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BLU's Awful Adventure

I thought I'd share a horrible little story about my boy, who went on a horrible adventure today. Let's make this an opportunity to tell each other about all of the heart stopping moments in your lives with your fish!

I came home a few minutes ago, and went about my business, cleaning a hamster cage, and turning tank lights on for my fishies. The last stop was with BLU, my first and favorite fish. He sits in a 2.5 gallon heated tank at my computer desk, so we spend lots of time together.

Now lately, BLU has developed a nasty little habit of nosing his substrate around, trying to find little extra bits of food, or anything else that might be of vague interest to a fine fish of his tastes.

I turned his light on. And then... No fish. I couldn't find him anywhere! I checked under and in the roots of his plants, looked in the filter and in the light housing in case he jumped. I even checked around my desk and in the floor on the off chance that he managed to jump JUST right to get out of the tank. I was so worried. I even ran around the apartment looking for remains if the cat had managed to fish him out somehow.

Just when I had given up, heartbroken, I went back to the tank to shut off the light and unplug everything, and then I heard a noise. Just a weird little rattling sound around the tank. It kept happening every few seconds and I couldn't figure out what it was. I poked around in the tank a little bit more, and then all of a sudden BLU shoots out from UNDERNEATH his under gravel mini heater. He shot straight up and almost out of the water grabbing a breath. He had nosed so much gravel out of the way that he got under the heater, and I guess he was the victim of a substrate cave in.

I'm not sure how long he was stuck under there, but he seems to be fine now. He was breathing a little hard at first, and his fins were clamped, but he's decided that adventuring must be alright. I fed him, and now he's back to nosing around in the substrate looking for goodies.

Tell me your betta stories.

<3 Blu, Walmart, Soldier and Miss Pauling
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Awww, glad to know that your boy's ok though :) What an interesting betta you have. I think one of my previous ones would burrow under the decorative glass pebbles. But my current boy, Rain, doesn't do that.

So I bought this silk plant from petsmart, this one:
He likes to stick his head into the base of the plant, near the bottom where the plastic parts are. He then relaxes and he looks like he's playing dead. After a while, he'll scoot himself out and give me a look like "that was interesting" and then go on doing whatever bettas like to do XD
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My female had been healing from a nasty case of velvet (due to my naivety in the beginning, and cold water from the pet store) and was just starting to get her appetite and spunk back. I had checked on her a few times while I was packing to leave for a few days out of town. She had been happily exploring her new tank and quite curious about the fruit flies that kept buzzing around and above her tank (our town had a huge infestation this summer and we practically had to wade through them in our houses).

The lid on her tank had a few small openings in it, one for feeding which I covered, and one in the back around where the filter goes. I didn't think I needed to cover that opening because it was so small.

Well, I check on her, and I can't find her. I figured she was hiding in one of her new hiding places, so I let her be and went back to packing. About a half hour later, I went to check on her again, no fish. I tapped on the glass, opened the cover on the lid, shone a flashlight in there, still no sign of movement. I start to panic and look around the tank, and on the floor in front of the dresser, still nothing. I was about to give up and was thinking of something reasonable to tell my 6 year old son about her disappearance, when I suddenly glimpsed a brown blob in the dustiest corner of the floor. Sure enough, it was her. Her tail and fins were starting to dry and were stuck to the floor, and she was covered in dust. She looked dead.

I picked her up, expecting her to be dead, but instead she still felt damp and started squirming furiously in my fingers. I rinsed her off with some aging tank water, and dropped her into her tank. She sunk like a rock to the bottom. So I scooped her back out and rinsed her off some more. When I put her in that time, she started swimming slowly, but didn't seem to have any buoyancy issues.

I called my mom, who was going to be fish sitting while my hubby, son and I were out of town and told her to keep me updated on any changes. My mom told me that my fish sat in a corner for a few days and then one day, she started swimming around with normal energy. It took about 3 months for her tail and fins to completely grow back, and about 2 or 3 months for her to get over her fear of my hands after I had scooped her up off the floor and out of the tank.
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Omgosh, I had a similar incident with Seiya just yesterday. After giving him the rest of the 10 gallon to be his home (removed another male that was divided from him cuz of popeye), he's been loving his cave. But then I noticed him wiggling between the tank wall and the marimo. I was a little worried about him getting stuck, but he kept doing it, even nosing under it where there was a dip in the gravel so a small cave underneath. Then he went to the next one, nosing into the crook between the marimo and the wall again, then he came to the last one and he actually got himself stuck sideways and against a decoration too! I saw him struggling and was just taking the lid off the tank to save him when he shout out then went and did it again several times >.< Losing five scales in the process, but he's super active and loves having so much room to himself. I just never expected him to 'play' wit the marimo like that. I should have expected it though, since one time doing a water change I kept moving the marimo on his side around and he'd insist on being beneath it when I put it down, constantly making me think I was gonna squish him.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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@ sainthogan - I honestly don't think I could handle one of them jumping out. I worry about my females all the time o.o They both jump for their food and can get some serious height.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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what a funny story, I'm glad he's ok though :)
heres one of my stories:
when i first got my betta, i got him from a little rundown pet shop that put him in a little tiny bag. well the bag was not stable, and about 5 minutes into our car ride home, the bag burst on me. there was a hole and the water was leaking out, and i thought we would never make it in time. the water was draining really fast, and i had to do something. i had a plastic water bottle with a little bit of water in it, and as a feeble attempt to save my new fish. and despite all odds, my little boy survived 20 minutes in a plastic water bottle that was freezing cold!
this happened 5 months ago, and hes very happy and healthy now :D
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