens because it teaches them some responsibility and compassion. I agree with them, because it's no matter if you want to stay in bed and mope all day, a little someone (or multiple little someones) is fully dependent on you. OP, you could bring that point up with your parents ;)

They still haven't seen my current betta in person, as I'm in university 8000 miles away from them now, but they always ask for photos of him and how he's doing :)
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I'm an adult but still live with my mom since school is right around the corner. She generally doesn't care about me having so many fish as long as I take care of them and keep them in my room, but then sometimes she will get into random angry moods and will complain about how cluttered my room looks and all of that. She's extremely conscious of how the house looks all the time, as if Martha Stewart will drop in at any moment and grade our house...

My dad, though he doesn't live with us, kind of just shakes his head and complains about how my 30 gallon is way too big, its so much work, its so much money, etc etc...rather annoying. It is my money, and I believe that as long as I am paying off my school loans and helping with bills, I can spend it how I please..which I don't understand, because it was him who bought me my first fish tank!!

I always jokingly tell him, "would you rather me do drugs or something? That seems pretty popular these days..." :)

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Honestly? I just tell them keeping bettas is better than booze or drugs. It's still addicting . . . but is a good way, so they let me do what I want and have as many tanks as I am able to fit into two rooms - my study and my bedroom. They never complain except when I'm doing water changes, but even then they know I clean up after myself and they in turn are very respectful of my equipment and space.

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