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Done with Betta

I want to know who wants my other two fish right now because I am giving them away.

I am done with betta fish for good, today while cleaning out my tank the gravel vac sucked up my first and most loved fish Aquarius and now he's gone. I can't deal with this anymore, I want to know who in MN wants these fish, I also have an adf and two snails, tanks come with all.

I can't even look at them after i know I murdered the one fish I loved the most, the one who was special to me, I can't even look at them without gagging and hatting myself. I am so done with fish, with everything.

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Aw! Please dont be so down on yourself!!!! It was an accident, it happens. You feel horrible, but you move foreward and learn better from it.

I myself have accidently dropped one of mine down the sink drain during a water change, with no possible way to get her out. I felt horrible about it just like you do. I cried over it for a few days, but I learned from it, and now I'm an even better fish mommy.

I really hope you dont quit. Its a horribly thing that happened, but you shouldnt quit.

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so sorry lady.that's terrible. you're dealing with so much. bella, now this. totally not f$%^&#@ fair. it's really hard to not give up when you have feelings of guilt like this. i once dropped a 10 gallon on my favorite hamster and killed him. still feel bad about it. but i didn't give up,because it was accidental.try not to punish didn't do it intentionally.i hope you don't give up.if this is your final decision , i totally understand. if you really want to give them up, i'm in mn. i may be able to take them if you can't find anyone. would have to ask the family first. try not to do anything hasty.take care.

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I destroyed my gravel vac, ripped it apart and cut up my hands destroying that trash, I can't say I agree that anyone uses them, the risk is too high unless you remove all your fish from the tank, you look away for a second and everything you love is gone. I'll never forgive myself for what happened to Aquarius. I had secret plans to breed him this summer, not because he had the best fins in the world but because his color was so beautiful and more than anything he was a truly person loving fish unlike my others. He loved sitting in my hands, he danced when he saw me, he watched youtube video's with me, he helped my depression so much and his last moments of life, his suffering were all my fault. I can never get his cute face out of my head, his eyes were so big and happy. I honestly don't deserve fish for what I did. Mistake or not it cost a life I held dear to me.

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Really sorry to hear that. Hope you change your mind about quitting though.

Can I ask, what gravel vac were you using?
Curious because I've had goldfish swim all the way up one and swim back down without problem. In my experience suction on those things is very weak.

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I don't know what brand it was, I destroyed it. I think it was Aqueon but not sure. It was the manual one too and it sucked stuff up pretty hard. The vacume ended up ripping all his scales off one side and sucked his insides out. I tried to stop it, unplugged the head from the hose and he fell out but it was too late.

Just before it happened he was rubbing on my hand and doing his happy dance. I feel I betrayed him. I feel like the worst fish owner ever. I should have never gotten back into fish.

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Oh hun. I'm sorry. If I lives closer, I would come over just to give you a big hug!

Is there any way you can give yourself a day or 2 to greeve before you make your final decision? You are such a good fishkeeper and I would hate for you to make a rash decision.

PM me if you want to talk okay? And if the decision sticks and no one lives close, maybe I can take a few of your babies on in my tank (if I can borrow shipping money from a friend).

I know it's corny, but I wanted to trade snails and plants with you one day Vic. Remember? You wanted to be the very 1st person to get Mysterys from me if they had babies. And you are a snail nut, just like me. Please don't let it eat you up inside

Also, I have depression too, but my doctor found out that I suffered from a severe deficiancy (sp?) of B vitamins which mimic depression. I take B Complex and a Sublingual B12 pill every day along with my meds and I noticed improvements in less than a week! It's worth a shot

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Im sorry for your loss D:

No Olympia, The question is what kind are you using i use one that has a hand pump thingy, and its like a suction monster, my goldfish has to diffend for its life when it gits near mine.Can you tell me what brand yours is.:)

RIP July
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It was an accident. Things happen. We've all had stuff to happen accidentally. I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe take some time away from bettas and then you never know when the bug will bite and you'll end up with another one.
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