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My halfmoon Finley Caviar is super funny. He rides the filter current like a roller coaster. He'll swim right up at the lip of the filter, and as soon as it pushes him forward, he'll swim really fast and shoot out into open water like a bullet. Haha its so funny cos he'll do this several times, get tired, and then find somewhere to rest.

I also have a pirate ship in his 5 gallon. I love love love when he goes through the tiny shipwreck hole in the bottom because he hardly ever realizes it's there. Sometimes he even perches at the very tippy top of the sails with his finnage fully extended and chills there for minutes. Lol he hardly ever flares at anything, not even his own reflection. But one time he flared at one of my earrings I held up against the glass.

Mr. Finley Caviar
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My fish does a happy dance when i go to feed him or sit by his tank
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Milotic had a filter for his 1.5 gallon for a while but it always disturbed his bubble nests so I took it out, but he used to ride the current around the tank. It only disturbed the top so he would swim up from the side and jump into the current and let it push him around in a circle then he would do it again. He also gets very mad when I try to feed him while hes building his nest, or if I wake him up. He will throw a temper tantrum and not eat then, in the morning he gets all excited like hes starving and wil gobble up everything. He also flares at me if I don't feed him quick enough he can be such a spoiled little fishy hes adorable and I love him to pieces.
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Ace, my Male Betta sleeps on his red bridge in his tank. He always hangs around his bridge. Sometimes I see him swim across the bridge and then back over it again like he is "Walking" over the bridge.

My little female Betta, Angel stays right beside Spectra (My Avitar pic.) all the time. I think Angel thinks Spectra is her mom LOL. Angel barely ever hangs around the other 9 Bettas in the tank, she just likes Spectra the best :)

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Originally Posted by Joelouisvachon View Post
when I'm feeding Blu, I like to lead him around the tank with a trail of pellets, like hansel and gretel. (don't worry, it's only a trail of three pellets spaced far apart, I'm careful not to over feed)
My girls like Obstacle Course -- I take the red feeding wand (you could just use a coffee stirrer) and trail it around the tank.

They race after it and at the end I have them jump up.

Then it's snack time!

Prana (deep blue/purple CT female) Fluval Spec 2

Qi (turquoise CT female) 5 g riparium

Vanilla Beast (Ivory apple snail diffusa), Watson and Crick (Amano shrimp), Tributary (Moss Ball aka AquaTribble) Fluval Spec V

Pond and ramshorn snails (so many!) 2.5 g

Mr. And Mrs. Smith (assassin snails) 0.5 QT tank

Leopard ramshorns 16oz NPT Mason Jar

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Tudor has never ever flared at me until today. Oh sure, he flares all the time at other things; his reflection, buttons, my fingers, the scanner (when I'm using it and it shakes the desk), but never me. Well this morning like always I went over to feed him and at the sound of my voice he came up with his tail wiggling, ready to be fed. And then he stopped short. And flared.

It took me a second to figure out why, and then I remembered: Yesterday I dyed my hair purple. I think he either doesn't recognize me or now he thinks I'm a giant betta!

The other really cute thing he does is pop up in unusual places. He has this plastic castle, with a whole bunch of holes in it of varying sizes, some even look like they're just a bit too small for him to fit through. Well a few days ago I looked in his tank and couldn't see him, so I assumed he was in his castle and I said "Where's Tudor?"

And he popped right up out of one of the holes on top that I was certain he couldn't fit through and stared at me like, "hey guys what's going on? Is it dinner time?" He scares me some times. He likes tight squeezes too much.
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Originally Posted by BeautifulBetta123 View Post
My fish does a happy dance when i go to feed him or sit by his tank
My red VT Nemo does the same thing whenever I talk to him or feed him. He knows when he's getting fed. They really are super smart! Lol.
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Originally Posted by RoxieStClaire View Post
It took me a second to figure out why, and then I remembered: Yesterday I dyed my hair purple. I think he either doesn't recognize me or now he thinks I'm a giant betta!
That's too funny! Boy, if you were a giant betta, he would sure have some fishie cajones to be flaring at a betta that size!

All animals deserve respect, not just the cute and pretty ones.
Without "bugs", we would lose about 1/3 of our food, be nose high in decay, and entire ecosystems (including everything that supports the popular animals!) would collapse.

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