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Talking Betta Love or OCD?

Okay, just over a week since I brought "Buddy Blue" home, and I have to I just a caring "parent", or am I beyond obsessed? I just got him moved to his new 5 gallon tank two days ago, I love it, and he loves it! Here's the thing though...I spend hours on here, seriously, MANY hours reading and wanting to know everything I can about Bettas. Last night I was up until 4am trying to decide about using a filter! I have one that came with the tank, too big, too strong, even with the low setting. I put the smaller filter in that is for a 1-3g tank, the out flow was fine, hardly any water disturbance, but I was too worried every time he went too close to the inflow. I finally shut it off and went to bed. I went through the same thing tonight, trying to baffle the end of the small filter with a piece of pantyhose, no luck, so I gave up. I decided, no filter. I started looking at his tank and rearranging his plants, had to get them just right, move it, stand back, move it just a little to the right etc. I have a $7 fish that I have now spent over $70 dollars on, spent countless hours reading up on Betta Fish Care, and decorating his new home! Is this "normal" new Betta owner behavior, or do I need professional help?
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You have caught the betta bug :P It's awesome that you are taking such good care of your fish, lots of people think that bettas are just a "cheap" pet and don't need any care. Any pet will require time and money to look after (:
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Nah, I think you're just being a good fish parent xD I do the same thing with my tanks. Like right now I'm redoing my 29 gal and I'm driving my mom absolutely bonkers because I'm either on the computer researching or I'm driving around town doing price comparisons and finding supplies.

Lol, I've crammed so many notes into the little notepad I carry around, but I think the price comparisons are saving me at least $20-$30.

It's good you're so on top of things to the point you're doing all the research and such! Too many people just go and buy fish and then forget about them because they are supposed to be an "easy, no-maintenance pet."

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Holy bugger, Yup, you got it too, first thing in the morning I try to check in and see how everyone's fishy's are doing, and see what is new, who came on, then I obsess in the course of the day..(even though I have a child) whom I love with my whole heart, but my fishy's are on my mind as much as my are part of the ever growing family that I am going to build, it happens, once you have one, you wondered how you ever got along

I am up to 2~ and still think paycheck can I get another tank, another heater, I have my eye on this gorgeous fish..and even my daughter thinks I am overdoing it..but there is something about Betta's that are so captivating, their personalities, their tails, and their colors, no other fish..offers so much joy in your life..I am obsessed, and I have to start going to BA Bettas Anonymous!!! I want T shirts, jewelry, pictures, everything Betta obsesses does that's ok..enjoy the ride, you will be a forever betta Mommy..Like most of us!!!!:)

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Excuse me, correction there, not most ALL OF US..:)

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Hi Bettanewbie60, welcome to the forum! I think hidden in your questions regarding bettas and their mystique lies the question to which we all want to know the answer: "Am I OK?" We become aware that we are spending more money and time and energy devoted to these little fishes, and eventually the answer seems to be "Yes, I am OK. This is just what people do with their money to spend and time to fill and energy to consume." If it were not bettas it would have to be something else, equally as unlikely to fill the voids of our yearning, something that provides us a spring in our step, both entertainment and purpose. But with these fishes we are also providing a good life for our pets, and loving and being loved in return. I think the ferocity of the obsession comes and goes, but through it all there is a constant theme of dedicated husbandry. So try not to worry if your behavior is "normal," because even if it were, that would not tell you very much about how you should be spending your time and money and energy in life. I am amazed at how much time can be consumed essentially doing nothing, how many wrinkles and variations there are on the same basic pattern of doing nothing. Maybe everything is this way. I don't know. Maybe most other people are convinced that their pastimes are meaningful. Mostly we do what we can to "pass the time."

Fishkeeping doesn't really amount to much of anything at all "in the greater scheme of things," but it is a relatively harmless pastime, and the fishes involved (bettas) are really quite affectionate and interactively engaged. I suppose we all have our particular enthusiasms. And what do we ever really know about "the greater scheme of things," besides our own lesser schemes and involvements?
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That was deep...

But well stated! :P
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Huh, be glad it's betta, they're one of the cheaper fish to deal with! :p
(so you can have more of them).
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It's OCD lol just kidding. Yea it's an addiction but a healthy one at least.

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My parents once complained about me spending so much money on fish.
My response?
"At least I'm not spending it on drugs and alcohol like some of my friends."
Pretty effective towards parents. :)

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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