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It's actually REALLY dangerous especially on Black Friday

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Originally Posted by registereduser View Post
It's actually against's rules. The mods will be here soon to back me up on this.

On Black Friday all people care about is the almighty deal. They won't give a flying crap about bettas. I think this is a bad idea and possibly dangerous. People are CRAZY on Black Friday!
Registereduser, you are correct. It is against the forum rules to post our web address on caresheets, notes or whatever because it can cause legal problems for us.
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Olympia (08-23-2012)
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Please don't get our forum into trouble, that's the last thing we all need now. It's fine discussing this here, however just keep and's names out of this matter. If a store thinks this website is the cause of any illegal actions during a protest we could get in trouble. We had a notice posted about this a few weeks back.
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dramaqueen (08-23-2012)
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Those of you who want to protest on behalf of cruelty to bettas, I know you mean well but what good is it going to do to protest when in all honesty, most people don't really give a care?
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I agree that the idea is good but the day choosen for it is very bad. I've been Black Friday shopping and the people in the stores when the doors open at 5 AM are not thinking about fish. -_-

It would be better to protest, legally and respectfully, on a day when people are more receptive to your signs and chants.

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yeah true true me not doing it but I hope to inform people that I know not to buy Bettas or any fish from Walmart again

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Also, the users on here are kinda spread out... I don't know about you, but I'd rather not be the only one protesting... I do like the caresheets though. I think everyone who wants to participate should put caresheets with maybe a link to , a petition started by jenjen182. (do you think that's ok?) Pretty much anything that would attract attention to the plight of bettas & other fish due to that store. Actually, it might be good to include petsmart & petco & any bad lfs in the caresheet-dropoff too.

Agree with SnowySurface, we should choose a different day... maybe the day after Christmas? Everyone is always coming to return items, so we'll have a large audience. Imagine if people from around the world did this on a mass scale on the same day! People would be bound to listen!
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Yeah true. But still you would need more than one people to help you do this. I might go for it later on though once I start school i'll give and outs to students and things like that. :) is something and add don;t buy from Walmart!

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You wouldn't really need anyone else- If each of us printed up 25 sheets of paper with 4 handouts apeice, then put stacks of them all over Walmart, Petco, & Petsmart (if you have problems with them in your location. I know some of them are pretty good, and others don't even carry fish) We would cover a wide area. If more than one member lived in the area, then that just means twice or three times as many handouts.

We could spread this on other forums too... & make a facebook page... This is a great idea, Terror. Why haven't we banded together sooner?

Oh. I just thought of something. We need to have the same basic info on our caresheets though. I mean, what if one said minimum 1 gallon, & another said minimum 2.5 gallons, & another said 5 gallons? We need to come up with the basics. Put up a united front, you know. :) What do you guys think?
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I do not think this is smart to do nor would it be effective.

Here is a list of things that I can imagine going wrong:

1. Black Friday can be dangerous if not deadly. It is a day when the rich and poor alike are willing to flood into stores and fight each other in order to save as much money as possible on holiday gifts. Stores hype the day up with deals, which lead to many camping outside the store. These people will be grumpy, maybe even hostile, if something disrupts their plans. Blocking people on Black Friday from entering Walmart, one of the largest retailers, is thus dangerous for the shoppers and the protesters.

2. It won't be effective. As stated above, people are concerned only of sales. They do not want to be hundered or bothered. Most people go into Walmart knowing what sales to hunt for and how to get there the quickest. A protest outside the store, on a day when most people will not think of others let alone animals, will merely be protesting to deaf ears. In addition, this would not happen at just one Walmart. It may just be a few users and supporters at a handful of Walmarts, not being heard and wasting their time and safety.

3. It can be potentially illegal. Hindering shoppers on Black Friday or taking up unnecessary space in front of the store during such high congestion may be illegal if not against fire codes. Safety is nothing to risk and on a holiday where people have literally trampled others to death and then blamed Walmart for not doing enough and causing the hype, it would more than likely be addressed by security and make security's life harder on a day already so stressful.

Educating people is the best way to go to initiate change. Write corporate headquarters. Create a petition on Talk to local stores' managers for change. There are many more safer, effective, ways to alter the way Walmart deals with its live animals. I do not believe a store such as Walmart should sell living creatures but I do believe in doing positive, effective, action rather than drawing negative attention to a concern.

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