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Originally Posted by asukabetta View Post
What made you choose your betta?

I choose mine not by looks but when I feel like I have a certain "connection" with the fish, sounds odd but that is how it is XD
I also did it with connection. He stared at me, and he would follow my finger when I put it on his bowl. Now... he is scared of my finger and flares but he still stares at me!
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I picked Alpha for 3 reasons:

1. He was one of the three most alert and active fish at Petco.
2. He cost less than the other 2 ($8 vs $14)
3. He had better colors than the others.

My betta: Alpha - DT Male

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Have a great Thanksgiving!
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I forgot to add the betta that's kinda mine by default. There's a betta at my dear mother's vet clinic that I work at over school breaks and some holidays and weekends that I went all "fish nazi" on and moved from a nasty unheated one gallon (I know that's aruguably enough to house a betta, but I was going for lower maintenence because I'm typically only there once every week or two and don't entirely trust that much would be done other than feeding when I'm gone) to a heated, filtered, and planted 5.5 gallon. Though I don't see him much, I do most of the water changes and regular maintenence.

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I had decided the right betta would make my heart sing. I wasn't looking for a half-moon (he was marked as half-moon but he's really a delta-type), and I really wanted a VT or a Spade, but I knew I wanted a royal blue fish.

I wasn't seeing any that struck my fancy (not very pretty, nor showing any spirit), but then I saw this guy and he looked at me and danced for me. He was not at all shy, and he seemed facinated by me, as much as I was by him. His fins were beautiful, obviously not chewed up like some of the other longer-finned boys. He's not nervous -- doesn't seem to want to hide -- I just knew it was the perfect match.

So for me it was looks AND personality.

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My betta chose me XD I got him yesterday at pet smart. I was looking through the bettas and I found the one white dragon scale and he would float looking at me then jet off. Repeated the process. His color is coming in very nice he's a red dragon scale plakat I believe. But he's very friendly towards me and my son but doesn't like my fiancée. He'll flare up when he sees him. I let my son name him this morning and his name is jack.
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I chose mine because it was the first time I've seen a female betta and I thought I would give it a try. And I hadn't ever seen a betta with Addie's colors. Well, all the bettas I had as a child and saw my younger relatives with were either red or blue-purple.

...originally I was just planning to get a marimo only... but then I looked at the fish...

Originally, I wanted to get a lady betta who looked exactly like Addie but with white eyes, but she was gone and then I got Addie instead.

For Henry, I was originally tasked with pet-sitting, but then my cousin never took him back and then I was bent on rehabilitating him.

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Finlea- got her because she was the most lively out of the group and was extremely attentive to me.

Odin- got him because he was stunning!
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Peach - he was my first betta, a vt, and he just kept looking at me like he was saying "take me home!" xD

Count Manzeppi - because I loved his color and wanted to give him a home where I could help him turn into the beauty he became.

Cirrus - lol, because I thought he was white xD he's blue now but I wubs him :3

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When I went to petsmart to look for a betta i really wanted a dragon scale (i have a strange obsession for almost anything dragon related) But when I saw Phil sitting there on the front shelf, I couldn't resist him! He has the most gorgeous fins, I love the light blue color, and he started wiggling for me when I looked at him.
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Rossi- I went looking for a betta and was limited to under 10 bucks, not seeing any that struck my fancy. So I convinced my mom to give half of my allowance in advance and got the limit raised to 15. There was this brown betta with marble fins on the very bottom shelf. He looked like stained glass so I brought him home :)

Dominic- The fish in the worst shape

Persephone- I was going to get another female with a brighter blue coloration but she was cheaper and while was shy with the larger fish around but when she saw me she paced back and forth in a little 4x4 inch square formed by the sides of the tank and air stone. She had to much spunk and has kept it to this day.
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