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I broke my neck on the job due completely to a coworkers stupidity back in 2001,worked until December 2008 (I was pretty much dragged kicking and screaming from the workforce...I'm stubborn like that ),C2 and C4,there's damage all the way down to the lower lumbar/pelvic region including but not limited to trauma induced scoliosis,fused vertibrea,degenerative and disintigrated discs,nerve damage,and there was some minor damage to the portion of the brain that controls short term memories (makes for a built in excuse with the Wife though ). I have good days and bad,constant pain (I have developped a high tolerance to most forms of pain over the years) that's 100% of the time,but often spikes. C3 will occasionally "slip out of place" and cause all kinds of temporary issues. I sometimes go for months with no issues other than the constant moderate pain and stiffness/lack-of-range-of-motion,but sometimes it's difficult to walk. There's shrapnel in my right lower leg from my ARMY days,but it's just a good story/scar,it doesn't have issues other then being pretty

Hmm,lets see...self inflicted injuries over the years (not intentional,mind you,LOL,due to taking risks)...I've broken most of my ribs on the right front,3 on the left (motocross),right arm (ditto),right foot (ditto),my nose (bar fight in my early 20's,I won,LOL),my right collarbone (cycling),the right shoulder has been ripped out of it's socket twice,and the rear clavical muscle was torn loose from the bone once (same mtn biking incident),lets see...I split/sliced my left index finger in-two like a banana split on the job the same year I broke my neck,nearly bled to death walking (yes...walking) to the ER out in Utah,severed nerves,tendons,muscle,'s all synthetic now,doesn't bother me.......maybe my biggest disability has been the lack of the ability to not take too many risks,ya think? I'm a bit safer now,have 2 kids to finish raising

FWIW,I am legally disabled due to the spinal injuries now-I call it "retired",but this allows me to be a house-dad and spend lots of time with the Wife and kids,which I missed lots of in my former career as a long haul truck driver,I'm loving that-the issues I deal with seem a small price to pay for that...I accept that most of it will degenrate as I age,but still worth it,I missed TOO much :)

Just gettng back into fish keeping after a few years away from it.

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Originally Posted by DreamingSmaller View Post
I broke my neck on the job due completely to a coworkers stupidity back
i worry about this kinda stuff a lot at my job, half of the forklift operators aren't certified and have been on a lift less than 3 months (hell, they put my uncertified butt up on one all the time) the other day, one such operator ran over my foot while trying to unload a scrap tailer, if i hadn't been wearing steel toes i'd have left there with a broken foot and a nice comp check :D i'm just hoping that nothing ever happens to me, or if anything does, it'll be a temporary injury that won't last long, and will end with me getting a nice settlement for their stupidity.

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I hear you...I've seen some dumb stuff by forklift injury came from a codriver in my personal tractor (leased onto a company,pulling their trailers,it was their driver I took out for a couple weeks while my driver vacationed),he'd been back in the sleeper for over 12 hours,and admitted later,he'd been up watching dvd's the whole time,no sleep...well,he slept a few minutes before crashing at 90+MPH in Utah al;ong I70

Just gettng back into fish keeping after a few years away from it.
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Wow, I will never be able to do things like join the military. I will always need vitiman supplements I can not run due to low energy and hurting bones and muscles. Just mild problems for me.
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I have more injuries than I can really remember. My biggest issue is with my hands....I have cut a finger off,had a screw driver go completely through my left hand,also had some wire from a mig welder go trough my hand,had a catfish barb go about 3" deep between my thumb and forefinger...I have nerve damage in both hands which keep me from grasping things for extended periods...I have a hard time holding things like hand will just spaz out and I'll drop what ever I'm holding. I have also been shot in the leg,broken collar bone,broke my nose a few times,broken jaw and broken eye socket from falling from a tree and back in my tree cutting days I got an axe stuck in the back of my head. My body is so beat up that I may be forced to an early retirement or at least find a less demanding job.
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Hope you enjoy your new career or retirement.
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Yep I have Social Anxiety Disorder and I have really bad back injuries from 2 car accidents that were not my fault :( My Fiance has Aspergers, and he loves our Bettas :)

Fish are God's RAINBOWS underwater

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My feet hurt when I walk my arches collapsed.

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Originally Posted by homegrown terror View Post
i personally think animals are worth more than people. an animal can do horrible things if pushed to it, or if it's in the animal's nature, but they never do them with any kind of malice. if there's one species of animal that NEEDS to go extinct, it's humans.
Thats a little bit extreme. Humanity doesnt need to be extinct, all it needs for the right people to take the lead and make the obvious and necessary changes. Just because some leaves are sick (even the majority) you dont hack down the entire tree right?

Now, I believe (not doctor diagnosed but i have the signs) that I have developed depression the last 2 years and my imminent failure here in Stockholm will for sure add to this.

I have an influx of gastric acids (don't know the proper English term) for about 7 years, my knees are literally shattered, i had anxiety since i had my first memories and while i try very very hard to be sociable and fun, people make me feel awkward most of the time. I just cant understand whats wrong and nobody cant be honest...

Do we list medical issues only? Because I have a crap ton of others as well hahaha.

Originally Posted by Relic View Post
I got an axe stuck in the back of my head.
Ehm... Sorry if i offend or make you feel awkward but, how the heck did that happened?

Dedicated to a soul, i let go away ages ago:
Contact at:
Plz add in the mail title from!

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Maybe some one threw it or tripped onto one.
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