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Ever have one of those bettas . . .

(okay . . . for some reason my message disappeared?)

hmmm . . . Personalities! List your betta's personality! or Fishonality, I guess.

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Well, Lebron has quite a personality. He comes out when I'm near, does a little dance when he sees me, ready to jump for food, he has a good fishonality. He even saw through a hoop that I got from my sister's toy. ^^ What about yours, Fleet?

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Azor ~ blue dragon HM ~ is terrified of the mirror, and never flares. He's very sweet and loves to eat his food and everything else.

Cirrus ~ blue/white ST ~ is Mr. Flaremonster. He will flare at everything in front of him and is always building a nest or three.

Swarovski ~ black/white marble CT ~ is shy and reserved, very regal. He reminds me of a Victorian gentleman wearing diamonds.

Pepe ~ pink dal VT ~ is just tiny and cute. He knows he's cute. But he's terrified of cameras and mirrors.

Elijah ~ red cambodian CT ~ I give him his food and he takes around five minutes to lazily float up toward it, then circles and flares. THEN he eats, lol :)

Forrest ~ green/yellow VT ~ He likes to jump up and bite fingers. I need to make a "do not feed the pirhana" sign for him.

Cinnamon ~ red dragon SD ~ He flares at just about everything, is always watching and curious, and is always following my finger. He's the cutest little guy, but he thinks he's a shark.

Brunhilda ~ black/yellow giant CT ~ She is my bedside confessor and seems to hover over me listening to everything I say. Brun reminds me of a nun in her big silent way. She's also known to flare poop when she's miffed at something, it's the funniest thing ever.

Marvel ~ blue/orange dal ~ my champion bubblenester. He's so proud of himself :)

Knight ~ black orchid SD ~ He broods a lot, just until he sees me bring his food and then he goes nuts.

Plum ~ salamander DTVT ~ Hrm . . . I just got this little guy today. Too soon to know ^__^

SAPPHIRE (Blue Mustard Gas OHM) / Quill (Brown Tabby and White Pancake Monster)[/FONT]

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Wow..Fleet you have a Fleet of fishy's that is a big family..funny how they are all so different,..interesting, I love reading about different fishy's personalities..it really is so amazing they are the same but different:)

I have my Sammy, who yes, was like a crazy fish..especially at feeding time, he has become a lil more docile, now but still has a viracious appetite, will jump when give the chance, and then loves to chill in his favorite plants, or caves, I have had him for 3 months now, and he has grown, and got much more colorful in the past month or so, since he went into his 5 gallon, he still will do the "Dolphin" when the food comes, jumps right up to grab the pellet off my finger, then nosedive back in the water..

Now Sapphire, I cannot even open the top of the tank, I thought I lost him 2x already, because he jumps even more, and higher and crazier than Sammy does, he is the lil Pirahna..he is all over the place, follows my finger no matter where i go with it, and wraps his VT body around every plant, he slithers like a snake, and plays like a lil kid..I love this lil guy..he is my Rescue fishy..and a fiesty lil guy for sure!!!

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I love how everyone's fish are so different all have different fishonalities!

Kudo my veil tail betta - No matter where he is in the tank, even if he's in a hut just relaxing, the MINUTE I come into the bedroom he swims right to the top of the tank and watches me. He's such a friendly little guy and only at night for some reason will he do what I like to call perimeter patrols and he'll flare at nothing lol. He likes to be fed one pellet at a time like a little prince. He's a pig too, oh my god this fish can eat!

Spyro my super delta betta - I just got him today but so far I've seen he has more of a strong personality. He wasn't even phased by being put into a new tank, I put him in and his fins weren't clamped or anything, he just started swimming around completely confident that he owns the place! I fed him a couple of pellets not too long ago and he had no trouble scarfing them down. I can't wait to see more of his personality come through!

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Teeney~ orange Female veiltail betta... She is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. If she was a person, they would arrest her for smiling too much xD Her active personality is the reason I got her, she was the only girly at walmart swimming around like the little lunatic she is in her dirty
Little cup! She eats like she's starving and looks like she would take your finger off... She's a finger nipper xD

Tiny~ Red, white & blue female VT... I've only had her since Thursday... Still getting to know her. She was one of the three bettas at PS that didn't have dropsy. She has become extremely active since I've put her in a heated 2.5 gal for quarantine... I can't wait to put her in the half of the divided 10 gal along side Teeney.

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Here goes-

Franklin, CT: He loves flaring, and jumping for food. Everytime I walk by he does his dance and begs.

Ronan, VT: He finally warmed up to me, and isnt afraid. I kept him in a different tank and always forgot about him :( So he was afraid of me for a while. But now he loves attention :)

Bash, CT: He sits at the top of his tank and waits for food. He is the smallest one Id say. He likes to flare at himself.

Sahal, VT: He is just crazy, zooms all over his tank. Lunges for food, and jumps for it.

Loki, DTHM: He is just a dork, he does this crazy dance everytime I walk by. At feeding time he floats straight up like a pencil and has his mouth above the water hoping he catches it.

Eddy, CT: He is very calm, but loves to flare.

Bra'tac, VT: He is constantly flaring, he is a pink dal, so hes wicked adorable. Id say he may be the meaniest of the bunch.

Ra, DT: Got him last week, he is a bit shy and loves to hide in his pyramid. He doesnt really go crazy for food, which is good I guess :)

Vala, female VT: She is calm and smart. Knows exactly where the food hole is and sits there during feeding time. She doesnt seem to care about anything.

Teal'c, DT: He is very strange, he is the only betta I have that will not eat blood worms. I can feed him 2-3 blood worms and they will still be there the next day. He is also shy and I got him last week, so he is still newish.

Sherbert, VT: He is a tail biter :( But overall a very friendly fish.

Gilbert, VT: He loves the fake plants I got him, he is almost always chilling out in his hammock.

Contegia, VT?: Just got him, and he has no caudal tail fin. He is very fiesty so far. :)

I think I got everyone.
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Phoenix - Red CT male (in my avatar) - Superr energetic, explores every bit of the tank, zooms around crazily when it's food time and eats everything in sight. Follows my finger around. Flares sometimes. Haha he's hyper. I hardly ever see him sleep.

Angel - Turquoise DT male (my sister's betta) - Shy. He's energetic often too but he doesn't come up and show off or anything; he's always looking for hiding spaces. Swimming around the back of the tank, through his cave and under plants. It's hard to even get him to come to the front for food if you're watching too closely. :'3 Which is a shame cause he's beautiful too :)
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Chicory, my mustard gas halfmoon - He's my work buddy. He dances for me if he sees me glancing his way. He's also my champion bubblenester. He doesn't balk at letting me know if he's unhappy (looks sadly at the missing half of the top half of his tail) but he's home in his tank after a round with some ickies, and all is well.

Ghost - My marble crowntail betta! He started off very laid back and didn't even flare at his red vt tankmate on the other half of the divided tank. Just stole his food whenever possible. He's like a pirhana when it comes to feeding time.

Indigo - blue/black butterfly crowntail and Most Chill betta ever. Except he's camera shy and zooms off whenever I try to get a good shot. Except if it's from above. Maybe cameras look less threatening from above? He is a night owl and zooms around and fluffs his fins out after dark.

Lavatail - blue and red crowntail - Flare monster sounds about right. Jumper too, he'll come out of the water to get your finger. It's an added bonus if you were giving him a pellet. He does not stop moving, so I have yet to get a good picture of him. Silly fish. Most common picture is either his tail (cause his front half already exited the frame) or a blur.

Ooh, almost forgot newfish (Official name soon!) - red veiltail - Just had him for a week and he's come out of his shell. He's very curious and quick to learn. Hubby is teaching him to jump for treats. He's very young and small still compared to the others - like, half their size.

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Sea Biscuit- White/blue CT- he is like a big Mr. Softie he loves to find new sleepy spots... and switches to them all throughout the day... when i first got him he didnt eat for a week! I was sooo scared about him... but now hes a piglet when it comes to food he comes and begs for food all the time...he is a big fan of anything cave like...he is currently in a 5.5g by himself but i ordered a divider so soon he will be sharing it with his brother

Crimson- red/pink HM- I have only had him for about a week.. so I don know his personality quite yet but he is way more feisty that Sea Biscuit... he is constantly zipping around.. occasionally he naps at the surface of the water... and he flares way more than SB... last night the homemade divider i made failed and he cornered SB in his side... he is a true hunter... Sea Biscuit is just too friendly for his own good.. they are true opposites
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