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The creepy betta...

Even though I love betta's...they really CREEP ME OUT! They are so different from other fish...quite the personalities and most of the time very people oriented. Yet I have this one plakat first plakat...hes very nervous about his surrounding and likes to hide et. He recently moved to a more spacious home with lots of places to hide. He has become much more friendy...but he's such an odd duck. Tonight he was sleeping on a silk plant leaf. I walked up to the tank and he held his movement...then he started moving his eye around and up and down like he was sizing me up...still no gill movement or body movement...just the eyes...then he just sat there for a while longer no movement. I walked away and when I came back he had swam back to the back of his tank where he usually likes to hide out. It just seriously weirded me out! They are just too smart

Anyone else ever get creeped out by their betta's behaviors? Or is it just me? LOL.

Moonie - Miyagi

~ It's a betta life ~
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My first betta used to "stare" at me :p I would walk up to his tank and he would come to the front and sit there watching me! We would have a staring contest! "wispers" he always won.I know they don't have i-lids I'm just joking! ;p
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lol too funny!

Moonie - Miyagi

~ It's a betta life ~
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my wild betta was like that too its normal
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They don't creep me out, but they do sometimes seem to be almost.....human! I love the way Irving's head moves, it's as if he has a neck He turns and looks at me like he's looking over his shoulder but he doesn't have a shoulder They have spoiled regular fish for me. I'd never want to own any guppies or platys, just betta, cories and otos, they have the most personality
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I just love that they actually go up to which ever part of the tank your near its like they are saying hey you just fed me but cmon feed me some more and your like no :( you'll get sick wait later :)
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They don't creep me out....but they sure are personality plus. Was telling my sister lots of stories about one of my guys in particular and she was stunned. Wrote me "I never knew little fishies could have personalities." She's never met a betta!

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Betta's do seem so human. My boy is a little B.R.A.T. in caps lock. He'll sometimes jump randomly out of the water if I startle him (like very briefly to get me out of his way) and after waterchanges without fail GIANT bubble nests. He only just recently yawned infront of me. I haven't changed his water in awhile (just haven't had the time) so changing it tomorrow but it was really darn cute...Once I got over the 'wait is this normal? Yeah it's normal stop freaking out." Factor. XD

He also likes to watch my friend sleep...No seriously whenever she's over he will be sitting on his little dragon statue and not sleep at all. He will stay right over where he can see her and STARE at her.

With my mom he just likes to build bubble nests when it's all quiet.

Me? "FLAAARE" Like: "Screw you!" It's so funny.

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To the Betta's whom passed on: I'll never stop loving you...Take care of each other under the rainbow bridge....
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If I go over and talk to mine, she'll start opening and closing her mouth quickly, like she's talking back to me.
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I have never been creeped out or anything but I wonder if my baby ever sleeps, like I have only had him/her for 5 days but ill have the lights off go to bed get up in the middle of the night turn a low light on and the little booger is just spazzing out swimming at the front of the tank. I do agree with the human part I feel like I actually have a child because when ever I am by the tank sammy (the baby) is always up front, he/she will swim away but always comes back and now since sammy very quickly learned I bring the food I get constant wiggle dance and of course I give in and fork over a few pellets >.> and then I feel guilty and everyone else gets a few pellets. I did have a female though who always found the best hiding spot in the sorority tank when I had it up I always thought she jumped out, got stuck in the filter etc. Finally found she discovered a space under the heater (I use flat under gravel heaters) in the corner where it wasnt flat on the tank floor the little butt head was smart and slept under the heater. The tank wasnt even that cold either in the high 70s
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