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My Rescue Story for Today

WARNING: Long story ahead!

So, recently I have been having a lot of trouble with my health......its been extremely stressful more then anything, a very stressful past few of months. And while we made some great progress this morning meeting with a new doctor....I sort of had a bit of a moment, just sort of everything finally catching up with me and smacking me over the head, you know? I was pretty upset most of the way, my dad, because hes amazing, promised that he would take me to Petsmart to get a new fish(Bettas are my stress relief, that is for darn sure. xD)and some plants and things.

Now, I had just picked up Nightwing this passed weekend, and I had sort of wanted to wait a little closer to Christmas and maybe get a baby from Petco to raise up, but I figured as long as dad was offering I'd take him up on it and if none of them really called to me....well, that would be okay. At least I could look at all the pretty fish(my Petsmart usually has a lovely selection).

So, we head over to Petsmart and I scoot over to the back where they've moved their bettas for the winter. They had some VERY beautiful guys and gals. There was this pastel girl and orange butterfly girl I would have loved to have brought home, and they had some GORGEOUS full mask blue dragon HMPKs along with several other odd stunning boys on the shelf.

Towards the back on the side where they kept the 'Dragon Scales', I noticed there was something....not quite right. Upon further investigation. I discovered something that until now I had actually only heard horror stories about......a cup with two male PK/HMPKs in it; one laying on the bottom just shredded to bits. I immediately went over to the guy back in the fish section and he separated them out right away, explaining that some teenagers had been in last night messing with things and they must have snuck the two together before he kicked them out.

It was clear to see which of the two had won the fight. One of the boys got away with just a nip to his caudal, but the other was not so lucky....he was really badly beat up, so much so that there was no way he could go back on the shelf. It didn't take me long to decide that this was the one I needed to bring home......there was no way he was going to survive in a little cold cup with some Bettafix(heck, that probably would have been what done him in).

I couldn't in good coincidence leave the poor little guy to certain death, so I pulled the employee over again and said that I would like to take him home if I could get him for free or discounted. At first, he was just going to give him to be 20% off, which I was going to take anyway, but then another employee passed through and saw him and sort of insisted that the guy give him to me for free(new best friend? xD), I ended up getting him for free in the end.
It was then I definitely knew he was meant to come home with me.

Anyway, so after picking up some hornwart and promising to bring in pictures after I healed this little guy up I came home and set up my new rescue guy in a heated 5 gallon Minibow with a nice jungle of hornwart(I'll aquacape his tank once hes all healed)and got him out of that Bettafixed cup water as quickly as a possibly could.

So far, he seems to be doing OK. Stressed, but thats to be expected. I've healed fighting wounds before from divider mishaps, and though this is probably one of the worse cases I've seen I'm very hopeful that this guy will make a full recovery. I definitely believe things happen for a reason, and I think he was meant to come home with me and become the rescue that I had been looking for for some time now.

I may make a Journal to track his progress, but for now heres just a couple of shots I snatched while he was acclimating. I have now for the most part lost him in his Hornwart jungle.

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Even beat up he's beautiful. Love the color. I tried to rescue one from Petsmart but the guy told me he couldn't let me take a sick fish. Glad they worked with you & hope he heals up.
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He is gorgeous, really fantastic coloring. I can't wait to see how his fins end up :) It's really cool what your doing, I've always admired people who are able to take sick and injured bettas home and are able to heal them completely.

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His colouring is very pretty. It's sad how he got soo beat up.

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He's really nice :) I'm sure once he's healed he'll be quite the beauty! <3

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Awww, thank you guys! x3
He seems to be doing alright. His tank is on my desk right behind where I sit my laptop, so hes kind of hanging out in a corner watching me. xD Hes moving around a little more now, so I think he'll be okay. I feel so bad for him though....poor thing was stuck in that cup all night and all today with the other betta. Dx

I love his coloring as well! Hes such a lovely copper, he reminds me of my first PK actually. <3

Originally Posted by shellieca View Post
Even beat up he's beautiful. Love the color. I tried to rescue one from Petsmart but the guy told me he couldn't let me take a sick fish. Glad they worked with you & hope he heals up.
Hmmm...I've heard this about Petco, I think they have a policy about selling sick fish(which is in a way understandable), but I've heard most Petsmarts will give you a sick betta for a discount/free if you ask. It must depend on the store....or maybe it was just that employee who didn't want to deal with it, maybe ask for the manager next time? At the very least, you could express your concerns as a caring customer and say how much it upsets you to see the sick fish.
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Hes beautiful!

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Thank you! :)
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I'm sorry he's in pain and I am happy he has found a loving home with you!
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I'm sorry to hear you're going through a stressful time. I wish you all the best.
That fish is amazing!! He looks like he'll perk up to be a real something in a few months! Wow.

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