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I found that when I eat while I'm in front of the tank, Rain will be right there, not moving, staring at me, as though he's saying, "are you kidding me?!"
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OH where to start....

Let's start small. Slyph is tiny and now that he's gotten used to his 3 gallon swims around, flaring and being king of the tank...until I get too close and he dashes for cover in his t-rex skull or java fern.

Sylvannas doesnt gobble food, she's dainty about it. She will take her time eating one pellet at a time and in the order she chooses, so if one floats to the bottom she slowly goes down and eats it slowly there before coming back up to take her time with each one.

Demi is the CUTEST. She has a bad swim-bladder and can't float at all, so she's either sitting on the bottom, one of her big leaves or constantly swimming. When I walk into teh room she's immediately up and swimming, greeting me, and just a few weeks ago she started jumping for her food. She definitely gobbles though (is a wild/plakat mix of some sort) and once attacked a beauty mark on my wrist when I was fixing her heater.

Kalegos gets grumpy when I take too many pictures, but one day he was super grumpy. He was flaring at rocks, plants, gary his nerite snail, me, Gary, even the moss ball. So I was taking pictures and he just gives me this 'harumph'-look and then glides out of sight behind teh marimo. I even have a pic of him shunning me by only showing me his tail while sitting on the marimo.

And Seiya...he does figure eights while I do art at my computer next to the 10g. And he'll dance CONSTANTLY if I'm nearby. And then sit on his amazon sword leaf and just watch me, content as can be. Until I look at him then he's off flaring like he's some big mean betta, king of all bettas =P  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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My girl Rosie, when she was a baby, used to swim around and around her large vase, like a child would run while playing.
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Hehehe, this thread is too cute!! ^.^

Falkor has his "pay attention to meeeee" dance, which is adorable. Also, whenever I move anything in the tank, he needs to inspect whatever has been moved, make sure it's correct, and then he'll go about his business once it's been approved.

Weehawk does little jumps over the floating water sprite when he's finished doing the rounds of the rest of his tank. He'll also swim to the front of the tank when I wave at him from the bed, which is a bit strange, I thought bettas couldn't see that far clearly? He won't do it when there's just movement, I have to be waving. Strange... But cute, and it gives me the warm and fuzzies, hehe.

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Lol. I think Neptune ATE all 3 of my Ghost Shriml. That's one cute thing se
Bettas do. Eat EVERYTHING.

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One of mine comes to the glass and flares at ME! I guess he wants to be in charge.

Want to learn more about sponge filters?

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Wow, where to start...

Let's see, Flare (3 y.o. VT) got his name because even when I would just walk by his tank, he would start flaring out me. Crazy thing. The only time I would be accepted was when I would feed him and he would do the little food dance.

Harley Quinn, my crowntail baby girl is hilarious. There is one piece of marble that is raised up above the rest in her tank, so it makes a small tunnel. I watched her for 30 minutes go in underneath the piece of marble, make a full vertical circle (as if she was in a ferris wheel) then go underneath it again. Every now and then she would change directions, but she continued the motion for a long time. I was cracking up laughing.

Joker my DT acts like he is big and tough but he is a bit of a goof ball. He has a little castle in his tank that he likes to hide in, but when I approach he comes out flaring--until I get too close and he'll dash back inside and poke his head out. Haha. He reminds me a little kid watching a horror movie--hands over eyes, but they're still peaking. When he is swimming he is a bit like a dolphin--spinning and zipping around (this is when he doesn't know I'm watching, of course.)

Honestly, if you do not saw "Aww" at some point during this thread, there is something wrong with you :P

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I`ve just watched saphire slowly chasing a nerite snail across the front of his tank
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So my new little girl Cami finnaly figured out the feeding schedule, so yesterday morning, I woke up to a very happy dancing little girl! I mean, she is always full of it and fearless, but at the same time, non-agressive. A good mix of personality traits. Anyway, it's yummy time and Cami is dancing all over the place. I turn off her filter so her food wont get pushed about and drop in 1 Omega One Betta Buffet pellet. Well, she goes to munch it up when she realizes that the darn thing is too big for her mouth! She then procedes to swim all over the tank with this big pellet in her mouth trying to swallow it! Swimming left and right, up and down. It was like trying to watch a fish paralel park! The pellet must have finally softened because there was finally a big GULP and it was gone. It must have been a tad biger than the others I had given her before because she had no trouble with them. It was still so funny to watch!
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So today, I decided to give Cami flakes since she had so much trouble with that pellet yesterday. I grab a few small flakes, pinch them up, and add them in her tank (filter off with feedings as always). I went to feed Gus when I noticed her doing something strange. Up to the top and down to a plastic plant leaf. Back and forth. Whatt was she doing? I go in for a closer look and see that she is in fact getting mouthfulls of flakes from the surface, bringing them down to her plasic plant, and spitting the bits out on a leaf that sits flat like a little table! After a bit of that, she went down to the leaf and enjoyed her breakfast. Figures that I wouldd get a proper Betta who has to set the table before she eats
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