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Originally Posted by inareverie85 View Post
PETA's stance seems to be that animals should not be kept as pets. I am all for animal rights, but PETA is a tad extreme, especially since most animals people keep these days were developed and domesticated of MANY years in order to be pets.

Exactly. Think about it, house dogs and wolves are part of the same family just like house cats and tigers are. Even though this is true, putting a house cat in the jungle won't work out just like putting a tiger in a house isn't right (even though this has been done). These animals are adapted to certain environments.
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Someone who supported PETA told me it was cruel to keep horses in a stall and ride them. I then went on to show them the horrible things that happen to wild horses and showed them the nice warm dry stalls that are temp controlled that my horses live in and that they get brushed daily. Then I asked if they would rather die at one year of age and be slaughtered by some animal or live to 30 loved for and cared for. They said "I wouldn't want to live in a cage all my life." and I said. "Then why are you so happily living in one right now?" OUTSMARTED. PETA people are sheeple not people, they just follow the flock off the cliff and to their doom. Can't help them.

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I am very upset that this organization exists.... If they reached their goals, the ecosystem would be ruined because there would be no more carnivores or omnivores and essentially the world would be ruined. Basically PETAs goal is to ruin life on earth...

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PETA could never accomplish their true goal, all of us pet owners and animal lovers would take them down first. I know no one is touching my pets without going through a one hell of a fight to get to them and they would be lucky to escape such a fight with all their limbs firmly in place. My pets are my babies since I can't have real kids therefore I protect my pets as if they were my children because to me that is what they are. They are my furry, scaly, stinky babies and I love them too much.

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They unfortunately get a lot of financial backing and it is possible for them to introduce legislation banning this or that. Look at the huge fight carriage horse drivers in New York are having against animal right activists.

It is very simple for organisations like PETA to drum up support by showing advertisements with pictures of sad looking dogs or pigs in factory farms. It's far too easy to fall for their ploy if you are not an animal person or someone with background knowledge on PETA, and to open up your wallet and support their 'cause'.

These organisations often have friends in high places, and lots of money to back them up. So many people I talk to (animal lovers included) do not understand PETA's true intentions. While I am all for animal welfare, I do not believe animals need to be given rights. As far as I am concerned, animals such as dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands and thousands of years now. How is domesticity not a natural part of life for them then? Dogs are as far removed from wolves as cats are from lions. You cannot compare the two. They do not know what 'freedom' they are missing because they have never been free. It is much more advantageous to a cat or a dog to live alongside humans than it is to live out in the wild.

My fish will never know what it is to be hungry, to have to live through weeks or months of declining water quality, to have to face the daily threat of predation. I have a pair of wild-caught bettas and they spawn constantly, even now at two or so years old. I have never seen any sign from them that life in captivity is awful. I recently got several wild-caught species from Indonesia and they have all settled in beautifully, and are already much bigger and healthier looking than when I first got them.

I find it disgusting that organisations such as PETA and HSUS are still out their preying on people's emotions. Even worse, is that people are still falling for their lies even now with the advent of the internet and so much information at their fingertips.

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The reason PeTA is nuts is because they would happily see every pet animal starve to death this month if it meant no one could ever own a "suffering" pet again. But they're not alone in this backwards thinking. It's the same concept as bombing for peace.

And when it comes to rights for animals, I actually would support rights for other primates, but that's it. General animal welfare laws are good and necessary for everything else.

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PETA needs to come to my house and see how Betta fish are cared for properly...I just might make that invitation to them.....
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I would rather come to your house Karen! I'll have more fun than those freaks will there!

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Originally Posted by LittleBettaFish View Post
It is very simple for organisations like PETA to drum up support by showing advertisements with pictures of sad looking dogs or pigs in factory farms
i've actually read before that a lot of the animals in those commercials aren't even abused...they're everyday dogs, cats etc that have been done up with makeup and photographed on a set, just like common hollywood fakery.

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Their only ammunition toward animal cruelty is when owners of animals do things abusive to their pets, such as dog fights. Or slaughter houses. They don't consider that not every pet owner is like this. There are farms that don't slaughter their stock. There are everyday people that own dogs who clean and groom their dog daily. If it were up to PETA, we'd all be petless and vegeterians.
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