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Unhappy LFS disappointment

I found out that the fish store my parents use to buy their fish from is still in business, so I stopped by to check it out; I was fully expecting a store full of beautiful, healthy animals in spotless tanks...

...What I found instead was a few makeshift tables, supporting rows of unlit, slimy tanks in various sizes, with some tanks wedged under the tables in the dark next to cages of hamsters and rabbits. I made my way around the store, and found half a dozen bettas, sitting in what looked like glass candle holders. The containers these fish were in were literally half the size of Petco's betta cups, and one of them was filthy. The fish were beautiful, but seeing those cups was too much for me and I left. There's no way I can buy something from that store in good conscience; too bad, because I really wanted to support a LFS instead of a chain pet store. Back to Petco I go, with their clean and decorated aquariums and clear betta water.

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our local pet store had way too many animals and sold kittens so i refuse to support them
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Originally Posted by katrina89 View Post
our local pet store had way too many animals and sold kittens so i refuse to support them

I recently drove 25 miles to check out a LFS to see what they had for plants. Almost NOTHING! Lots of nice fish in nice tanks but all I bought was a handful of java moss (which was OK because Petco never has any).

The price was $6

oh, and they had some nice but not special bettas. Petco had a bigger variety of colors.
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theres one more local pet store i wanna check out ... it specializes in fish but havent had the time yet or needed anything im awaiting on a bunch of stuff from amazon
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$6 is great for moss.
My LPS does okay in everything but betta pretty much. They have birds and ferrets, but they socialize them there, and don't get too many medium sized birds (no macaws or large birds ever). Everytime they get like a Quaker baby they announce it on their Facebook page with a little photo, it's cute. They breed their own rats/mice, which you gotta admit is better than getting them from those small animal mills. The momma rats always get their own private tank, half covered with a blanket and a little sign that says when the babies are ready to go.

For betta, they do keep them in vases, and have a couple tiny tank things. They got in a bunch of those zoo med betta kits that come with a care book now, I'm hoping it's a good book.
They aren't betta people, but the one guy loved hearing my betta stories, lol. He was amazed that people show them here, he thought it was only in Thailand.
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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
$6 is great for moss.
ah, good to know
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Olympia - I live in Ontario as well, Toronto area, do we have betta shows? If so could you direct me to where I can learn more about them and go check one out? Thanks =)

I went to check out a LFS recently as well before going to Big Al's it was such a big mistake, beautiful fish stuffed in dirty tanks and just did not look happy, there were no plants or hiding spots for them, just big dirty tanks and they had way too many predatory fish like arowana (sp?) that werent in big enough tanks. When I came to the bettas I just about cried, you know how you get dipping sauce with your pizza? Well they were stuffed in cups maybe an inch or two bigger than that with a TINY x cut in the top for air and the water was so disgusting. The poor fish couldn't even position themselves straight in the cup they were all bent uncomfortably. I couldn't even try and speak to the store owner or employees because they did not speak english very well, *sigh* I think I may go there though eventually and start saving the bettas from there, I can't bear to see them suffer like that. They had a lot of different types of bettas too, surprisingly not many VTs. Plenty of CTs and lots of females.

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My LFS is better then all of the chains in my area. I have never seen her sell a bowl for a tank, and her bettas are in bowls, but they are a half of gallon and very clean. None of them have major issues, and the store is kept warm. Plus, their water is as clean as my tank water.

Not only that, but she gave goldfish a huge tank to swim around in. She even breeds discus fish! (I can go on and on). The only thing was wrong was her neon tetras tails looked a bit off, but that is the suppliers fault.

Now, when I went to a more far out LFS, he had bettas in those .5 tanks DIVIDED, and were selling them like that. The cups were smaller then the petco/petsmart cups. The tanks were dark... it was just bad.
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I dove 40 mins to my new LFS. It was so worth it! They had amazing tanks and aquascapes, and a entire room of Betta barracks, and all the glass cubes had java fern in them with nice, clean water. The people knew heaps about betta's ( I found out it specializes in them!) and all their other fish were kept in full functioning aquariums wich looked beautiful! They also had a number of imported fish in cups with IAL until they were well enough from travelling to be sold. It was such a nice place, so I'm definitely getting my next boy or girl from there!

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