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My daughter wanted a gold fish for her birthday. We went in to petco and picked out the fancy goldfish and a 2.5 gal tank and gravel and decoration,water conditioner and fish flakes.(An employee helped us with all our choices) We go to the counter to pay and the check out girl says that tank is not big enough for that gold fish.(ughhh...the guy helping us didn't say anything about the size of the tank??) And so starts my adventure. We had been there a while and just took what we picked out home. A day or two later we decided to get a bigger tank for the gold fish. Now I have a perfectly good 2.5 and nothing in it. Mommy(that's me)wants a betta fish!! =) So I got Fin a white half moon. The gold fish has since passed and now Fin gets a 6.5 gal all to himself. =) Mommy is now hooked on betta fish. I just got a new boy a week ago named Lenox he is a twin tail half moon pastel. Lenox is in a 5 gal on my night stand and he is beautiful. I am thankful for this site and all the great info on it.

Betta keeping is my addiction!
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When I was super little, I had a betta and I don't remember much about him but that he was fed cake and that was the end for him. Like I said, I was like, three or something. Then, years later, I was in a pet shop and saw the bettas. Then I remembered my first betta and then I simply decided to get my mom to get me a betta. A few weeks later, my aunt and uncle came and my hermit crab had died recently, so they drove me to a pet shop and I picked out Dirk. And now I'm hooked.

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It was two or three days after my birthday that my girlfriend says she got a surprise for me at home, I went home that day, and when I went into the room, I notice a bowl with a blue color thing it in. When I walk up to it, it was Prince Zuko swimming around! And that's how I got into Betta's. xD

Prince Zuko (VT)

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My AP Enviornmental class was doing an experiment on ecosystems. My partner didn't want to keep the betta fish, so I decided to keep him. Kitkat was in a bottle with an elodea plant for like a month (poor thing), we did water testing every once in a while, that was the only interraction it got, I don't know how it survived without any food. Anyways, that's how I got my little Kitkat.
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My kid asked for a fish.
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I had a Betta as a young teenager and had been told I could keep him in a community tank. Well, I couldn't, so I put him in a 1 gallon with a very strong bubbler, and he sat there in the corner behind it away from the current all day everyday. I didn't know any better, I feel horrible about it now. At the time, the Bettas in a vase thing was hugely popular in my small town, so I had no idea how interactive they could be. (They were all stuck and sad in those containers with no food and very little air)

Fast forward many years later and my son wants a gold fish. We go to the pet store to look at them and I just can't bring myself to buy him one. Next thing we know, they are bringing out all of the Bettas that had just had their water changed and there is this gold and red colored Betta (turns out she had velvet) that my son just had to have. So we bought it along with a 1/2 gallon tank and no heater. It was supposed to be a Dragonscale male, but as time went by, we realized that not only was he not a dragonscale, but he also wasn't male. We upgraded her to a 5 gallon, where she is very happy and active. My husband convinced me that I needed another one and a few weeks ago, I heard of a cull and fell in love with a very vibrant multi-colored halfmoon. I paid to have him shipped here, and he is living in a nice 3 gallon tank.
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I never really thought too much of owning fish in general, and it wasn't until one of my young employees posted on Facebook that she needed someone to take her Betta Smurf as she was going to Ottawa for school, and I simply replied if there is no one that is willing to take him that she could use me as a last option... And here we are ten Bettas later...

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When I was maybe 10-12 my mom allowed me to get two bettas in a divided tank as we use to have LARGE 30-45 gallons and I wanted fish. Ever since I've been hooked.

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When I was in college, I got a betta. I don't remember what made me want to get one, but I do remember being a kid and seeing the bettas in Pet stores and feeling bad for them that they were in such tiny containers (at that time, it was a pet store in the mall and they kept them in these tiny glass bowls that were smaller than the cups they come in in most pet stores now). Anyway, fast forward about 12 years, and I bought a betta and a small tank for him. It was probably less than a half gallon. He only lived about a month. So I went out and got another one, and got him a little bit bigger tank (still less than a gallon, tho). I had no idea they needed a heater, so he had no heater and I only changed his water when it started to look dirty- which was about 10-14 days. I thought that's what you were supposed to do. I had him for 3 and a half years, so I thought I did good.
Then this past spring, me and my mom went into Petco because she needed to get something for the cat, and I took a look at the bettas, and then I caught the betta bug again. I didn't buy one right then. I went home and looked for the tank I kept my last betta in but I couldn't find it.
Something made me wonder if you could keep female bettas together, so I started reading up on that, and that led me to read about proper betta care, and I was shocked to find out I had done it so wrong before! Anyway, I went out and bought a 5 gallon filtered tank, and was going to cycle it before I got a fish. Anyway, I went into Petco another time, and saw a fish I couldn't pass up (A metallic blue, HM chocolate betta), so I got him, and bought a temporary 1 gallon tank. I eventually ended up putting him in the 5 gallon and finishing the cycle with him in it. But then of course I saw how awesome they can really be when they have enough space, and I wanted to get more. So that led me to Shiny- a pink HMDT, and eventually I was drawn to females and I ended up with Lila- a super cute purple VT female. She jumped out of a small hole in the tank when I wasn't home, so she didn't make it.
But a month or so later, I got Jasper- a green VT female (and now I make sure to block EVERY hole).
Now I'm planning on dividing a 10 gal. for the 3 of them so I only have to do one water change per week, instead of multiple, on different schedules because of my 3 different tank sizes. And I'm also planning a planted 50 gallon sorority/community tank! Bettas got me into other types of fish, too!

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I saw some amazing looking fish in my LFS called 'Siamese Fighting Fish'. I knew I had a spare 9/10 gallon tank so I started researching them. In fact, that's how I found this site.

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