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I've always thought they were pretty and my local coffee shop got one about 6 months ago that lives on the counter. He's so beautiful I got to thinking about it.

Then out of the blue we got flowers delivered in a pretty little bowl for a vase. So I commented that we needed a fish now that we had a bowl. I did a little research and realized it wouldn't be a suitable home, but by then I was pretty much convinced!

So I started working on my SO and before we knew it, we picked our our little guy, Stark! And got him a nicer home :)
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When I was a kid our family had two bettas... I loved looking at their tanks and pretty fins! Now I love bettas so much they are adorable and each have their own personality!

Proud to have a wonderful fishy!
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Originally Posted by LunaStars004 View Post
When I was a kid our family had two bettas... I loved looking at their tanks and pretty fins! Now I love bettas so much they are adorable and each have their own personality!
The personalities are what got me! My two boys are polar opposites! It's so fun!
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Between my dorm mates, they have five leopard geckos and two axolotls, plus a handful of dogs that they have back at their hometowns. My mom and I tragically lost our cat about four years ago and ever since my mom has refused to let me get another pet (I'd love to have a hedgehog and a rat someday, but my mom thinks I'm crazy), so I suppose I was feeling a little left out when my roommates would gush about their animals. While on an outing to get crickets for the geckos, I found the shelf of bettas at the pet store. We were inches away from bringing home two bettas that night (and a tadpole to boot. We absolutely love animals over here...) but we decided to hold off for a couple weeks.
I'm glad we did since it gave me time to do the proper research. We visited a different pet store and I fell in love with Edgar, my VT. He reacted to me instantly and was the most active betta on the shelf. He's even more energetic these days, which makes me really happy. If things go well, I'd love to have a halfmoon boy as Edgar's neighbor by this summer. :)
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My very first betta was about 8 or 9 years ago, when I was in my early teenage years. I saw a very pretty white and pink/purple fish in a little bitty container. He was beautiful so I talked my mother into letting me get a little tank (it was only 1 gallon) and I named him Cloud. He lasted about 3 years, and this was with no filter, no heater and 100% water changes. Don't hate me because of this, I was still a kid and didn't have access to the internet at the time so didn't know much about bettas (plus I had a mom who believed fish were, "just fish"). Now, when I get my next betta which will probably be next weak either I'll get a small sorority or a lone male for a 10 gallon tank with all the trimmings.
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I had gotten a baby black moor goldfish over the summer that I was raising in a 5gal. Once I realized he needed much more room, I moved him home into a 20 gal.
My mother saw I was a bit sad that I didn't have a pet to care for at school, so she surprised me by driving me to the LFS and letting me pick out two gorgeous HMs. One ended up being really sickly all the time and passed away due to dropsy, but the other is thriving! Now I tend to pick up/rescue. (right now I have four betta.. about to be five once I find my long desired plakat)
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I remember when I was young, the betta/peace lily craze was big. My grandmother bought herself one, one for my little cousin, and finally one for me. Leon, so named because I got him at Christmas and it was the letters of Noel rearrange, lasted only a few days. He was a beautiful green. I was intensely sad when he died, but my parents quickly found me Lester, a red betta who lasted for two years in a vase. Now, I am sixteen, and a huge pet person. Over the years I have had tanks of fish, including two goldfish and a tiny pleco, who all started off in bowls and I connived my way up to a tank. Recently having moved, I was looking for a water bottle for my gerbils in my basement and came across a fish bowl. I knew immediately I wanted more fish, and thus my research began. I signed up for this website just before I brought Timeaus, my first betta as a mature person home. He was a wonderfully personable boy, and started out in a one gallon bowl until I found two fully equiped twenty gallon tanks for twenty bucks and set up a community tank. The tank is going strong with my three platies, one balloon molly and Kaiser, my multicolor grizzle boy. I just bought Nero tonight, but I have no idea what his colors are. And so here I am.
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When I was 8 or 9, I had goldfish and tropical fish, but "the fishes in the cups" always intrigued me. I wanted one, but was told that they would fight with other fishes, so I didn't get one. I got one for my friend as a birthday present, and she took pretty good care of it. When all of my fishes died a few months later, I decided to try a betta. My first one was a purple/white veiltail. As you could imagine, I didn't know enough about taking care of a betta (although I did NOT get those betta bowls, just a one gallon tank), and it died after a month. Didn't get another betta until my sophmore year of high school, had him for over a year, then he died of disease. I told myself to stop buying fish because I would just kill them. Freshman year at college, had the urge to get a betta again. Did a bunch of research, found this awesome forum, and here I am with a very happy betta. :)
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I got a nano tank at the aquatics live. I wanted to have the theme as sorta asian spiritulism so I planned it out. It was a few months before the tank was set up. My first betta was Chi who lived in that tank and when he died Envy moved in.

Chi, Envy, Nephilium, Jezabel, Lilith, Ariel, Psi, Ki
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When I was a kid we used to have goldfish and I loved them! After the last one of our original set died (lived around 10 years which was surprising since I am sure we weren't the best fish keepers) we had a string of bad luck that no matter what fish we bought it would be dead within a week (turns out our Petcetera had a disease issue in their tanks..). This caused us to get out of it and while I have missed it, my mom and I never found the time to set our tank back up. A couple years ago I moved a few hours away for school, leaving behind 2 cats which left me quite lonesome without a pet. My longtime boyfriend and I finally moved in together at the beginning of this year, and I got it in my head that I wanted fish again thinking they were make the perfect first pet for us. My friend had owned a betta fish previously and she had said they were super easy to take care of which worked perfectly for our crazy schedules. So off to the pet store we went where the lady helped us pick out everything we needed....even a 0.5 galleon fish bowl which is apparently really "spoiling" them...My boyfriend ended up naming him General Finn and while he was really friendly and active in his bowl, I felt like something wasn't right...especially when the lady had told us to only do a 25% water change once a week....well thank god I followed my instincts and did research!! I found this forum and 1.5 weeks later General Finn was upgraded to a 5 galleon tank and is spoiled rotten!! I'm already looking into getting a second one!! :)
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