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Brown algae is usually from high nitrites or ammonia. Have you tested your water recently? What are the parameters?

Make sure your plants are fully aquatic or they will rot.
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Originally Posted by Kithy View Post
Brown algae is usually from high nitrites or ammonia. Have you tested your water recently? What are the parameters?

Make sure your plants are fully aquatic or they will rot.
plant matter as in the food i bring in such as moss and grassferns somtimes has a little sediment(sediment is dirt)
also idon`t have test kits that are permenant just test strips which i havent had in two months also already as said before 79% or so water change last week also the filters i buy are uasaly ment for more than what the tanks hold also havent changed them in god knows how long month 2 3 somwhere around there so must just be waste buld up from plants and food have 2 filters so filtering isn`t a problem uncloged the intake tube last week now will not stop with overflow and the brown gunk is only in the filter also don`t have any real plants becuze i scaird of CO2 injections on budget and fish health also because majority are plant eaters and omnivores so they eat real plants also i want ro gets duckweed and watercress for food and any other fast producing plants that float but wal-mart and teays vally pets didn`t have any also teays has been bought out and will be reopening in febuwary or march they are remodling and getting more fish and tanks from what i hear but guess next thing to do is buy supplies next time at wal-mart
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I swear to god you can hear Jabi when she grabs the pellets. She cruizes like jaws, and eats like jaws.

@sainthogan Kaoru does the same. You know bettas have to have some amazing eye site just by watching their behavior.
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here are 4 pics of the tank taken yesterday so is there a adittude problem
also mollys might be in the act of mating sorry
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Well I know that those water clearer things don't usually work. It's easier to address the problem than to solve one side effect of it.

You don't have to replace your filter cartridges but you should swish them out in already siphoned off tank water when you do your water changes if you're sure that it's fully cycled.

I'd definitely suggest getting a test kit of any kind when you can. Petco and Petsmart will test your water for free if you bring in a sample.

Could you list how many fish you have and the species please to make it easier. Just a list is fine ^^

When were the fish added and in what order? If the betta was first and the others somewhat recently added it's probably territorial aggression. When adding new fish into a betta's tank you need to completely rearrange the decor which makes it seem like a whole new tank to them.

Your tank has a good amount of decor but I would add some very tall silk plants to break the line of sight a bit better. The more hiding places and just filled the tank seems the better usually.

This is how my 10g betta tank is set up. It's him and a mystery snail. They get along fine but I tried to crowd my tank so there was plenty of hiding spaces. Bettas can sometimes be stressed out by open spaces and this varries fish to fish. Some do well in large tanks and others need 5g or less to feel secure. Each betta is different so it's really hard to say what's best without knowing your fish personally. Some do well in community tanks and others don't.

This tank has a goldfish and a pleco in it. I provided lots of hiding for the timid pleco and lots of silk plants to hide in for him.
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for some reason now my water is 99% more clear than in those pics and i didn`t do a thing except chase two maturing red-fins because big bad red-fin did not like them because they were young removed some or most decor also the gourami was last fish betta second to last also the plants are in the back and the betta territory is at the bottem of the tank he claimed the no fishing sign at the front in the bottem right also now the gourami fights back and beeta runs to his place also there is no pysical damage and now that the water is clear they fight less about once a week if the gourami goes to the sign and picks the fight but if betta flares he goes away most of time and no fight sometimes this results in fight once a week but i also have a peacekeeper in the water who is simiagressive territorial when ever he sees a fight he wants to join in until it stops but he is about 5 or 6 inches so it scares both betta and gourami to stop then he stops also he is a red-finned shark other name for his kind i do not use is rainbow shark also i am begining to think sice g and b are labrinth fish and bubble nesters and male but not same fish it is battle for dominance or mock fighting also with the red-fin keeping peace they shouldn`t harm each other considering they move in circles like a lion observing his prey and then chase or headbutt but do not peck at each other also if you want all the inhabbitants look at my profile then my tanks and it should be the biggest one named first tank or i will just copy paste all the things here. First tank Owner Cole mccallister Type Freshwater Substrate Gravel Size 40 Gallons Inhabitants Giant Danio#4, Red-Finned shark former#2 now one:( , #1 male splendens male betta,#1Plecostomas, #4 mollies white 1 male 1 female. 1 black female 1 creamcicle male and #1 dwarf gourami Filtration 50-60 and 40 gal filters Lighting room light Temperature 72-80 Decor tons of plastic plants and 3-piece put together cave rock with no hide spots except roof and a rainbow cave real cave this time;) and a real castle now. Accessories oxygen pump Food algae waffers, no algae type will grow, tropical flake food tropical medley color enhancers and on occasion tropical-subtropical fruit:) and bloodworms

Read more:
also all tanks are fully cycled and i choose fish who are buyable under a 20$ price range altogether so i have very cheap fish

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How cute! My little Mojo flared at me today (not the whole spreading the fins, he just puffed his gills out a bit). My guess is that he got mad that I went to Vegas and was gone for too long. Lol, I had never left him for more than 1 day and I don't think he liked it!

Rest in peace little Pizza. You were a true miracle who is dearly missed and will be forever loved by all who knew you. 2 years 10 months of love, life, and weirdness with the fish who just kept on living!
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Betta and Rabbit Snail


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yesterday i found my betta dead he drownd because he stuck his head between two rocks and to think last week i just gave him the name raphieal well i suppose the good thing is he wasn`t nameless when he died and it was not the sparing that killed him but this mourning i found alot of babie fish so that cheered me up a bit
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