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Talking What made you choose your betta?

What made you choose your betta?

I choose mine not by looks but when I feel like I have a certain "connection" with the fish, sounds odd but that is how it is XD

Sign up for the contest and get your own drawing ;)


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My boyfriend. He picked Ares. Which was a great pick! Also became to be a great breeder. I picked my Janey because she was pale, small, and not a plakat. Plus she was paying the most attention I picked the nameless koi PK, because of her coloring... My crowntail, because of her coloring. My doubletail may have had a step up since he as the only doubletail (a week later there were two more) but he was not looking too happy in a small bowl :/ Plus I could not pass him up!!

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Steve and Hilda were not chosen by me. Eugeney I picked because she has the derpiest face ever and just wiggled like a madwoman every time I looked at her. And Mr Grumpy just glared at me with his grumpy face and shot around that little cup like his tail was on fire.

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Phillip: He was a beautiful 3 colored elephant ear plakat, priced incorrectly much lower than he was supposed to be! I had to have him.

Irving: Young opaque delta, soooo pretty! His fins have since marbled a blood red!

Tim Gunn: He was just so gorgeus and unique VT! Baby blue dragon scale body and butterscotch fins, I have since been told he is a mustard gas but I'm not so sure.

Stumpy: Well, he was so different and so homely I had to get him.
<<<<That's him over there.

So, I went for looks. They all have their own personalities and I had no trouble "bonding" with them after bringing them home.

I forgot the girls! With the girls I went strictly on color. Now that they are all together they all have their personalities, too. I have my favorites tho ;)
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I got my first betta while picking up supplies for my guppies, happened to check out the bettas, and fell in love with this little spunky red dragonscale HMDTPK who tried to attack me through the cup. He came home with me the next day.

The next two came around when I upgraded my guppies to a 15 gallon and discovered how dangerous it is to have an empty tank sitting around. Boy #3 entered the picture when I saw a black orchid butterfly HM (that I've pretty much determined to be a SDeT instead) who was mislabeled as a DT and was therefore less expensive. He, too, tried to tackle me through his cup. So I got him and put him into my QT tank while I divided the then-empty 10 gallon.

But this left me with an empty 5.5 gallon. On another trip to the pet store, I was admiring the dumbo bettas they'd just gotten in when I noticed that there was a fish nearby that was labeled as a HM but had one full dumbo fin and another that looked like it had been torn/bitten off. Figuring that he may get an infection if left in that dirty cup, I took him home and got him set up in his pun tank. I'm now wondering if the fin was actually torn off or if he just had a genetic quirk that gave him two mismatched pectoral fins, but I love him dearly either way - he's got a quirky personality.

My fourth and final (for now, at least) betta was a CT female from the dreaded Walmart. They had stacked some cups on top of each other, and I've gotten in the habit of at least offsetting them so the lower betta gets some air. When I picked up her cup, I first noticed that she was trying to maul my hand and then that she was the most colorful female I'd seen outside of AB. Her cup was nasty, but the cleanest of the bunch and she was really the only healthy-looking one there. I know it's not a great idea to get a Walmart fish, but I couldn't leave her there in good conscience and she has since become one of the most personable of the four
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I always choose My bettas on how I bond with them ,I have looked for certain colors but will not get if I don't bond! I have got a few of my bettas by a simple look they give to me ,when we meet eye to eye they speak to my heart and that's the one I take home!

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Well, I chose Lebron because he was the most colorful Betta in Petsmart.. He had a little bit of fin rot but with some TLC he healed. :) I also had this "spark" with him, he's the reason I now have a 20G going on for a sorority.

Now for Winnie, she was a rescue. Had stress stripes, ammonia filled waters, gasping heavily, lethargic, etc. On the 1st day, my mom didn't let me get her, but we came back the next day. So on and on we go. I felt bad, I also had another "spark" with her. She's waiting for her 20G now.

Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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My first fishy, Sammy, was my daughter's Birthday present, and he started the whole thing, she was the one to take care of him, and after I did it for her, I fell in love with him, and bonded very quickly and, I was Hooked..

I then took in a rescue, my Blue VT, Sapphire--and he has been with us almost 6mos, then I took in 3 more rescues, from a local Y and I ended up with 2 girls, and a Red Vt, named Crimson, the girls are Pepsy, and Pompom:) then last but not least, I got an opportunity to actually choose one for myself, and at Petco, I was not sure, because I had my heart set on one particular one, that wasn't there, so I was going to leave, I looked at all the cups, and wasn't finding the one that got my attention, so at last, I saw this mint green one, and when he flared, Omg, I saw the fish of my dreams, he looked right in my eyes, and I saw the mint in his eyes, and the beard is Black..he is gorgeous, and he is all mine:) his name is Ocean<3 I adore him

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hate to say it but i always go for looks and wild types

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I always go for the unique looking bettas. Renaissance and Haru are my most unique males Ren is a mustard gas and I had never seen one before in petco. Haru is yellow!!
Also I have my sorority who are all different Molly is grizzled, Jezabelle is yellow, Caltalina I got from a breeder in FL because I saw her lavendar color and fell in love, Haley his black until she is in the light and her red and teal show up. Isolde is a cambodian CT. They are all special!!
I got Elvis for my bf since he liked how the King bettas looked.

Girls Rhea VT Isolde CT Catalina CT Jezabelle VT Haley CT Molly CT
Guys Bastian DT Haru VT Renaissance DT
Elvis King Betta & Napoleon & Chester "the babies"
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