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Do your bettas have personalities?

I often associate them with person personalities...

Pog is a spoiled brat :P He is the only one without human-like personalities.. He actes like he DESERVES food. all my other bettas at least aknowledge that I am there and thank we with thier eyes. Before I feed them, they look longingly at me, Pog looks at me like "come on hurry up! I'm starving here!" But hes a mamma's boy too :P He doesn't like exercise, but can put up an okay fight, he is usually more of the flee type, he runs from his own reflection! He is ver curious too. Every ti I put in a new conch shell, he disappears inside for maybe 20 mins, the re-appears out of nowhere!. He LOVES when I cover the holes n the lid and condensation drips of the side of the tank.

Aohrodite is like a cheerleader, emphasis on leader. She is always top in any sorority setting. She oves to be around other fish, and she LOVES the camera. Most of my pics are of her. As soon as she see it, she is showing off her fins! Usually they are a dull red or gray, but I can't show u a pic, because as soon and I pull out a camera, they are a vibrant red! her whole body perks up! She never shies away, and attacks any intruder, she has gone after bettas twice her size! She made my bravest boys run in fear! She and Pog have a little thing (ya know, <3 ;) she NEVER bites him, and same with him and her. They LOVE to play in each othr's tanks, they just explore and show each other around. I think Pog is friendzoned tho :P they never breed either, but they swim side-by side. Again, I cant show u a pic, because she loves the camera more than Pog, as soon as I pull it out, she is posing and Pog is sitting there, confused. I can't leave the together too long, because the sorority fails without it's leader! Now that out sorority was destroyed by monster kitty, I will experiment! It is the cutes thing I have EVER seen.

Those are my two featured bettas :) I have more, but Pog is my first ever etta, and he is my favorite aswell :) He is growing old tho, so he will soon retire into a smaller tank (easier to gaurd for him) he maybe has a year left in the 20 gal. Probs a 5 or 10 in his future.

Aphrodite just has so much personality, she HAD to be here :)
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My 2 betta's are like night and day. Bluejay is carefree. I just brought him this past Saturday. He didn't get stress in transportation, or even being put in a half gallon tank until his large tank was ready. I was shocked the first full day of having him he built a bubble nest in the temporary tank. He is passive in nature and carefree and I can see he would get along well with a tank-mate. Now my other betta Junior is very territorial and aggressive. Junior even defends his tank from me nipping at my fingers when I try to move or set something up in his tank lol. BlueJay will only eat pellets while Junior will eat everything. Go figure. I love these little guys.
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Aww :3 I have one female I've had since April 9th so I know her personality. But my 4 others are newbies so idk how they are yet.

Teeney is VERY active. She never quits moving, she's very curious, she gets very excited when I open the top of the tank for feeding time. She's very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. lol

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I just adore Perseus ! My daughter got him for me for Mothers Day and he is first fish I have ever had although I have always wanted one. He has come a long way from that little cup to a half a gallon for a week and now his 5 gallon . He is just full of himself and so active he plays and explores his tank day and at bedtime and lights out I swear he is like a child who isnt ready for bed yet ! He is a brave little guy who patrols his tank and flares at his reflection and is just now starting to jump a bit when I feed him his pellets which he loves ! He knows his name for sure because when I dont see him and call out his name he pops his little fishy head out from behind a plant and looks at me like what mom ...lolololol I love him he is my little buddy !
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Hannibal.... What else need be said? XD
When we first got him, he was slightly laid back... Then I scooped him to put him in his 3.5 gallon. He bit me 5 times! So he was named Hannibal. He continues to bite. He has even clamped down on my pinky and shaken hard enough to shake my whole hand! He flares at everything and nothing. Always building bubble nests.

Uther. Oh, but I love my sweet Uther. I named him this after a character in a series I read that is 13 feet tall (my betta is a giant HMPK). He definitely fits the name with his sweet, easy going personality. He flared once while floating in Leonidas's section as I was setting up the 10 gal for him and Frost. Only time he has flared for me.

Most of mine have very distinct personalities. ^_^
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Too many to list

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u dont have to list them all :P I only listed 2
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Well TDP is the middle aged stud thinking he is all that
Balthazar is a cocky little thing.

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Zoro acts all brave and cool but when you tap his tank, he completely freaks out LOL.

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When I first got Sammy, I had him in his Petco Bowl, but he was a fishy my daughter picked out, and I didn't know about betta's at all, I just knew I wanted him out of that bowl..and then I put him in a med size Kritter keeper, that is when I really started t get to know his personality..but after I got him in his 3 gal tank, I found out very quickly that when I would call him also by his name I started to see him appear from behind a plant, and at feeding time, he got so used to me feeding him, he's swim right up to the surface and wiggle dance his body..(as if he had a tail) like a dog, and would just get so exited to get the food, He was next to the couch, and would watch TV with me, and at night when I would get ready to shut his light for sleep, he would just look at us, like's time for bed, shucks..but he would always look foward to seeing us, and respond to whatever we would do, if we enter the room, he exitedly waits to see us, and does the that I feed him with a pellet from my finger, he does the "Dolphin" he leaps out of the water, to grab the pellet, and sometimes he misses..but nosedives in the water, comes back up, looks at my finger -still sees pellet, and goes up again, this time right on target..he is a trip..I love watching his antics..and when he is trying to manuever through a plant, he wiggles his little self, and gets frustrated if he cannot squeeze through, you see him start swimming fast all around it, back and forth, and moving his mouth fast, like he's arguing with it, I love watching when he gets in that mode, and starts to "Yell" at whatever is in his way..Omg..Priceless.. they are just adorable, and they have such silly personalities..and soo cute!!!

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